Like attracts Like – The True Meaning

Like attracts like true meaning

Confusion is the biggest enemy of manifestation and we have found out so many people are confused about even the basics of the law of attraction. So many people have been confused about what does it mean when we say “like attracts like”, and that is why in this video we’re going to explain to you and take you on a deeper dive so that you will never be confused again about like attracts like are you ready for it? 

So, when you begin with the law of attraction you have to have big dreams, you have to have a big purpose and you must have clear that the Law of Attraction is not a quick fix, but it’s a philosophy of life that you are going to Implement every single day to move forward and create a massively successful life and create super-amazing transformation.

Now in this post, we are going to give you a deep understanding about like attracts like because this is considered to be the core philosophy of Law of Attraction.

What does the “First Like” in “like attracts like” mean?

Right now, when we say like attracts like so many people think that okay, how does it really work? So here is the most important thing, and nobody has explained to you. In this thing about “like attracts like” what is this “like” mean? What does it mean? 

It is you in all your dimensions and that includes the subconscious, then this “like” means what is going inside you including those programs that you’re not aware of. That is the most important thing. What is your vibration? What is your state of mind? What is your belief system? What kind of things goals desires you are believing in? What is your state of being? That is the like.

Like attracts like

Not just what you want. What you want is just part of it, a small part of it that you are wishing to manifest something you are wishing to get something you are desiring to attract the dream, a job, that money, that success, that relationship, maybe that good health, but that is just part of the whole you, that is just a wish part that is just a desire part, but the actual life is what is within you, who you are as a whole, and as I said that includes the subconscious mind.

What does the “second like” mean?

That is why it is said in the law of attraction “you don’t get what you want, You get what you are”, what does that mean? That is the like? What is your state of being, this “Like” now?, like attracts like, what is this like? this “like” is the things that you are attracting which are connecting to your wishes and desires but only those that your subconscious accepts.

This like means, this is the dream job, this is the money, this is the business success, this is a leadership position, this is good health, this is the travel, this is the car, this is the home, this is the relationship. What you are desiring like attracts like now is creating your reality but according about you are as a whole including those things in your subconscious, this is the law of attraction and it is non-judgmental and it is responding the system of the universe, listen to this frequency of attraction, frequency of attraction.

How Law of Attraction Works – Is it real?

This is the key that you need to understand. This is the frequency of attraction, so like attracts like, what is the most important thing in this equation, most people think that the second “like” is the desire, the car, the money, the home, the job, the relationship, the person, that is the most important thing, my friend, that’s where most people make the mistake.

The Big Confusion

That is the biggest confusion. This is not the most important thing, this is the by-product, the outcome, the second like is what you are desiring, but those things are defined by the first Like, that is you, and your frequency of Attraction.

If you have not worked in this “first like” your state of being and your frequency of Attraction, then you are not going to get those things that you are desiring – and that is what most people are not aware of – nobody is talking about it.

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Nobody is understanding it. That is why most people are using the law of attractions as a quick fix. Something went wrong, there is a large percentage of people who are struggling and that’s why those of you who are struggling, keep saying why it’s not working for me? why the tools technique is not working for me?. Why? I have done this thing, but it’s not working for me.

It’s because you are focusing on the “second like”, the desire, but you are forgetting the first like and the frequency of attraction, and the most important thing here is that the “first like” means who you are: what is your state of being? What is your mindset? That is why you have to be focused, you have to be peaceful, you have to have something really worthy within you to wake up every day and feel absolutely positive, magical and driven to go forward.

That’s why successful people, why the high achiever, great achiever, use the law of attraction, and the law of attraction works for them, always, all the time and they go from success to success.

But why are those other people struggling? Why others are struggling? It’s because this you this “first like” is not ready, you have not forgiven to be peaceful, you have not identified limiting beliefs, those kinds of things that are in your subconscious and besides that, you are not setting some big goals and desires, and that’s when your frequency of attraction goes in the downward.

similar attracts similar

For example, all of us have heard these things the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Why so? Why is it so? Why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Nobody is explaining it, or worst! everybody thinks that rich people are doing something wrong, and that is why they are getting richer than the poor people are not able to do something wrong and that is why they are not getting richer. That’s, not the truth!. And there we can catch the limiting belief in us.

We have witnessed many good people are also rich and living a successful and amazing life, and you admire them. So when the rich people, or for that matter, the successful people are getting more successful and people who are failing, they are failing more.

Let’s see when a child in early days in schools or colleges they start performing well, usually, they keep performing well, but the child who is struggling if the parents or the mentor or the teachers don’t give him attention and don’t try to understand why the child is struggling, if they don’t get the right kind of mentoring or the right kind of guidance, then they keep failing in life. Why? Because the focus is perhaps on the “wrong like”, the wrong things only in the results but not the self.

7 Links between Quantum Physics & Law of Attraction

Why some have success and others don’t?

The rich people focus on money, wealth success, how to expand their wealth, how to create more wealth, how to invest more wealth so that it will create more wealth, more abundance, more prosperity for them.

Where are the poor? They don’t focus on creating more wealth. They would want it, but they don’t focus on it. they focus more on the struggle. They keep finding the reason why they are not able to make money why they are not getting the opportunity, why things are not working, why things are not moving forward, or what is their expenditure all the time?.

That is why, even if they get money, they lose the money, that is the problem, simple, like a kid when he or she is very young and they get good support, good guidance from the parents from a teacher, from a mentor, from people around, and they start believing In themselves, they can become a genius such an extraordinary person, a winner, they start doing everything, start playing, start doing everything that they love with so much of positivity, so much of belief that they start doing great and as if they start performing well, everybody appreciates them and their beliefs get stronger and they become more successful.


On the contrary when a kid is struggling and nobody supports and people start criticizing him or her, and so many of your experience this in life early and then your self-esteem goes down.

Your self-esteem goes down and as a result, your energy goes down and you keep failing more and more until at some point in life, you take control of your life and try to work and find some information like this, read some books, find a mentor like Dr. Joe Vitale who helped you to change yourself, then you enter the effective “like attracts like” and then the frequency of Attraction, which is how you are feeling all through the day get tunned too.

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Whenever you think about your goals, health, and dreams, ask yourself what kind of vibration you are releasing in the universe? What is your frequency? Are you feeling confident? Are you feeling happy? Are you feeling excited? Are you feeling joyful? Are you feeling peaceful or you are always feeling depressed, sad negative on what be desperate and you keep wondering why your life is not getting better? That is the key, my friend, that is the key, and I want you to give these details because this seems to be very basics first, this is where most people are making mistakes.

That is why for many people their life is not getting better, this is where you are made missing, on the basics! and this is the realization I get in the last few months, when I was working, I wonder why some people are still doing things, but they are not growing and can be because they are missing the basics. That is why I said confusion is the biggest enemy of manifestation, because if you are confused even for these small small small things, then no matter what you are doing, it’s not going to take you for the big things for those manifestations.

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What to do today to make Like attracts Like to work for you?

So, What I want you to do today? I want you to first think about yourself first think about the “first like”, not about the second like (what you want) for today. Just think about who you are, what kind of state you have? What kind of mindset you have?, what kind of belief system you have? and then what is the frequency of attraction you are releasing every single day in the universe? Are you feeling peaceful? Are you feeling driven? Are you feeling confident? Are you feeling excited? Are you feeling joyful? or are you sad? unhappy? are you feeling rejected?, acting desperate? What else is there? If you introspect this, you will get the answer.

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If this post has inspired you, if this post has been an eye-opener for you, if this post is something that you were missing, then please comment and share it on Facebook, comment and let me know what you are thinking.

Here we try to tell you the right thing, tell you the thing that will take you forward and those of you who stay with here, those of you who begin your journey and take the Official Law of Attraction course with Dr. Joe Vitale. I believe that all of you will realize your greatest potential and become extraordinary human on earth because all of you have that potential, I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself and the key thing please you must start dreaming big, first for yourself start having big dreams, big goals, big desires, stay tuned with us.

Thank you 😀

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