Advanced Ho’oponopono for Relationships: A Journey to Love, Healing, and Connection

advanced hooponopono to heal relationships

Hello, beautiful souls! Today, we’re going to dive into an advanced method of Ho’oponopono that will help you bring love, healing, and connection to the people in your life. So, let’s spread our wings and soar high like a big, beautiful eagle, flying in the direction of our dreams and goals.


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Discovering the Power of Ho’oponopono

Ever since I came across the book “Zero Limits” by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len, I’ve been in love with Ho’oponopono. I’ve used it personally for years to bring about healing in people’s lives and to mend relationships. Now, I want to share something very personal with you: my journey of combining Ho’oponopono with Shamanic Tapping and Release, a system based on EFT with a more ritualistic approach.

When I combined these two techniques, not only did I feel better, but I also noticed that the people I was practicing it for began to act differently. They started treating me differently and seemed to experience healing in their lives. Now, I’m not saying this method is better, but for me, it works incredibly fast.


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How to Practice This Advanced Ho’oponopono Method

This method is perfect for those who want to rebuild a connection, bring healing to someone going through a difficult time, or even heal oneself. Here’s a step-by-step guide to practicing this advanced Ho’oponopono technique:

  1. Visualize the person you’re sending healing energy to – You can use a picture or simply visualize them in your mind.
  2. Say “I love you” – Close your eyes and, from your inner spirit, outwardly say “I love you” three times.

Raise energy and send it to the person

  1. Visualize a white light – Imagine the infinite light of the universe above your head and breathe it in, creating a ball of light and love in your hands.
  2. Say “I love you” into the ball – Raise the ball above your head, bring it down, and send it outward to the person you wish to receive it.
  3. Seal the energy – Bring your left forefinger back to your lips to seal the energy so it stays with the recipient.

Repeat this process for the following phrases:

  • “I’m sorry for your pain”
  • “Let us forgive each other”

Finally, express gratitude

  1. Say “Thank you” – Rub your hands together, create another ball of energy, and say “Thank you” into it.
  2. Send light and healing – Say “I send you light and healing” and send it to the recipient, sealing the energy once again.

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The Power of Visualization

It’s crucial to visualize the recipient receiving the healing energy with each phrase. See them feeling loved, forgiven, and healed as you practice this advanced Ho’oponopono method.

Now that you have this powerful tool in your hands, go out and find someone to heal, and remember, there’s no shortage of people who need love, healing, and connection. Good luck on your journey, and may you continue to soar high and grow spiritually!


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