Instant Manifestation Guide and Real Cases

instant manifestation guide

The idea of having the power for instant manifestation has fascinated more than one through the history of humanity. But what does it mean? and what are the mechanism to achieve those kinds of results?. In this post, I’m going to talk about this ability to manifest instantaneously in the deepest manner possible so you can understand how is possible and what do you need to have this kind of experience in your life.

1.  What can be considered instant manifestation?


All our reality is a web of these 5 factors: persons, things, places, moments, and events.

So the instant manifestation can be displayed through each one of them and it implies an externalization of our desires in a short period of time (as we perceived the time, as humans.)

15 minutes manifestationFor example, think about someone and then the phone rings and it is that person, that is something that most of us had experienced and can be a little example of instant manifestation. Also to converge in a place and time with a person that we were thinking of is very common, but most of the time these experiences occur without a focused intention about them, and if we want to repeat them, they seem to slip out of our control.

Moreover, there are some kinds of manifestations that seem to be very difficult like something appearing out of nowhere, or teleporting that would be an instant manifestation through space (places factor), and that really challenges our perception of reality and make us wonder if that could be something that we can do, or if there are things that we can and some others that not.

To answer those questions we have to understand the mechanics of the creation of our reality and then use it in our favor. Remember, without knowledge, we can only try, but with it, we can really do our instant manifestation.

2 How can be possible? 

2.1 The Mechanics of our reality

For many years the man conceived himself like separated from the outside world. The world around him was merely material and worked as an independent machine with its own rules that most of the time cannot be altered. The predominant physics and biology theories like Newton’s, Descartes’ and Darwin’s, ruled our perception for many years, in its vision of the reality the world was cold, lonely, and bleak because it had no purpose and all the gear of the reality could exist with or without us, there was no cooperation and all was disconnected pieces trying to survive by the law of the fittest and the strongest.custom keto diet

And although all these theories could predict movements or help to study certain phenomena they failed to give answers to the most fundamental mysteries of life like how works our memory, how a simple cell can create an animal, or a human, what happens with us after death and much more.

But everything began to change at the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of Quantum Physics. This new framework was telling us that even those things that we have perceived as solid, were not solid at all, that at the lowest level they were something moldable, waves of probabilities, and the most strange of all this was the idea that these waves change their behavior depending on whether they are observed or not. We can realize this through the double-slit experiment where an electron “decides” to act differently if it was observed as if it was aware of the presence of an observer.


With Quantum Physics suddenly we were at the heart of all the phenomena because the scientists of this theory discovered that our relationship with the matter was more profound than we had been told. All the particles at the quantum level existed in a potential state open to all possibilities… until we alter them by different ways of interaction including the mere act of observing. But don’t get confused, we are not an external observer separated from the thing we observe, instead, all our reality is like a giant ocean of matter, energy, and information, a quantum field where there is an infinite and constant flow of interactions, and all we are interconnected.

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2.2 Our Internal “Anatomy” for Manifestation

We as humans have an internal anatomy for manifestation and we have to know it and how it works in order to use it, it is like first know the parts of a car and then what they do in order to drive it. Well, here to simplify things, we are going to talk about the three beings in ourself that construct all our reality, and I’m sure you have heard about them already:

the three selves for manifestation

  • The conscious mind
  • The subconscious mind
  • The superconscious mind

That’s not new right? but the thing with these concepts is that most of the time people don’t understand how they work with each other, how they communicate between them, and therefore what do we have to do to lead all that machinery inside us.

The most important facts that you have to know about this structure inside you are these 3:

  1. The Superconscious is the King of Manifestation
  2. Only the Subconscious mind has access to the Superconscious mind. That’s right buddies, if you don´t have the good graces of the subconscious then your desire is going to be on the trash.
  3. Once the subconscious agrees to communicate with the Superconscious then the petition or prayer has to have “Energy” (for example what Huna called Mana) in order to be transmitted and heard.

Seeing these three facts we can have an idea of what works to achieve an Instant Manifestation and what not. For example, we can deduct that:

  • Our main goal is to work with the subconscious first
  • We can have better results with our affirmations, prayers, or desires if we prepare our subconscious to accept them.
  • We have to increase the level of acceptance by the subconscious for a certain goal we have if want to manifest faster.
  • Once we have the acceptance then we need to add energy to our desire.

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2.3 How to increase our level of Acceptance and Bring Energy to our desires

To increase our level of acceptance in our subconscious mind we need two things:

  1. Use the language of our subconscious to influence it
  2. Have a record of our victories to remind them and make them grow.

2.3.1 Our Subconscious mind prefers this kind of language:

  • Relaxation and subliminal messages (Hypnotherapy)
  • Music
  • Symbols
  • Habits, Rituals, and Ceremonies 

This is why is important to have some tools to reach our subconscious, for example, a few audios for special programming, hypnotherapy, meditations, etc. Of course, it is important that these tools are made by experts that know what are they doing to help us to influence our subconscious in a positive manner. Here you have a brief list of professional tools that you can use, made by experts in the manifestation field:

2.3.2 Add Energy or Mana to our prayers or desires.

According to the ancient Huna knowledge our three selves use Energy to do their functions, this energy is called Mana and can be compared to the Prana, Manna, or Qi from different cultures. 

Mana Energy

But in Huna knowledge each self has its own energy:

  • Low self or Subconscious mind: Mana (which is primarily created from food, water and air).
  • Middle Self or Conscious mind: it uses Manamana which is the energy that this mind transforms from basic mana to perform “The Power of Will” and can influence and lead the low self.
  • High Self or Superconscious mind: Mana Loa which is the energy from the low and middle self that is taken by the high self and transformed to operate in the physic plane.

In order to be heard by the high self if we pray we have to meet two requisites:

  1. Have the agreement of the subconscious.
  2. Have enough mana to reach the high self.

To gather mana can be as simple as inhale thinking that we gather mana from the environment and exhale thinking in transferring mana to ourselves. There are wide variations that can help us to collect mana and most of them imply the use of breathing and movement but you can use this simple exercise called Ha Breathing from Huna Wisdom and add it to your prayers to achieve more effectiveness in your manifestation:


3. Instant Manifestation Real Cases

3.1 Pachita’s surgeries Instant Manifestation of Organs and Health

Pachita was a Mexican healer who claimed to channel the spirit of the “little brother Cuahutemoc” (former Tlatoani or Mexican emperor), who helped her to heal people including the use of herbal compounds and surgeries that went beyond just prayers or energy since she used knives, and in fact, had interaction with the physical body, and people said that in several cases she materialized new organs for the patients.

Pachita’s surgeries were truly amazing. Witnesses claim to have seen true miracles, for example, the case of a patient who could not walk due to compression of a vertebra that had compromised the entire spine, for which conventional doctors had not wanted to operate, however, Pachita said that she would do the surgery.

What the witnesses saw there was incredible. Pachita used to practice the surgeries on a kitchen table and there she put the patient lying face down and with a knife, she made an incision and opening the wound he stopped the lips of the wound with maguey thorns and stopped the bleeding by talking to the blood, asking it to calm down and with her words, the blood stopped in the wound. She put her hand in and made an effort but she couldn’t the first time, but she put the knife in to pry and pulled out a vertebra!… the witnesses were stunned because in theory that shouldn’t be possible, since the spinal cord should have been cut and the person would be condemned not to walk again, but no, it was not. Pachita put the excised vertebra on a tray next to her, then she raised her hand and holding it up she said “vertebra” and, when the hand was opened, it had a new shiny vertebra which she placed where the previous one was and with the handle of the knife she pushed and adjusted the vertebra.

Of this and other surgeries, there were multiple witnesses whom she invited to accompany her during the operations, about which there is no scientist who could give an explanation. After adjusting the vertebra, he removed the maguey spines, closed the wound, and bandaged the man to later let him rest in the “recovery room” which was an adjoining room, after two hours the man was able to walk out slowly but walking.

(Source (in Spanish) Carlos Chacón:

More about Pachita:

Shamanic Journeying to heal and manifest what you want

3.2 Manifesting the ability to win the roulette.

I know about a school of ancient knowledge that teaches their students abilities like seeing the future, and that includes the ability to know the numbers that are going to be winners on the roulette in advance. This school is the RSE or Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, and besides the peculiarities of it, the most important are the results. 

Some of their students claim that they can see the information coming on the infrared plane and that they see the numbers before they come to reality on the roulette, also they can see the next number and figure from a deck of cards and they even have recorded their results… yeah instant manifestation right?. Well, the reality is that most of them spent many hours of discipline before they can do this kind of things, but the good news is that is not something unreachable, by the contrary they say everybody can do it, and one of them even has a youtube channel where they record all their achievements and another one has a book about it with all the information and instruction to develop the same abilities by yourself, the book is called “A student’s tale” and you can buy it from Amazon:
A Student’s Tale: A Journey Of Discovery

Demonstration they can see the roulette numbers:


4 Conclusions

I think that instant manifestation can be possible if we understand how our reality and mind work, how we have to make a team with our subconscious, and take responsibility for providing him with everything he needs for manifestation such as mana and also help him to broaden his level of acceptance.

If we do this with discipline and passion, I believe that it is possible to achieve the so much-desired instantaneous manifestations, which to many will seem like miracles or paranormal things, but which are nothing more than the fruit of having forged a strong path of communication with our higher self.

I hope this post has inspired you, either to know more about yourself, to practice more disciplines to manifest your dreams and/or to investigate more about the subject. Thanks for reading and if you like the post, please comment, share and smile!

With Love,

Stela Ahau


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