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ho'oponopono and law of atraction

Hi I’m doctor Joe Vitale welcome and thanks for stopping by I’m very excited because I want to talk to you about a breakthrough new audio program, this is a directed experience called the result.

Now the result is doing something that no other program has ever done before to my knowledge and what it’s doing is combining the law of attraction with ho’oponopono. Now the law of attraction you already know about because I’ve written about it in books like the attractor factor and maybe you’ve seen the movie the secret and the evidence at the law of attraction works is overwhelming there are scientific books about it there is an abundance of stories from people just like you and me who have used it and I’ve seen it happen, and people getting results from the law of attraction for well over a decade or more at this point.

And the law of attraction isn’t new it’s the law it’s been around since 1800 when it was officially named as a law and people use it to get results, we know that works, however, we have to go deeper than the law of attraction because there is something that’s going on in our minds that sometimes blocks us from having what we want and I call that something counter intentions.

Ho'oponopono and Law of Attraction

Counter intentions are what stop your intentions from being attracted into your life, I’ve written about this quite a bit as well, so what do you do about counter intentions? how do you erase them? well one of the best ways is with Ho’oponopono, I’ve written about Ho’oponopono, I wrote zero limits which came out almost ten years ago I wrote the sequel called “at zero” and the story around it was about a therapist to help heal an entire ward and mentally ill criminals using ho’oponopono is breathtaking, it’s miraculous, and over the last ten years, people have been using this simple four phrase technique to create by god-miracles in their life in every area that you could imagine.

But, nobody until now is actually combined both of them into one new unit, combining the law of attraction where you set your intentions and you visualize and you never lie and you do all the right things to make what you want to happen but you also apply Ho’oponopono to erase and delete the counter intentions that may have been stopping you in the past to have what you want so what guitar monk Matthew Dixon and myself have done is create this new audio that we call the result, and we call it The Result because of that’s what it does, this is a directed audio experience, it’s not quite meditation, it’s not quite hypnosis, it’s more of a blend of a bunch of other things that become synergy, a synergy and what I do is direct your mind to focus on what you want, say igniting the law of attraction and then as we go through the steps for the law of attraction to attract what you want in your life and then apply Ho’oponopono the four phrases I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

law of attraction certification program joe vitale
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I narrate, I guide you through it, and in ten minutes, that’s all this last, ten minutes, you turbocharge you request to the universe to do or be whatever you want because you’re stating what you want with the law of attraction and you’re using all the other key elements that make the law of attraction work which I never ate for you and guide you within this audio and then you apply Ho’oponopono to erase and reduce and eliminate all of the unconscious blocks around that intention, now you’re free to go and have the intention, you can manifest that there’s nothing blocking you do get a sense of how powerful this is?

And so I narrate this result audio experience for you, I guide you through it, it’s ten minutes long and underneath that, I have the Subliminals that are telling you about the law of attraction reminding you about the law of attraction and repeating I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, the four phrases of Ho’oponopono so you get this incredible double whammy that almost becomes a third force for creating the result that you want in your life.

This is incredibly powerful, I went into the zero limit studio I did all of this with guitar month Matthew Dixon, engineering it, making sure it all came out perfect and what we have is fantastic, it’s pristine, it’s inspired, it’s inspiring and it’s designed to have you get the result you want, that’s the breakthrough news.

Now we also created six audio tracks, these audio tracks are music and that’s all of this, it’s relaxing transcendental and lightning soothing music that you do and listen to whatever you want to support your intentions the music is designed to help you just eased into relaxing to the acceptance of the very thing that you want to have as your result and the music also has something different below the conscious awareness again subliminally I am saying law of attraction phrases and Ho’oponopono phrases.

Now in the past with other people’s audios and even the audio is that Matthew Dixon and myself have created, we did one or the other, we did Ho’oponopono or we did law of attraction, but now we’re doing both of them so even the six music tracks that you get and you can listen to whatever you like, help you on the conscious and unconscious, last subconscious level. This again is all the support you in getting the result that you want.

Awakened Millionaire Academy joe vitale

Now when and guitar mark Matthew Dixon and I got together we decided that give away the music tracks those six tracks which are supportive to you which we couldn’t charge like nineteen dollars for each track because we put our heart and soul into these tracks and they are inspired and inspiring it’s divine healing music at its best in my opinion. So we could be charging a hundred and some dollars just for those six tracks but what we decided to do is give them away.

When you buy The Result the guided audio experience the breakthrough experienced that I created, the ten minutes, the experience of transformation that we call the result, when you buy it today we will give you the six tracks of ecstatic music with all of the subliminals on them. So we are doing our best to make this a fantastic experience for you because I know what it’s like to struggle I know what it’s like to be confused I know what it’s like to be frustrated I know what it’s like to struggle or starve or be broke I don’t want that for you, I’m doing my best to help you have, do or be whatever you want

The Result to break through it”s brand new, nothing else like it that combines the law of attraction and Ho’oponopono so you set your intentions and you delete the counter intentions at the same time, only last ten minutes that’s really a focused experience, you want to make sure you listen to it when you alone you don’t want to be driving when you’re listening to it, you want to put on headphones to hear it at the best possible level and just make sure no distractions and focus on the result you want.

The Three Spiritual Awakening Stages – Ho’oponopono

Now this is a way for you to create miracles in your life we are very excited about this I am personally extremely excited I can’t even find the words to express how excited I am for you so what I ask you to do is please review this website right now you don’t have to buy read it the second, review the website if you’re as convinced as I am that the result is for you and you really want the six audio tracks which have the law of attraction and Ho’oponopono subliminal statements hidden within them, then I say go ahead and order today but first, check it out, review this website see what I have to say about it and then really consider how your life change when you start to get the result you want.

And obviously, you can use The Result as a meditative audio directed experience on a lot of different things you start with one thing maybe it’s a small thing , whatever it happens to be you start there and you work to get your result only takes ten minutes then after you start to build confidence in your ability to attract what you want and delete what you don’t want you can do it on bigger and better things.

You can listen to The Result as many times as you want to listen to it every day you can listen to it a couple of times a day you can listen to once a week it’s entirely up to you, but also it’s all guaranteed it’s all guaranteed, you have nothing to lose here because there is an eight-week solid iron-clad money-back guarantee try The Result for eight weeks if you’re not happy let the website know there’s an email within the website again review the website you’ll see in the guarantee, you’ll see an email there, so if you do have a problem or you’re not happy you can just simply ask for your money back how much easier can it get?

So again it’s called The Result comes with six bonus tracks review the website and then decide if you want to get it right now all right I’m Joe Vitale and I want you to experience miracles, expect miracles, and God speed to you:

Check it out all about The Result Here:

Check it out all about The Result Here:


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