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could you be a millionaire?

Guest Post By Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of Total Money Magnetism

Is the brain of a millionaire person going to look different on an encephalogram machine? Likely not. So what it really takes to have a millionaire mind is a specific thought structure that makes all the projects you do more fruitful than most.

So if you want to manifest more money, cash, more achievement, and more joy in your life then adopting these seven millionaire mind hacks is an extraordinary spot to begin.

Here’s we have the first one…

#1: “My mind resembles an iPhone that needs lifetime updates”

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Much the same as your iPhone, all independent millionaires you need to comprehend that your brain needs customary ‘programming upgrades’ so as to fuel your prosperity.

Actually, most millionaires I know are nearly dependent on learning and updating their abilities.

Why? Since the world is a continually changing spot – and the quicker you can adjust to new, imaginative methods of getting things done, or connect and snatch new chances, the more cash there will be for you toward the end goal.

#2: “My time is cash”

A Millionaire understands that their time is amazingly significant, and they value their swift decision-making.

Warren Buffet is an extraordinary case of this. He lives by the mantra of ‘get the facts, make a decision, and don’t look back’.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming extraordinary choices can be, particularly with regard to your vocation or monetary future. However, the additional time you spend faltering, the more beneficial, lucrative time you are missing out on.

So in the future, take a stab at asking yourself these inquiries; ‘Is this likely to move me closer to my objectives? Does it have minimal negative consequences?’

In the event that the response to both is true, at that point let it all out and don’t think back.

#3: “Excuses ZERO”

Rich individuals highly esteem having a “no excuses” mentality, where they own 100% of their triumphs and 100% of their disappointments.

Consider how much duty large organization CEOs have on their shoulders. Toward the day’s end, they are the ones who need to respond in due order regarding the entirety of the organization’s disappointments and mix-ups.

In any case, the explanation they are in that best position is on the grounds that they have demonstrated that they can deal with this duty and own it.

The thing is, in the event that you accuse other people or situations of your mistakes, you lose any control over your reality. However, when you own your disappointments, this empowers you to assume responsibility, develop, and push ahead towards a more promising time to come.

#4: “I’m an unstoppable hit machine”

Something else that separates millionaires from other people is their characteristic capacity to overcome better than anyone might have expected, regardless of what life tosses at them.

To pull in wealth into your life, you have to have a powerful urge for financial freedom AND to accept that you are fit for accomplishing it!

Regardless of how effective you become, there are continually going to be barriers throughout your life. Be that as it may, rather than giving these bumps in the road to slow you down, you can see them as chances to gain from and to fuel your force.

Truly, once in a while this implies you do need to look hard to see the silver lining, and you do need to look beyond the short term

But from my personal experience, as cliché as it sounds, whenever you make it through a difficult situation you always come out stronger on the other side.

#5: “My Inspiration comes when I permit my Brain to relax”

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Each incredible item and business out there is the child of somebody’s innovative thought. There is a great deal of cash to be made by ‘thinking outside the box’.

Also, this is the reason most millionaires effectively fuel their innovative cerebrum, by taking short ‘mind breaks’ during the day.

Dissimilar to your typical lunch or quick rests, mind breaks are short squares of time (10-20 minutes) where you truly simply let yourself ‘space out’ and unwind without any interruptions.

By doing this, you give your psyche a truly necessary holiday from the pressure and stresses of regular day to day existence, and permit your inward imagination to surface.

Truly, you will be astonished at how your mind just out of nowhere concocts the brilliant solutions, imaginative discoveries, and creative breakthroughs you need.

This is the point at which your genuinely enchantment riches openings are conceived!

#6: “I make a move – Take Action”

Millionaires consistently have their foot flat on the accelerator. They are continually defining new objectives and working like insane to accomplish them.

So on the off chance that you need a well off, plentiful future, you have to begin making strides towards that future today – as opposed to leaving it until tomorrow, one week from now, or one year from now.

#7: “Discomfort is a natural part of moving forward”

Wealthy individuals comprehend that moving beyond your comfort zone is basic for new development, and they have figured out how to grasp any distress that accompanies it.

So this way to push ahead on your journey to greatness, you should be happy to take the awful with the great with regards to attempting new things.

It additionally implies embracing risk and tolerating that you probably won’t succeed without fail (which is absolutely typical, coincidentally).

Heck, I can’t tell you how often I’ve evaluated another business thought only to have it flop totally!

In any case, I can also testify that often the biggest risks turn out to have the biggest pay-offs.

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Do you have the mentality of a Millionaire?

Is wealth in your future..?

I’ve made a snappy test which will decide if you have the mindset of a Millionaire. You can go to the TEST HERE

*Note: You will be given a customized report subsequent to finishing this 60-second test, what will this say about you? Discover by taking the test here:


Dr. Steve G. Jones

As a world-renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire, Dr. Steve G. Jones understands the powerful relationship between the brain and money. In order for people to experience financial success, they first need to remove any barriers to wealth within their subconscious minds. Using hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming, Dr. Steve helps people to remove these barriers so that they can take their lives to the next level of success.

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