Ho’oponopono and the Violet Flame

hooponopono violet flame

In this post we will talk about Ho’oponopono and how “violet flame” is a trigger word that is used within this practice that can be very useful to us, we will talk about how to use it and how it works.

Let us remember that within Ho’oponopono it is common to have additional tools to focus the mind on subconscious cleansing, which can be images, food, or as in this case trigger phrases.

The phrases used in the practice of Ho’oponopono function as mantras that refocus our thoughts towards certain information that can help us with certain specific problems.

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The Violet Flame and Transmutation

In the world of healing, the violet flame is known for its healing and transmutation properties. Transmutation is change and transformation and in Ho’oponopono the use of this trigger word is a tool to work on changing and transforming some problem in your life that causes pain and limitations.

In general, the color violet is recognized for being of high vibration and a color that can be used for purification and is said to contain powerful love, kindness, forgiveness, justice and freedom, being a strong portal to undo any blockage and help us in our liberation from the memories that run in the subconscious and that prevent us from connecting with the state of divine inspiration.

In metaphysics, violet is known to be the seventh ray of Divinity and by combining this transmuting ray with the forgiveness power of Ho’oponopono, we obtain a powerful tool through which we allow the elimination of limiting thoughts, especially regarding lack. of love and the erroneous perception that this lack generates.
And in general, we can use “violet flame” as a ho’oponopono tool when we need a profound change in our life or we find ourselves overwhelmed by intense challenges in our life.

The Divine Trinity in us – Ho’oponopono

Violet flame as a healing and transmuting tool in Ho’oponopono

In Ho’oponopono we can be very creative to use the trigger phrase “violet flame”, however here we will give a general guide in which you can use it as a decree of healing and transmutation:

  • First, find a place where you are free from distractions for a moment and can relax.
  • Begin by focusing on your breath and feeling your heartbeat. Here you can do a few rounds of HA breathing if you already know it.
  • Connect your mind with your heart and from your heart connect with the infinite and with the Divine.
    Thoughts relax and feeling is more present, feel.
  • Now put the intention to connect with ho’oponopono violet flame, visualize and feel how a huge and strong violet flame appears and surrounds you.
  • Allow your higher self to bless you and purify you through this violet flame, being a special shower of mana for your being.
  • You can let the 4 ho’oponopono phrases and the trigger phrase “violet flame” run through your mind while receiving all the transmuting properties of this healing.
  • Finally, when you feel that the intensity is going down and that the healing is done, focus on gratitude, thanks for the help and the transmutation that you have received. Thank you for connecting with ho’oponopono and the violet flame.

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You can repeat this exercise once a day or two or three days a week, depending on the frequency you need to help you change your vibration and allow the powerful energy of the violet flame to come into your life, strengthen you and above all connect you again with the love and joy that is already in you, that emanates from your higher self and divinity and that for some reason had been blocked.

You can also create your own meditations or use the phrase “violet flame” as a mantra during any time of the day, along with the ho’oponopono phrases I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you for realigning your thoughts, cleaning memories of the subconscious and moving away from the thoughts that are causing you suffering, and in this sense, it is very useful to combat depression.

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In general and in ho’oponopono, “violet flame” will help you to transmute what is heavy in your life and is causing you problems, and it does so through transmutation and changing your vibratory frequency in every way, both thought and of energy and information.

With the visualization and meditation that we indicated above, you will be able to connect deeply with this powerful energy of healing and change and also with the divinity through your higher self.
In this way, we allow memories and limiting beliefs to be cleansed that had lodged in our subconscious and that do not allow us to connect with divine love and receive inspiration to do everything necessary in our day to day for the most fluid resolution of our problems.

We can use this tool as many times as necessary, however remember that in Ho’oponopono the core practice includes the HA breath and the 4 phrases: I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me and thank you, so be sure to include them in your practice.

Allow this beautiful and powerful tool to connect you with the divinity that is the only one that can erase those memories that have limited us and we wish for you that you can connect with the love in you and with your greatest potential.

I love you, thanks


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