The Nine Chakras

the nine chakras

According to the beliefs of the Hopi of the Southwest, they believe that the human being was created in the perfect image of his creator. In the Hopi book of the Free Waters the belief is pointed out that the living body of man, and the living body of the earth were built in the same way, through each random axis, the axis of man is the spine, the spine vertebral that controls the balance of its movements and its functions.
And that along this axis there were several vibratory centers, which echoed the primordial sound of life throughout the universe.

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References to the chakras are found among the Hopi, the Incas, and the Mayans, as well as many other Aboriginal cultures around the world. The chakras rotate clockwise in the same direction that the spiral arms of the galaxy rotate.
Each chakra has a unique frequency that we perceive as one of the seven colors of the rainbow.
Amazonian shamans believe that when you clear all your chakras, you acquire a rainbow body. And so when each center or chakra vibrates at its natural frequency and you radiate the seven colors of the rainbow, when your chakras are clear, you are no longer haunted by death. You are claimed by life and therefore can never again be claimed by death.
Don Antonio taught that we have nine chakras. Seven of them are inside the physical body, while two are outside the body. He called the eighth chakra, Wiracocha, which is the name of the creator or great spirit, and which means the source of the sacred.
The eighth chakra resides within the light energy field, hovering over the head like a rotating sun. It is our connection to the great spirit, the place where God dwells within us.

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The ninth chakra, on the other hand, is the source of the spirit itself. It is where we reside in spirit. There is only one ninth chakra, while each of us has an individual eighth chakra or soul, in the case of the ninth there is only one spirit, and we are all one within the spirit.
When we die, the eighth chakra expands into a luminous egg and envelops the other seven chakras in a container of light. After a period of atonement and purification the eighth chakra makes another body, and it is done over and over again throughout so many lives, it leads us to our biological parents and to the best life, not the easiest, but the most suitable for acquire the experiences we need to grow spiritually.

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Traumatic memories from our previous lives are transferred to our next body, as impressions in our light energy field.
The eighth chakra corresponds to the Christian concept of the soul, which is personal and finite.
The ninth chakra corresponds to the spirit that is impersonal and infinite.
The eighth chakra manifested in time, the Egyptians called it Ka.
The ninth chakra is present in the timeless now, a point without time, with no restrictions on history. It is imminent and transcendent, it has never died and has never been born. The Egyptians refer to him as the Ku.
Today we must develop the gifts of both the earth chakras and the heaven chakras.

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The first chakra

Element: the earth.
Color: Red
Body aspects: it is the physical basis of your being, the elimination of waste, it is related to legs, feet, testosterone, estrogen, rectum.
Main instinct: it is survival and procreation.
Psychological aspects: they are food, shelter, the security capacity to support himself, the glands are the ovaries and testicles.
Potential Seeds: The potential for an awakening of kundalini and abundance.
Negative expressions: They are hoarding, predatory behavior, senseless violence, chronic fatigue, birth trauma, and abandonment problems.
When the first chakra disconnects from mother earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates and we seek security in material things. Individuality prevails over union with others, and selfishness will be above family, social and global responsibility.

first chakra

The second chakra

Element: Water
Color: Orange.
Body aspects: digestion, intestines, kidneys, sexual potency, urinary tract, adrenaline, low back pain, menstrual pain, loss of appetite.
Main Instinct: sexuality
Psychological aspects: they are power, money, control, sex, fear, struggle, passion, self-esteem, sexual or emotional abuse, inherited parental problems and incest.
Associated glands: the adrenals.

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Potential Seeds: the potential for creativity, compassion and family.
Negative expressions: fear and fight.
Like the organs of the body, each chakra performs a unique function. The first and second chakras digest emotional energies by agitating them to extract nutrients. They can metabolize the energies of physical and emotional trauma and turn them into sources of power and light.
The lower chakras return heavy energies to earth that cannot be metabolized into fuel.
When the first chakra is disconnected from mother earth, the lower centers are unable to expel emotional waste, there is no exit channel. This debris turns into toxic sludge that clings to the walls of a chakra and slows its spin.
When mud builds up in our second chakra, where the fight or flight response resides, for example, we interpret the world as hostile and aggressive. Shamans believe that fear is the greatest enemy. He is a cunning adversary that you must defeat so that he does not exhaust your strength. The task is to know and befriend your fear to turn it into an alert mechanism and not a trigger for the fight or flight response that ends up wearing you out.
Remember that fear is the absence of love.

second chakra

The third chakra

Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Body aspects: stomach, abdomen, liver, pancreas, spleen. Store and release energy,
Main instinct: power.
Psychological aspects: courage (bravery), expression in the world,
Glands: The pancreas.
Potential Seeds: autonomy, individualization, selfless service, the fulfillment of dreams and longevity.
Negative expressions: gastrointestinal disturbances, anorexia, pain, pride, inflated ego, neurotic symptoms, low energy and victim mentality, altered temper with tantrums and shame.
The third chakra is the power center of the light energy system. Its power can be used creatively to manifest our aspirations in the world.
When used destructively, it can lead to neurotic symptoms, including shame and guilt.
When we awaken the power of this chakra, we experience fearlessness and determination, we become someone who cannot be deterred by adversity.

third chakra

The fourth chakra

Element: air.
Color: green.
Body aspects: circulatory system, lungs, sinuses, heart, asthma, immunodeficiencies.
Primary instinct: love
Psychological aspects: hope, surrender to another in love, compassion, intimacy.
Gland: the thymus.
Potential seeds: potential for forgiveness and selfless love.
Negative expressions: ego aggrandizement, resentment, selfishness, pain, loneliness, abandonment and betrayal.
A balanced heart chakra allows us to commit to intimacy in love. It integrates the masculine and feminine principles within us and we no longer seek our missing half outside of ourselves.

fourth chakra

The fifth chakra

Element: light.
Color: blue
Body aspects: throat, mouth, neck, esophagus.
Primordial Instinct: psychic expression.
Psychological aspects: the manifestation of dreams, creativity, communication, faith.
Glands: the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
Potential Seeds: personal power, faith and will.
Negative expressions: betrayal, addictions, psychosis, sleep disorders, fear of speaking, gossip toxicity.
The fifth chakra is our psychic center. It is responsible for clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairisensitivity, and the ability to communicate without words.

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A dysfunctional fifth chakra can lead to unwanted psychic experiences, it can even give rise to a borderline personality that becomes easily susceptible to psychosis and neurosis. This happens because when it is blocked we are not able to connect with others sincerely, we see everything through our personal opinions or our group beliefs.
The fifth chakra gives us the ability to visualize possible futures and act according to our vision. Likewise, when it is unlocked, it allows us to have empathy and connect with others, learn things even from those with whom we do not agree and it opens us to the possibility of being better communicators.
The chakras of the solar plexus, of the heart and of the throat, that is to say the third, the fourth and the fifth, are nourished by the finest energies of love, compassion and empathy. They are not equipped to digest emotions of any kind.

fifth chakra

The sixth chakra

Element: pure light.
The color: Indigo.
Body aspects: the brain, the eyes, the nervous system.
Primordial Instinct: the truth.
Psychological aspects: resilience, logic, intelligence, empathy, depression, stress-related disorders, denial.
Gland: Pituitary
Potential seeds: enlightenment and self-realization.
Negative expression: neurosis, delusions, feeling inadequate and seizures.
Here we acquire the knowledge that we are inseparable from God. We express the divine within ourselves and see the divine in others. You realize that you are an eternal being that inhabits a temporary body.
Doubt disappears when you go beyond the mind, desire and yearning cease to be driving forces. Shamans say that this chakra cannot be awakened by searching, but only those who seek can find its treasures and gifts.
When the sixth chakra malfunctions, the individual mistakes information for knowledge, when the sixth chakra energies are distorted they result in spiritual arrogance and self-aggrandizement.

third eye chakra

The seventh chakra.

Element: pure energy.
Color: purple
Body aspects: skin, brain, hormonal balance.
Primordial Instinct: universal ethics.
Psychological aspects: selflessness, integrity, wisdom.
Gland: the pineal.
Potential Seeds: the potential for transcendence and enlightenment.
Negative expressions: regression, psychosis, cynicism, spiritual regression disguised as enlightenment.
Those who have mastered the seventh chakra gain unusual powers, including recalling ancient memories that belong to the collective consciousness of humanity.
People who master the gifts of this chakra understand that the river of life flows beyond form and formless, beyond existence and nonexistence. They know infinity regardless of time or form.

seventh chakra

The eighth chakra.

Element: the Soul.
Color: Golden
Body aspects: This is the architect of the body.
Primordial Instinct: Transcendence
Psychological aspects: none
Glands: there are no glands associated with it.
Potential Seeds: the potential of timelessness.
Negative expression: contains the templates of disease and the potential of cosmic horror as experienced by those trapped between the worlds of spirit and matter, neither living nor dead, who are trapped in a nightmare realm and cannot awaken, are the purgatories, what Buddhists call bardo plants.
In the eighth chakra, we experience a deep union not only with all of creation as what happens in the seventh chakra, but with the creator himself.
The creator is ineffable and cannot be encapsulated in an image that our senses can hold. This center is linked to the archetypal domain, the original images, and the memories that belong to the human collective.

The ninth chakra

Element: the spirit.
Color: translucent white light.
Body aspects: none
Primal Instinct: release
Psychological aspects: there is no
Associated glands: none
Potential Seeds: the potential for Infinity
Has no negative expressions
The sky chakras (7th, 8th and 9th) are fueled by the most subtle of spiritual energies.

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The ninth chakra represents the self that has never been born and will never die. This self is prior to time and never enters the river through which time flows, it is prior to space and existed before the manifested universe.
The ninth chakra process is the ability to keep a secret even to yourself. The secret is that a long time ago, that immense force that we know, as God, decided from its place in the unmanifested void, to experience itself, for what manifested itself 12 billion years ago, as a singularity of the which all matter in our universe was formed.
The immense force continued to explore itself through all life forms such as whales, grasshoppers, planets, and moons. However, since the immense force was omnipresent and omniscient, each of its manifestations also possessed these qualities, therefore, he had to keep the nature of his being a secret even from himself in order to know himself through his ten thousand forms.


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