The Aztec Legend of the Hummingbird

the legend of the hummingbird

This time I am going to tell you, as I remember it, the tale of the legend of the hummingbird. It turns out that one of the many grandmothers who always tell you stories was the one who began to tell us this legend of the hummingbird, and so she tells us that there in the valley of the mirror of the moon they all lived in perfect harmony, there was a very beautiful lake, there were trees, there were many birds and they were in a very pleasant climate. The only one who was not very happy was the thorn-billed bird because all the other birds he encountered had a wide variety of colors, but the thorn-billed bird was all gray and he frequently wondered, why did they make me like this?, Why didn’t they give me more colors?

But hey, despite the fact that he was a little shy about the other little birds, he lived a pleasant life in that valley of the mirror of the moon. However, some difficult times passed from a situation where the valley dried up, the rains stopped coming, the winds stopped bringing the rain and the valley of the mirror of the moon was drying up, drying up, even to the point there was no more water, almost nothing.

And then many of the animals without any other remedy began to die, some of the birds could fly a little because they were looking around nearby for some sources of water, but it was very difficult and most of the animals and also the inhabitants near the valley of the moon began to suffer greatly from lack of water.

The beginning of the legend of the Colibrí and Father Sun Tonatiuh

Then, the thorn peak bird starts to think and says “oh well, why has this happened here in my valley? What have we done to make this happen to us? Oh yes, I know, I’m going to ask Father Tonatiuh, Father Sun, what is happening, he must know “and then he took off with the last of his strength and flew, flew, flew up to the top of the clouds and began to see a lot of clarity and approached the sun and through its rays begins to speak to the father sun and literally says:

“Father Tonatiuh, please answer me, what is happening in the valley? Why isn’t the rains coming?”

“Oh, my son, well, look, I don’t know much about that, I’m just in charge of sending the sun’s rays”

“Yes father, but you are burning us a lot, the clouds do not arrive, the rain does not arrive and the sun’s rays are drying everything, everything, we are already scorching”

“Ohh I see, well, look, you should see that first of all with Ehécatl because Ehécatl is the one who carries the clouds and if he is not carrying them then, he will have his reasons, why don’t you go and visit him?”

“good but how do I find it?”

“Ah well, follow the currents of the air that you are meeting right now and follow them up to the mountains to the top of the mountains and there you will find Ehécatl”

the hummingbird and the sun

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The Hummingbird and Ehécatl God of the Wind

Then the little thorn peak bird that grabs and begins to fly and fly and fly with his strength, as much as he could and that reaches one of the highest mountains where the very strong winds blew and there was Ehécatl saying:

“Come on, come on, come on, children take, take the clouds, take the seeds, take, take everything, through the wind, oh how much there is to do, how much to do, come on, come on”

And Father Ehécatl was very busy, but the thorn-billed bird creeps in and says:

“Hey, look, I’m here to tell you about the problem there in the valley of the moon”

“Well what happened?”

“Well, notice that the clouds are no longer arriving and we don’t know what is happening, why are the clouds no longer sending us?”

“Valley of the moon? Ah yes yes; no, look, we can’t send the clouds there; no, no, no, that can’t be done, it can’t be done; no! No! They aren’t sending us any cloud of rain over there ”

“But why? Why Father Ehécatl?”

“Look, I’m just in charge of sending them, directing them, but the rain clouds are sent to me by Tlaloc, the father of rain, I mean the god of rain, the truth is here I only take care of the distribution , and if you allow me, I’m very busy, come on, come on, take the clouds, to that other valley, a hail too! … ”

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The Hummingbird and Tlaloc the god of rain

And well that’s how the thorn-billed bird was left thinking about what to do, the moment it starts to follow one of the rain clouds through where they were brought, it follows it, flies, flies, flies and flies with great eagerness , the cloud is being followed and, that he meets Tlaloc !, he came to a place where there was thunder and lightning, now he was in front of the god of rain:

“Yes, come on, let’s go with the rains, let’s take this rain here and there, and form the clouds and let’s go, let’s collect all this water in the form of clouds!”

“Hey! Hey! Father Tlaloc, it’s me, the thornbill bird”

And there among the storm clouds was the little bird.

“It’s me, it’s me, I come from far away, from the valley of the mirror of the moon, they are not sending us anything about the rains”

“Yes son, look, what happens is that in that I have nothing personal against the valley, for me I sent him the rain, but my wife is the one who told me that she will not send anything and you know how they are, I do not have nothing to do with that, but I can’t contradict her, you know, then you have to go look for her and ask her well, what was the reason she didn’t send anything, she won’t let me send anything from the rain clouds over there. Chalchiuhtlicue My dear wife, she walks there on earth between the rivers and everything, because she is the goddess of the terrestrial waters and she will have her reasons for leaving the valley of the mirror of the moon like this, without water. ”

“Well how do I find it?”

“Well you follow this river that I am going to tell you and where it is born out there you will find it”

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The Hummingbird and Chalchiuhtlicue the goddess of terrestrial waters.

And there goes the poor little thorn-billed bird flying, flying and he couldn’t stand it anymore, and there he was following the river and no one there knew anything about Chalchiuhtlicue but he continued following the river, he was going very well and took the opportunity to drink a little from the river and he threw himself forward again, advancing until he began to hear a song and some words:

“There we are going to put more water, let’s see, if it goes there and it makes me need another river, there is a lake I am going to put, it makes me also a little lake we are going to put”

“Aloo, Alooo, Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue”

And the little thorn-billed bird was approaching from on high.

“But how am I going to do it? Come on, those waters … but what? What happened? Why are you distracting me? Can’t you see that I’m very busy? I’m here trying to see how I’m going to do it. these rivers to these valleys and you, come and interrupt me, let’s see what do you want? ”

“Well, yes, I come from the valley of the mirror of the moon and do you know what? They left us without water there and now see that everyone is dying, for a little bit, there will be nothing left of the valley and they told me that you She was the one who ordered that nothing from the clouds reached us, and that the wind did not carry her there and nothing protects us from the sun and inclement weather and the valley is already dying. Please … what did we do to make him leave us like this? ”

“Ah my little boy look, what happens is that after all, remember that there in the valley of the moon live two peoples of the humans and it turns out that they were fighting a lot among them and they were very bad, they were attacking each other the others no longer respected each other, and what’s more, they threw all their waste onto the earth and they also began to throw everything into the rivers, they forgot to honor nature … and I didn’t like that, so for their own good I removed all the water because I could not continue like this, they should be the guardians of the valley and not be destroying it “- Then the thorn-billed bird responds,” Well, yes, but it is because it leaves us all punished. ”

Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue tells her, “the only thing we can do is for you to be a messenger of peace and love for humans and tell them that Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue tells them to remember again that they are brothers and that they have to take care the land on which they live, stop throwing garbage, stop neglecting the fields, stop cutting down the trees, because otherwise how is the environment going to be maintained. If you can make them listen to you, I am going to make the clouds of water come again and the very beautiful valley will be filled again ”. And there begins the adventure and the legend of the hummingbird again.

the story of the hummingbird

The Hummingbird Brings the Good News – The Legend of the Hummingbird

Well, well, they make it very difficult for the thorn-billed bird and it flies back to the valley, flying and flying, and finds on its way there some children playing in a stream that was small with a trickle of water and immediately He talks to the children and tells them “hey, you are friends, aren’t you?”, and the children respond that yes, the little bird continues, “Well, you who can hear me even though you are from different tribes, right? -“ Yes. we are from different tribes but we are little friends “say the children,

– “Well, look, I need you to help me give a message to humans” and well, it turns out that the children knew the one who was the most gossipy in town, he is the one who gave the news every day that he spends screaming in the street to the voice of extra! extra! extra! And then they convince him because this man said when listening to them “oh yes it is true, there is only pure news of fights, news that the lake dried up, that it became contaminated and that the forests are ending … well now they begin to bring out pure environmental news, pure humanities news and thus with a different approach of love, of tolerance of all the good that we can still observe in the valley.

And since everyone in the town listened to this man with his new publications, then they began to realize it and said among themselves, “Yes, it is true, there are still good things that we can rescue” and in this way they began to recycle the garbage, they began To recycle the water, what little they had because they began to take care of it more, they began to make ecological houses, some who had activities like that where they polluted a lot also began to take care of those places more and began to help each other among the tribes because the most important thing they realized, it was no longer fighting fighting but saving the valley and then Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue who realized this beautiful change in the attitude of the people. It was a work of many months but the spinal-billed bird managed to transmit the vision.

The thorn-billed bird also whispered with its delicate sounds of its beak to every man who could, to every woman who met and made a change in that valley and that Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue realizes and says “now yes, Let the rains send and what he says to Tlaloc and then Tlaloc tells Ehécatl and that is how all the waters begin to arrive and suddenly a little time passes and the valley and its surroundings become very beautiful.

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Tonatiuh’s gift to the Hummingbird

Then the thorn-billed bird decides to go and thank him, and he passes again with Father Tonatiuh and says “Father, look at how beautiful the valley is, look how beautiful it was, Father Tonatiuh responds“ Yes, my son, I saw everything What did you do with your great work and your heart so I’m going to give you the colors of sunrise in your pens so that they look very pretty like a litmus color so that when the sunlight gives you apart you will see yourself with the colors of sunrise very nice ”and plim! that its pens are colored and the bird full of gratitude saying thank you father and begin to fly away very happy.

Ehécatl’s gift to the Hummingbird

Now in this legend of the hummingbird, he goes with Ehécatl, and with the sound of the wind blowing he finds Ehécatl well occupied because apart from that he already had to send rain clouds towards the valley and he says Father Ehécatl! Father Ehécatl !, the god of the winds

“Hey! the rains have already been coming for a while and the valley has become very beautiful again “,

and Ehécatl replies” how good my son, you did it, you managed to put that beautiful message in the heart of man, what a good job! Look in gratitude and reward for your work and your faith, I am going to give you a very special gift, I am going to give you the gift of being able to fly in all directions, you will be the only bird that will be able to fly in any direction regardless of where the winds go, so have this gift ”and plim !, which gives this gift and the bird begins to fly backwards, forwards, to one side, to the other and well nice, “thank you, thank you father Ehécatl.” and this became part of the legend of the hummingbird.

the aztec legend of the hummingbird

Tlaloc’s Gift to the Hummingbird

And he flies away where the clouds were going with the rain and that he meets Father Tlaloc and says “look at that they are already sending us the rains, thank you, thank you”, to which Taloc replies “oh, how good my son Yes, Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue has already authorized me and how good my son already told me everything that you achieved thanks to your faith and although you looked good little one you had all the courage and believed in yourself to be able to achieve such a great transformation task! , then look at me that I’m going to give you something very special, look at the rainbow over there, I’m going to send you to immerse yourself in the rainbow ”and so does the little bird and when it comes out its feathers had turned multicolored and so on It had more beautiful colors both in the sun and in the shade, it was so cool! oh, the beautiful legend of the hummingbird!

“How wonderful, how beautiful, thank you very much,” says the little bird, “so that everyone can see your beauty on the outside, as well as on the inside”, “thank you very much, father”.

legend of the hummingbird

The gift of Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue to the hummingbird the beginning of the legend

The origin of its name – The legend of the hummingbird

And he flies away following the rivers until he meets Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue and he hears her singing as always  and then when he approaches he said “Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue, I did it, I did it!”,

And Chalchiuhtlicue said “Yes my son I saw it, I I saw everything, how much more harmony felt in the valley, in the villages, that’s why I sent you the water and I already sent you everything, the lake is also filling up again, true that yes”,

“yes yes yes, yes, Thank you very much, thank you “,” very, well and also because you are the symbol of love and courage in this task and you managed to touch the hearts of all men I am going to give you something very special, from now on you are not going to call yourself little bird thorn beak, now you are going to call yourself a Siraquenti hummingbird, oh this is the legend of the hummingbird because now you are going to eat only the nectar of the flowers, from there you will be able to feed yourself that is why your long beak will be able to take the sweetness of the nectar of the flowers and everyone will know that you are a very special bird that will remind them of sweetness, love, the strength of the heart, my special bird ”“ thank you very much Mrs. Chalchiuhtlicue ”.

“Thank you my beautiful bird for having enough faith, what we cannot do, you can do by believing from your little heart and creating an expansion towards everything else, thank you” and so he flew back to the valley of the moon and then, what do you think? that the little thorn-billed bird now called the Siraquenti hummingbird, the legend of the hummingbird, was very happy in the valley of the mirror of the moon but above all he wishes that all the others can hear the same message and we can reconnect with our brothers and with the earth and everything that surrounds us so that then we can all live in harmony with mother nature and that mother’s movements are always for the greatest good of all humanity, we just remember to listen from our hearts and I hope that in your little heart , through this story the courage and love of hummingbirds are born so that you can once again be happy, content and above all loving and compassionate with your brothers and with mother earth … so this was the legend of the hummingbird and The final has come, this story has ended.

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