Dr Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru about vaccines

deepak chopra sadhguru vaccines

In this brief interview, Sadhguru begins talking about how we don’t know much about this virus, we don’t know what is really the process behind it and how many scientists had talked about what was going to happen with our immunity and microbiome.

Dr. Chopra then mentions that 30% of our microbiome has disappeared pointing out that the key is our immune system and our interaction with the microbiome, because if we don’t pay attention to this then the problem is infinite since several mutations of the virus can emerge and we will need more and more versions of vaccines.

“Since our species–and all of life–has existed on earth, we have been in the company of microbes: microbes reside in our intestines, on our skin, and in the environments we live in. These bugs have at times been opportunistic pathogens, preying on the vulnerabilities of individuals and populations, but they have more frequently been some of our oldest evolutionary friends. The trouble is, the microbiota as we’ve known it is disappearing”. – Dr Martin Blaser.

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Also, Sadhguru talks about how the media has made this problem even bigger in our minds, because all the time we have news, videos, and social media talking about this, and maybe in other times, our minds could be less focused on that, creating less stress and panic. But now with all globalism, the virus has become “larger than life”.

And he also remarks that we have to recognize that our interaction with viruses and bacteria is very important for human life and it is not always something that is all about fear, for example, there is research that ways that one hundred million years ago the placenta evolution emerged because of a virus infection

“Once a viral protein, the virus essentially morphed or evolved into what we now know as syncytin. This protein gives baby the ability to fuse cells into a wall  — the placenta — that connects mom and baby but also keeps them separate” 

“This virus helped that mammalian ancestor survive better by giving it a better placenta, then this piece of DNA would have been passed on to the [next] generation and eventually spread into the population,” Chuong said. “And this process we think of as a molecular domestication of an ancient retrovirus element. And this retroviral element continues to be important for placental development in modern humans.”. From this article

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This idea of the importance of our body with microorganisms is reinforced by Dr, Chopra who remember us that the genetic information that we have is 95-99% bacteria and microorganisms, “we are the awakening of virus and bacteria consciousness”. And this can very important to our health that a new branch of medicine is emerging “microbial medicine” which postulates that many diseases can be identified as disequilibrium of bugs in our body.

“In a diseased state there could be bugs missing, for example, the concept is to reintroduce those.”

Dr Lawley says there’s growing evidence that repairing someone’s microbiome “can actually lead to remission” in diseases such as ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disease.

And he added: “I think for a lot of diseases we study it’s going to be defined mixtures of bugs, maybe 10 or 15 that are going into a patient.”

Microbial medicine is in its early stages, but some researchers think that monitoring our microbiome will soon become a daily event that provides a brown goldmine of information about our health. – From this article

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We depend on this interaction to survive, this is so important that even when there is a cesarean the obstetrician put some of the vaginal secretions on the baby to “seed a healthy microbiome” on the baby

The procedure, known as “vaginal seeding,” is designed to help babies develop healthy microbiomes — the collection of friendly bacteria that inhabit every person’s body. Some people call it a “bacterial baptism.” From this Article

So we have to take into count that maybe the real problem in our health is that our microbiome is being destroyed by exaggerated hygiene habits, the excessive use of antibiotics and drugs, and also our diet which can be crucial to support a good or bad microbiome in our bodies. Dr. Chopra even mention that a bad microbiome can create “acute inflamatory storms in the body, so the inflammation goes out of control”, and all this can be correlated with stress, panic, worries, mental agitation, etc, and this can be found also in research about the morbidity of the virus, where we can find that is more in the present of this factors that can lead to an overdrive of the sympathetic nervous system, he concludes that “we need more than a simplistic vaccine solution”.

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