The Power of 108: Exploring the Sacred Number and Its Relationship with Ho’oponopono

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Welcome to our blog post, where we will be diving into the fascinating world of the sacred number 108 and its connection with Ho’oponopono, a powerful technique for mental and emotional healing. If you are new to this philosophy of life, let us introduce you to the concept and show you how to incorporate the power of 108 in your practice.


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What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a powerful mental and emotional healing technique that is not based on any religion but rather on the principles of love and forgiveness. It involves the repetition of certain phrases, words, or mantras to clear negative memories and emotions from our subconscious mind. The four phrases are “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you,” and “I love you.” By reciting these phrases repeatedly, we can clear away negative memories and emotions that are holding us back from living our best lives.

Ho’oponopono Technique – The History and Steps

The Power of Repetition

The power of Ho’oponopono lies in its repetition. The more we repeat these phrases, the better we become at the technique, and the more we can align, stabilize, and relax ourselves. Repetition allows the words to become anchored in the depths of our subconscious, making transformation possible. We can create a positive physical manifestation in our lives by purifying our memories.

The number 108 is also associated with the power of repetition. When chanting or repeating a mantra 108 times, we align ourselves with the powerful energy of the universe. In Hinduism, 108 is considered the number of the totality of existence. The mathematicians of this culture noted the number 108 as the diameter of the sun and the distance from the earth to the sun is also 108 times the diameter of the sun. The number 108 is also associated with the 108 names of Hindu divinity.

¿Why the 108 number is also used in Yoga?

(By Sadguruh)

Yoga is essentially understanding aligning your system with the cosmic geometry. See in the yogic system. We see the body as one hundred and fourteen chakras. Seventy two thousand nadis meeting in hundred and fourteen junctions, which are called as chakras.

Out of these two, are outside your body, one hundred and twelve inside the body. Of these one hundred and twelve. There are four about which you don’t have to do anything.. They are like that., If other things work, they will flower by themselves.

So there are only 108 with which you can work. So hundred and eight has become significant.. If you wear any beads people wear hundred and eight beads., If they say a mantra 108, because these are the 108 chakras that you need to work with.

This hundred and eight number is significant and you will see it in the east. Everything is 108 because the diameter of the sun and the distance between the earth and the sun is hundred and eight times.

The diameter of the moon and the distance between the moon and the earth is 108 times.. The diameter of the earth, and the diameter of the Sun is 108 times., And in this body there are one hundred and eight chakras that we can work upon.

So the cosmic geometry. I can go into a lot of arithmetic which will match with your human system, and these things we have been conscious of, and that is how we came up with eighty four basic asanas. Out of these 84 If you do 21 of them properly and you just master one, your system will get aligned with the cosmic system. Once it’s aligned. Everything that you need to know about the cosmos is right here

The Power of 108 and Ho’oponopono

What does the sacred number 108 have to do with Ho’oponopono? According to the ancient sages, 108 is a sacred number that is associated with a greater force, a special energy with which we can align ourselves. In Ho’oponopono, it is recommended to repeat the phrases 108 times to fully harness the power of the technique. When we do so, we can achieve a deep connection with our inner being, divinity, or the universe.

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How to Incorporate the Power of 108 in Your Ho’oponopono Practice

To incorporate the power of 108 in your Ho’oponopono practice, simply choose a time of day when you want to do this practice and repeat the phrases 108 times. You can choose to do it all at once or break it up into smaller sessions throughout the day. The more you repeat, the better you will become at the technique, and the more you can align, stabilize, and relax yourself.

It is important to note that in Ho’oponopono, we are not supposed to have expectations. We clean without knowing what else is going to happen. However, there are moments of anguish with specific situations where we need to keep our minds busy and clean. By reciting the phrases consistently, we can calm our anxieties and remove our thoughts to arrive at the perfect solution.


The sacred number 108 has long been associated with the power of repetition and a special energy with which we can align ourselves. By incorporating the power of 108 into our Ho’oponopono practice, we can fully harness the power of this powerful technique for mental and emotional healing. Remember to have patience and keep practicing. The more you repeat the phrases.


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