The foods that give us the most pleasure and why we are addicted to them

The foods that give us the most pleasure

It is clear, that the foods that give us the most pleasure we already know, are those combinations such as pizzas, cakes, hamburgers, hot cakes, lasagna, pasta, breaded chicken, etc… and they all have the following in common: a potent combination of carbohydrates with fat.

In fact, scientifically, the brain is excited by this combination, and the closer it is to 50% carbohydrates with 50% fat, the greater the pleasure it causes us. But why does our brain have this tendency?

If we look at nature, in general foods like this do not exist, since we can find foods high in carbohydrates such as certain fruits (but they do not contain fat), or we can find foods high in fat such as certain cuts of meat (but they do not have fat). carbohydrates)… there is only one place in nature where the perfect 50-50 combination does exist: Mother’s Milk.

Breast milk has this exquisite combination of fats and carbohydrates in the perfect combination that makes it so appetizing for the baby… when we are babies, everything about breast milk excites us, gives us a lot of pleasure, its smell, its texture, its taste, etc and our brain is programmed for it because it is part of survival. 

But to the above is added the fact that the consumption of breast milk is accompanied by security, love, freedom from worries, the presence of someone who cares for us and loves us unconditionally. It is the great love of the mother.

So, have you seen that Deadly Kilos show? If we listen carefully to the stories of the people who appear there, we will realize that most of them have suffered abuse, mistreatment, and abandonment in their childhood… and they say “I find refuge in food”, but how is that possible? Well, because it not only gives pleasure like any other drug but also reminds the brain of that wonderful combination that only breast milk has, for a few moments it seems that we are in a safe place and that nothing can harm us… it reminds us of the maternal refuge.

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This is important to know as part of self-knowledge, because if we are too attracted to food, it could be that we need to fill the void of the great presence of the mother. And it is said that as adults, we must let go of our physical parents and recognize the great mother earth and our father sun as our creator parents of life on a planetary level, and thus we will be able to continue forward even when they have abandoned us or our physical parents already do not live

It can be difficult because it is easier to buy a pizza or a chocolate cake than to do our disciplines, but we must continue to be patient, love and forgive ourselves and keep trying each new day.

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