Dr. Hew Len talks about Adam and Eve and the previous version of Ho’oponopono

ho'oponopono previous version

The Story about Adam and Eve and women’s hatred for men

I forgot all about that. Why did you tell us a little bit about women’s hatred for men?

Well, I’m gonna go back to a story and the story is probably like similar stories across cultures. So anyway, this is a Los Angeles story, so divinity said hello, heaven on earth, and I have this experience, yeah wow… then divinity said you see that tree over there?

That’s the tree of knowledge, I wouldn’t eat that stuff. You see that Apple, I wouldn’t eat it, because you don’t need it. You’re. Already perfect, well maybe zillions of times an idea came and said oh come on, we got to eat that because I think he’s keeping a secret from us and then along comes the so-called serpent part of us. 

Finally, they eat it and then God comes along and he in his law and then he said “ there’s a different vibration in this” and Adam says what? What does Adam say? Adam said, “she made me do it, she made me do it”. And that’s the story of women, abused and neglected, because of that “she made me: do it”. Women end up for example, with menopause rage, rage, the kind of stuff that can be prevented, but that’s rage.


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Menopause is Rage?


I thought I just saw that. Rage can be prevented by cleaning oh yeah it could. It could be worked on, but it’s better to work on it before than wait till towards the end. 

 you mean the cessation of menses is rage? or the symptoms are the rage coming up?.

Yes, rage.

The hot flashes?

Yeah, that’s rage.  It isn’t quite natural: it’s not a natural speed. I can’t imagine God would create somebody with great biology and then say “I’m gonna make you suffer”, I can’t imagine that so, where did it come from? Well came from “she made me do it”.

So we have a lot of Ho’oponopono to do

I would say a lot.

adam and eve ho'oponopono

So that Women’s rage towards men. What about men’s rage towards women?

 Wow, Let’s say you’re moving in a way that I would ask if I were a woman, what’s going on in me that brings this up instead of looking outside and saying Why did he do that to me? You should get your act together.

Yeah. One of the questions that cross my mind is: why is it that we have that degree of Rage towards each other? 

You’re speaking data.

You can you’re, engage yeah, you’re wrapping yourself… as opposed you can’t let it go. I love you. Thank you. Whatever you can find love, but we have an addiction that the conviction is so intense that we grab see? Have you ever read Chaikov the Russian author? That’s the theme in all of his stories, how? why? Why did they cut down on that for? Why are they doing it? Why? Why is it that we can’t get along? Why is it that we suffer? when if we were friends, everybody would profit from them? Well, the why is old data playing that is stuck us and if you grab it as the Greeks do, we’re gonna analyze it like I was paying when I got a Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. You’re gonna grab it and try to make sense of it. You can’t, 11 million of you are clueless, and so the idea is: Jesus and Moses, all these great sages come and say hello! Let’s go. 

So, Have you set aside your analytical processes? 

No, I mean I’m still here, what you’re talking about? If I would do that you wouldn’t be here either.

If you were going to ask you a really rich question, what question would you ask yourself?

 Who am I?

And how would you answer? 

I am infinitely zero. I am an exact copy of the source, but infant. I am an exact copy.

That means I’m perfect in every way. My problem is not me, my problem is the data in me.

Are you an individuated perfection? 

What does that mean? 

Do we have any individuated aspects? 

One more time. 

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Did God create us individually? 

Yeah, of course, yeah, God created you and you’re different from her. Your heart rhythm is very different from ours. That’s a little bit different from the chair.

So even at zero limits? I still have a rhythm that is unique?.

Absolutely and you have a rhythm for which then you have a certain purpose for which only you can fulfill and if you don’t fulfill it then we’re all stuck yeah, but each of us like Marvin and me this chair, we’ve come, we have been given the gift of this lifetime to take ourselves back. What Shakespeare said, “to thine own self be true”. 

And who are we? We are like an exact likeness of the divine which is worth zero-incident, in my own way, nothing, my mother, used to say that to me, when I used to go, serve it and come home late, nothing, you’re nothing! Now I realize, Wow my mother has that inside and taught me that, after 70 years I get it.


What about the Previous Version of Ho’oponopono?

I know that this is a revised version of Ho’oponopono that you work with, and I’m wondering whether or not, the method that existed – and I have a small familiarity with the previous version of it.

Tell me what the previous version is?

Check the post: “History of Ho’oponopono”

My understanding of it is that a group of people would get together if there were misunderstandings among them, and there would be a person standing in as a facilitator, and it would depend on the…

Well more like a guard.

Ok the guard makes sure that is a smooth process as it unfolded so the people come and have some kind of guide. In some workshops that I have taken that have been about Huna…

There is no such thing as Huna.

Oh there is not?

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No, that’s made by some white person but go ahead, I’m sorry.

I was wondering if, in the previous version, the earlier version of Ho’oponopono before Hawaii was infiltrated by foreigners, If you think that perhaps things were different, then well, if a society evolved, that was perhaps more enlightened.

You’re looking, we look across the culture, across all the cultures in this great village called mankind. You will find only two models and one model is very rare, in that model you have to talk with a guru to get to the top of the divinity right. But in this one, you can talk directly, you don’t need a guru, you don’t need a coach, you get it, you don’t need a master. You don’t need any of those.

If I’m angry with him, I don’t need him because the anger is in me. So why would I do so the other way? so the thing I liked about this when I heard about it twenty-something years ago, wow it’s just my own stuff and I can go directly to the divinity who can erase it, you know?

So Ho’oponopono that we teach is you’re on your own, but you got a good coach, called God yeah. You can talk directly and only that force in you can erase, there’s no guru, there’s no master! No Pope there’s nobody can erase, only the divinity, and you can do that. So why should I go with someone in between? a wholesaler… (laughs).

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