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Ho'oponopono miracle dr hew len

Be Empty and you will find inspiration and miracles… by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


So if you look up here, I got three glasses. I got three glasses here. Okay, so here’s the glass empty. Now, if a guy is gonna play golf and he’s gonna really do his thing and he do it, do it in the way that’s perfect for him and not Anybody else he has to be empty yeah.

Why would we have to be empty? 

When the mind is empty it can do anything, it has to be silently. This is what the Buddhists talk about, so that’s important first. So the first step is to empty out all the stuff you know about golf, all the stuff you’ve ever been trained, and you have to do this on every shot. 

Okay, now here’s an empty mind (empty glass), I mean it doesn’t do anything just sits there waiting really, so you need to know this very important, this is the profoundness of the Hawaiians. Well, let me be more narrow Morrnah Simeona, okay. Now, what happened is as soon as your mind gets empty blessed with a pure heart, it fills up with inspiration, and this is what we’ll do the golfing for you this is called perfect rhythm. 

All of a sudden, you’re empty, incomes this thing (inspiration), and you shot, you just hit it, you just hit it perfectly, that fits you.

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Inspiration and Ho’oponopono

But this is what’s gonna do it, the mind doesn’t do anything, the mind just dances with whatever is in, I’ll give you an example, play the music again, you don’t have to understand this now you guys, nobody does. I don’t think I do yeah? 

Okay, here’s the mind, now this mind isn’t empty. It’s here is this stuff now out here, but if it’s holding memories that are playing, so this memory is actually controlling the mind now, so the mind is experiencing what it’s holding.

Well, if it has learned to do golf in a certain way, If it’s always hooking… you know that golfer will always hope because it’s stuck in this memory. But now, if this golfer knows how to do the cleaning (Ho’oponopono, I’ll show you how to do that)… if he does the cleaning, then the mind becomes empty. All the history of learning, and this and that, gone and as soon as that mind is empty incomes inspiration and the person hits the ball perfectly.

Raises kids perfectly, has a perfect relationship, really, and then “do-do” comes up, this is, “do-do” you know I mean whatever memory, this is your stuff. That means if your ukulele isn’t tuned, and if I play it, this music, as I played this, everybody will find their place, some people who say soprano, alto, etc., you don’t have to do anything they will automatically do it. It’s the same thing with playing golf, you don’t know, the mind doesn’t do anything, it’s just waiting for the right inspiration to come in.

Ho'oponopono miracle dr hew len

Just be yourself

Now, this is what happens in most relationships, so here’s a music instructor and you’re talking to this guy, and he says “now here’s the way to go”, but you notice he is out of tune… and you say wouldn’t it be nice if you were tuned?, because if you were tune he would get it, I’ll show you the magic of how important it is to know this, so you don’t have to do anything but be yourself.

Your company will take off, the people come on, but you guys think you got to say something like social workers. 

How to combine Ho’oponopono and Law of Attraction – Dr Joe Vitale

An example of a Miracle in a case of Cholesterol – Ho’oponopono

So here I give you an example of a miracle, so there’s this infamous character called cholesterol, Anybody remembers that infamous character?. Anybody like that?, there’s this infamous character called cholesterol, and you know the heart, but they say you’re gonna die from that, one out of X die from that, and they tell you about every Hawaii resident who dies from heart disease… etc.

Now this Hawaiian lady Kona Lapa. She says this to a person who came in years ago and said “they tell me I have high cholesterol”, she didn’t say anything… and then she’s moved and dance like that you know, so suddenly she went to the window opened the curtain and she said, “stand out in the Sun”. Where did that come from? Why would she stand out in the Sun? (instead of like golfing now), why would she stand out in the Sun? So let me tell you why she was standing out in the Sun this is so beautiful, automatically, you don’t have to do anything, and here’s this old lady Kona Lapa and says “stand out in the Sun”. 

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So now you stand out in the Sun what happened is this cholesterol turns into vitamin D, Sunlight will turn cholesterol not know yet lust of it, okay, now this vitamin D already knows exactly what to do. It doesn’t need a coach who says you know “what’s the next step? Don’t you?” you’re not thinking, it happens automatically. 

Then what it does is that this vitamin D looks for a little doorknob on the cell on oneself, we got trillions of cells, and this vitamin D knows exactly what the story hits this knob and guess what happens to the cell? to the membrane of the cell? well, it knows what to do so it opens up, so now, as this vitamin D goes in, which is the cell needs it, then every other thing begins to attach to it: enzymes, protein, etc and they know what to do, automatically and they go in there and everybody’s just dancing because they know what to do, but we got to get this vitamin and we got to get this thing (cholesterol) which it’s not clear, this is called cancer too, unclarity. 

Unclarity is this: “What am I going? What am I supposed to do?” and then what happens? if you give the right response, then there’s this magical action and it all gets taken care of out of his own.

So, in your case, you gotta tune-up and if you don’t tune-up, your business will not do well, your clients will be the same old problem. Let all golfers have the hook, they slice, they get ticked off the big mimic big debits in the ground, but because you want to know. so let’s say your cholesterol, the soon as you tune up everything rose.

By Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


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