Dr Hew Len talks about Cleaning Projects and Angelic Kingdoms

dr ihaleakala hew len interview part 5 and 6


The Perfect alignment in Ho’oponopono and seeing others like Gods

Do you have an experience of times feeling like you’re in the groove like you’re in perfect alignment like there? Are there moments where…

    • Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: I never look for that, but there are times in which I experienced like absolute love for my friend here. That I can experience.
    • I have children, my grandchildren, which I do the cleaning because I want to make sure that I’m not attached in any way so that they can get the information directly from the divinity, not from me.
    • So I’m Just cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut all the time, and occasionally, when I get a call from my children, I have two daughters of 30 plus I could feel love for them. 

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When you’re saying cutting you’re talking cutting at the cords?

    • I’m talking about erasing memories and being that I experienced them as quotes judging them, how come they don’t do this, that, and they’re beautiful, my children, but my responsibility for them is to is to set them free from any grasp that I have under, which is memory like turning and grab them.

Would that include loving memories?

    • A memory is a memory, so It’s, a dead memory there’s no such thing like good memory.

So to set them free from memories, would be not to remember any of the past that you’ve ever had together?

    • Or to do at some point to see them as gods. 

Now you say “or” being they’re mutually exclusive,

    • Of course, because if I have – and you know – I’m going to be cleaning with them until the day I die, it’s just the way It is, I mean they’re there, I’m experiencing them, and I want to make sure I’m just cutting these times so that they get the information directly from the Divinity not from me.
    • Am I sure?  I’m never sure. I don’t know that well, I just keep cleaning.

The Experience of Wonder

You speak, or maybe it’s Joe Vitale that references in the book Zero Limits about the experience of wonder and the importance of the experience of wonder. Could you talk a little more about it? 

    • I’m more interested in the experience of freedom. 
    • It’s. Interesting because that question brings up that there was a chap that called himself a chap, who I gave a lecture, and he kept saying “now wait a minute, you don’t want us to be curious?”. That he said and I said well to be at zero you can be in “ooh”, but if you want to take care of then “oh be my guest”
    • It’s hard to put things down only because I am never certain If I’m inspired or not, and to be very honest, I don’t care. I’m just doing the cleaning, just non-stop, so I don’t have any intentions to, for example, people that call me, I used to do these things I don’t do anymore.
    • Like there’s a young man in Hawaii, who was having a very difficult time. People don’t like him. He’s not doing well at school, and so I really mean doing the cleaning. What’s going on in me that this is showing up?, and then she asked how to help him, and I had to remind her you’re, not helping him. It’s only about you. What’s going on in you that you’re experiencing that way? 

Does Dr Hewn Len take individual clients?

    • I used to maybe 20 years ago, but not anymore, yeah better, that they should learn how to do it on their own huh? put us out of business. We can be vacationing here in Monterey or any other place in the world

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I’m curious. What in you is creating your commitment to such a rigorous teaching schedule? 

    • Somebody asked me that, but they asked me in a different way. This is the way they asked me: how did you come around to doing this? and I said I don’t know: life is a mystery and I just happened to be here in this moment and there are all the forces and I have no idea how these forces brought me here, But I’m clear I’m here to clean with you, the chair, the board, this guy, the camera, that seniors gonna get on the internet and get on and gonna get on, shows and the shows are all generated the whole. Well, that you know that right, your cell phone, you know what the source, the power of that cell phone is? oil. Without the oil you guys couldn’t generate a cell phone. Look back! So I’m cleaning with that. The rate with Mother Earth, I’m cleaning on mother earth but we can’t help it.

How can we help mother earth with Ho’oponopono?

    • So I have to remind myself: nobody can help it. Everybody’s stuck in programs, and so if somebody’s got to get to the claim I’m willing to do it. Marvin is willing to do it and more and more people around the world are willing to do it.

You have, I guess the answer. I was looking to do that last question, as I have implied the possibility that you had the hope that many people would be doing this work and that we might change the consciousness

    • If nobody’s showing up I would do it anyway, 

But would it not be your hope or maybe you don’t hope that’s the thing

    • Don’t you think that’s a form of manipulation?. 

I’ve thought that

    • Well, I think it is, I can work on that, I want to get to zero so that the people who are divinely correct to come will come.


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Marketing and Promotion in Ho’oponopono

    • I’m not, I’m not here to promote anything. I mean at least I’m not intending to do it, I’m not conscious. I’m Sorry I may be. I think it’s a disservice to people to promote something and then have them come when for them divine way is not correct to be wherever there is.

In other words, promotion speaks to their memories 

    • yeah 

And stimulates their memories 

    • yeah, 

But can promotion also speak to them as.. and stir them to want to erase it? 

    • If I clean let’s say I clean and seven, or there are eight billion people out there.
    • If I clean – and I get myself back to Zero even for an instant everybody – will get back to zero, then it’s the divine in them that will choose to do it or not to do it, not not some promotion on my part, or some manipulation on my part 

And the book that Joe Vitale wrote about you or with you is that a manipulation? Is that? How do you see the book? 

    • Well, it depends on what page you’re on. 

But how do you feel about it?

    • Well, but I cleaned before and so like with you He had asked me for months and months and months if I would do a book with him and I did the cleaning I said no, no, no, just like with you guys and at some point I heard yes so I did it. You know. I’m responsible for every point in every letter in the book, so there are people who will ask me certain things and I have not read all of the book myself
    • My own sense is He’s a nice guy and he shows up for me to clean and I clean and I heard do it and so sometimes somebody will ask me, like you asked me well what does Joe Vitale think about it? I said you have to talk Buddha I cannot speak for him

Do the inanimate Things have a consciousness?

If we have a subconscious now, then that’s where memories are stored and then people say it’s, the physical body, that is the subconscious. What about a chair? What about what we would not maybe call an inanimate object that does not have a subconscious. Where does it store its memory? 

    • It does have a… This thing is alive! this thing is telling me all the people that sat here. This thing is telling me where this timber came from, it’s talking as it does, I’m just doing the cleaning, so this chair, like you, had that three selves, it has had a super conscious, conscious or subconscious, or it isn’t… there’s no such thing as an inanimate thing. If, for example, you can talk to the camera, you can say to the camera, (how many cameras do you have Ali?), so you can say to the camera? Well, we’re going to tape this guy Hew Len so can you take care about that? You talk to the camera, but the camera is “bzzzzz”
    • So I said to the cameraman: do you know the cleaning?  I did the cleaning and he said well,  let’s do the cleaning for it. So he does a cleaning and maybe the camera will change his mind. 

How to clean on Projects with Ho’oponopono

So when photographers say the camera loves you, they’re speaking more than they know?

    • Absolutely.
    • if I had to show you how goofy this thing can be… I had a friend of mine who married a guy who wasn’t doing very well in the construction business and then went like 40,000 He made and then maybe three years later after she married, he made three million.
    • But she knew that her job was to work on all of the projects and talk to all of the projects, and so one day he was having trouble… I think putting up a scaffold or something, and so she did the cleaning and she heard the nails “we just can’t get along”, can’t get along, so you can’t get nails even Get along then you can’t even pull up a scaffold, you know the scaffold won’t work.

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What about Talking to the things that surround us?

    • So the idea is, you have to be able to talk to everything, give them ready like little children. You have to say: okay here we’re starting a new project, here’s the address here, and then you begin the foundation, you begin the cleaning right away and then the right subcontractors will show up. I mean the right banking will show up the right whatever.
    • Everything is life, so everything has the three selves.

 I’ve seen the kind of process that happens, that you’re describing where everything just drops into alignment within a plan. But how is it, would you encourage everyone to learn to have the facility that you have talking to furniture and talking to a plan and talk all the forces that go into making something working?

    • forever shows up over the weekend and that this lecture, I’m going to do that probably not done yeah, but I’m not going to tell the rest of you come on come on: I’m going to tell you about it. You could really… that’s, um, that’s an imposition, 

it ‘s not a gift?.

    • It’s an imposition. Now my job is to do my cleaning and then, by doing my cleaning and getting back to zero, everybody will get back to zero.
    • I’m passing by. I’m not perfect. I’m here and then people show up because they would like to… However they heard it and they would like to know more on what to do because I get more people to clean.
    • Then I’m gonna have more enlightenment huh?, as opposed like my life, all my children say dad your lights out.  I said Thank you.

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Other certain activities that you engage in life that help you to get to zero.? More than others

    • Yeah, eating clean foods, drinking liquids that are cleaning, plants, having plants in your environment that clean it 

When you are doing cleaning, are you going into an altered state of consciousness?

Or you’re just doing it from your conscious mind and trusting that…

    • Well, I’m hoping I’m doing it consciously, but I’m hoping I talked to my subconscious, who is a computer bank, That he is content and has heard me enough. I fell in love with it and have said and asked it, please help me with the cleaning, and so I downloaded every information that I know about the cleaning, and so my subconscious knows it and it will do the cleaning

So are there any guides or angels that help one with cleaning.?

    • If you eat blueberries. For example, blueberries erase memories and open up angelic kingdoms. 

Could you speak to us a little about angelic kingdoms? 

    • Um? What would you like to know? 

Are there levels to them? Do they interact with you? 

    • I don’t know those things. I won’t go that route. All I know is one day I was cleaning years ago and angels said want to try blueberries?. I said Okay and I said well, what do you see? I said, Well, I could see the angelic Kingdom and then that was it.
    • The discussion ended. I didn’t hear where there were the levels or the structure. I didn’t hear anything about it.

Do you mean like nature spirits when you speak of angels?

    • I don’t know what that is.

Like the people say, there are little people that are guardians of plants and the earth.

    • I’m talking about the angelic kingdom. Other universes, other dimensions that open up, stretch open.one blueberry stretches, and your mind goes “wow” a while, yeah and you may not be conscious of that, The 11 billion for which you’re not conscious.

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Blueberries and Ho’oponopono

And it’s different with blackberries than blueberries?

    • I don’t know about black berries. I know blueberries. 

Strawberries and Ho’oponopono

    • I know strawberries, I think, strawberries for example strawberries deal with women’s hatred from men, lots there, you know.

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