Dr. Hew Len Talks About Blue Solar Water

blue solar water hooponopono

Mabel: Dr Ihaleaka welcome

Dr Ihaleaka Hew Len: Thank you for having me, I’m grateful.

Mabel: I started the show today talking about the importance of the water, that sometimes many of our problems physically and emotionally are about lacking water.

Dr Ihaleaka Hew Len: So the way the water works, the water works spiritually for us, when you’re drinking you’re saying to the divinity: “I’m sorry, please forgive me” so you’re inviting divinity to come into your heart and to erase anything that is not you, that’s toxic. So the healing, always the healing of problems which are memories replaying is done spiritually first, now only divinity can solve the problem spiritually. 

So all of your problems start in your heart as memories replaying. So it’s interesting if you had that problem you had it before, your family, relatives, and ancestors had it, so now when you drink the solar water the idea is that you’re cleaning for you and then you’re cleaning all that back to the beginning, your beginning ancestors, so the more you drink the less problems you have.

Drinking solar water is like pay off debt, and prevents death.

So drink solar water, a lot of it. I drink the much as I can, I put it in the food, I put it in the coffee, the idea is to drink as much as possible, I drink like up to 2 gallons a day

Mabel: Ihalekala, I showed to them also the photograph showing what it does to the water when we pray before, you know like when we say something sweet like “I love you” to the water before we drink it, why don’t you tell us about food about water, whenwe actually think and say thank you for it.

Dr. Ihaleaka Hew Len: Everything has life, including this thing right here (chair), I mean, there is nothing that does not have life in it, so by actually healing the thoughts in you, you’re healing everything around you. So before I sit down I did my cleaning, I said “thank you for being here”, ‘cause can you imagine I would be sitting on the deck instead of sitting here, and things like to be told thank you. 

See? the problem we have with people and places is that we don’t appreciate them. So when you drink the solar water is an appreciation for everything.

Please be with you all my peace

The peace that is I 

The peace that is I am

The peace for always, now and forever and evermore

My peace I give to you

My peace I leave with you

Not the world’s peace, but only my peace, the peace of I


Blessings, thank you, bye.

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