I’m Learning How to Create Income Online

How to create income online

Hello and welcome to another of my adventures here in my blog.

I want to share with you that I’m learning about online business. As you may notice, the situation in the world has been difficult due to the pandemic, and many people is looking for alternatives to work from home.

For example, I and my husband had a stand in an organic market, but it closed, also we use to bring some products from other countries, but this was affected as well, and also we offer Zhineng Qi Gong or healing courses, but reunions in person were no longer available for a long period of time. It was a very difficult time for us.

But the most important is the attitude so, I said ok, well what can I do, I need to do more things from home, and well, I knew how to do some basic things, like sell some products to my friends or family through WhatsApp… but that’s not enough.

So I decided to study how to build an online business and document all my progress here with you. And one of my decisions about this, was to learn from the best because sometimes we see a lot of webpages that offer to teach you how to make money online but are they trustworthy? or maybe they are a scam in the majority. So instead of losing time trying whatever crosses my screen, I search for the top sellers online and look what they are teaching, and that’s how I founded John Thornhill, one of the 1% bestseller in multiple platforms, and decided to listen to him, and I liked it!. I like that he offers more knowledge and support than everyone else, and that is committed to teaching people in the long term, and he has proof of that because he has been in the public eye for years. 

So I attended one of his webinars and start learning from him and will let you know the progress here… 

In the meanwhile, here you have a link to one of his exclusive trainings for free!

Go ahead click here.

See you,

With Love,


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