Ho’oponopono and Jesus Christ

ho'oponopono and Jesus Christ

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Interviewer: I’m trying to find a nice way to ask you, because a lot of people question how does Jesus as Christ or as a teacher fit into this or does he at all?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: I’ll tell you what is very important is Jesus is in a sense like you and I that we are creations of the divinity, so Jesus and I have the same father, so in a sense what we’re teaching is that you have the ability to go directly to the father, you have it, it’s innate in you, you were created that way, the only difference between us and plants and rocks is that the divinity gave us choice, so we can either do the father’s will or not, plants and animals don’t have that ability so the only question is whether the father and you are one, and it’s your choice, you know.

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Morrnah Simeona: I also think that people misunderstood when Jesus said “father and I are one” and he meant that the father is within his heart and they are one, but they felt he deserved a more lordly position but no, he just meant that every one of us like you is holy and the cameraman is holy, Dr. Hew Len is holy because he has the divinity in his heart and you can easily ask him.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Even the cameras and the chairs they all have every manifestation has that the Aumakua, the spiritual connection with the divinity, but we’re always connected, it’s the choice that we make consciously, we think we know better, we don’t ask the divinity, we give people our opinions as to how they can heal themselves but for me not, just for me it’s arrogance to say that we know how to heal somebody that the divinity created and we didn’t create that person.

Interviewer: Before we came in we were talking a little bit about the studio or anything that we’re involved with and that those can hold the spirit of whatever happened there before…

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Morrnah Simeona: the walls here and whatever it is in the chairs and even the camera remembers the conversation that was before, so this is all cleaned up.

Interviewer: And that’s a part of the teaching that you share on 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yes the teaching is that that it’s important to free everything so to come to this studio we need to free the studio or whatever went on before so that you and I and morning everyone can be free at the moment instead of being pulled by thought forms that other people left here so it’s clean and now we’re here it’s shielded we won’t get any interference from outside and we can just enjoy ourselves you know.

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