Divorce fear – past life story and regression

Divorce fear - past life story and regression

This clients wants to divorce her husband of many years but feels guilty. As if she owes him something.
In her past life regression session she saw herself as his servant, teaching his kids.
It ended badly and she felt it was her fault. If past life regression, soul mates, reincarnation and spiritual concepts are your thing, this the channel for you!
Here you will get short, to the point, practical knowledge and tools to apply in our 3D reality.

If you are on the spiritual path and looking for answers, this is the place for you!

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(Reincarnation, Past life regression story by Orly Avara). My client has been married for more than a decade and they still have some feeling towards each other and they live under the same roof, but she knows it is time to go separate ways. The reason she called me is because she feels there is some fear or some guilt as if she owes him something.

So I ask her to close her eyes and relax and allow the memories to come up to the surface. She described herself as a young girl. Maybe 25 in a street in england in the 1800s, is wearing a handkerchief and she is waiting in the street and she is a bit anxious and fearful and she is waiting for a guy who comes on a horse, not a white one, a brown one and he does not even Go off the horse to her living.

He just looks at her, looks down at her and says it is over between us and she is devastated. So I asked her to explain her relationship to this guy, so she is the teacher to his kids he is wealthy he is married and she is the teacher and she lives with her mom sickly, elderly, demanding mom in a small place, and she goes to work every day.

So what was she talking about it is over? Besides being her his kids uh teacher, they also have a weird relationship. He is using her as a psychologist of sorts. He allows himself to be weak and childlike in her presence.

He tells her things and he cries like a child, and he expects her to comfort her comfort him as a mom would do, and she likes that in a way she thinks it gives her value gives her purpose. She feels she is helping him so and also he was trying to touch her a few times.

Nothing serious. There was never a kiss or sex, but he would attempt a few times. Although he is married and this been going on for three years and at the scene in the street, he just fired her, so she goes back to her mom, who is not very nice and then she is very sad, it is hard for her to get a job.

And finally, she gets a job at somebody else s palace and she is scrubbing the floors breaking her back and she is miserable at the age of 30. She goes back home. She trips in the street, breaks her back and dies so ask her to get out of the body.

Have hover above the scene in the street and tell us what she is thinking what is going on and she said she feels guilty because she lost the first job and she um sort of offended him. So ask her to go back and tell us the reason he fired her.

So she said they were doing the usual things he is crying and you know she is mothering him in a way and then they notified her that her mother fell and needed her help. So she asked permission to go and he said no you are mine and it is quite a hard decision, your own mom or your boss, and she chose her mom and then he asked to meet her in the street and he fired her.

Now. She really liked her job with the kids she is very good at it she is funny. She makes learning fun, the kids love her and they learn quickly. She really enjoys that, but she just lost it all, because she prioritized her mom s health and well being.

So that was the summary in the hovering above the body in the street that we saw to do some healings healing. I asked her to choose an option: an alternative, a potential that was there in this lifetime, and if we had to choose that in england the outcome would be different.

The subconscious mind is very interesting and it does not have time it lives in an eternal present time like children. Do you tell them in five minutes or in an hour they dont have a clue. They just live here in the now.

So the subconscious is the same way, so it doesnt really know that this was in the past. This is the future. Everything is now so when you choose an alternative that was there and you activate it, it will be registered in the subconscious as if this is true.

So she went back in time and there was an option for her to become a teacher, a school teacher. She loves kids, she loves teaching and she is very good at it anyways. So she became a very beloved teacher by the parents and the staff and the kids.

She got her on apartment away from her demanding, and this respectful mother life was totally totally different. Different full of life and joy and being in her passion and her purpose. I asked her to go all the way to the dead scene and she saw herself at 50 in her house dying of an illness.

Ask her to get out hover above the scene and tell us what what she feels, what she thinks and she said it was amazing. She loved it so much. She didnt even care that she wasnt married or did not have kids of her own because she had 40 of them in the classroom and she felt very achieved and worth unlike the maids made before and she felt was a life worth living.

I asked her to take a few deep breaths and identify the characters who are the characters in the past life, and she said that the two kids, the wealthy men s kids, are her kids today. The angry mother is the mother in law today and the rich guy.

Of course, that is her husband and that is why today she has um respect for him as if she is from a lower class and also she is a bit fearful as if she owes him something. So she cannot just leave him. Another thing i ask her is to dig deeper into their relationship in the past life.

These two and she said her mother used to be the nanny of the wealthy guy and there are about  i dont know five years difference in age and her mom and her lived in the castle. So they sort of grew up together and he made her feel good.

He would play with her and would give her a flower. He was five years older, so there was some connection there. It iS not really love, she didnt say it was love, but they had fun and respect and liking, and then, when he hired her as the um, the teacher she felt as if she owes him so living today.

Divorcing made her feel guilty like he actually supported her and his family supported her mom. So there is a lot of guilt there thinking today that she should leave him behind and just go, do her thing not to mention fearful of the consequences just like in england.

So we did some more energetic healing and i woke her up. Of course she was shocked to realize that she was the maid of her husband and a few years, a few days later, when i checked on her, she said she feels much better.

She feels stronger. She thinks itis the right decision and she has the strength to go through it. She feels as if they are more equal today than she felt before and she is, not afraid of his anger or she doesnt feel guilty for leaving they have done it again.

She paid her dues and it’s time to start a new life, so i wished her well on her journey, because divorcing can be a journey and i was glad that today is a new page. Unlike the uh made, and the royal past life story until next time.


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