3 Carb Timing Tips for Quick Fat Loss

carb timing tips for fast fat loss

Let’s talk about carb timing for rapid fat loss so we’re gonna discuss the good, better, and the best carb timing techniques so that you can eat lots of your favorite carbohydrates, then never store them as fat. Yes, you can eat rice and potatoes or bananas and all your favorite carbs without storing them as fat, in fact when you know how to eat carbs the right way you can actually accelerate your fat loss because you manipulate and you spike critical fat-burning hormones that are suppressed from low carb diets.

1. Consume carbs in the morning is Good

So the first in good time to consume carbohydrates is in the morning, now if you like to do intermittent fast then this might not be for you, I personally don’t like eating my carbs in the morning but if you like eating your carbs in the morning have at it, I just recommend that you work out first if possible because research does show that our insulin sensitivity is highest when we wake up in the morning and because it’s high that means our body’s going to utilize the carbohydrate so I just recommend that you make clean choices and monitor your exercise hours closely.

2. Consume carbs before exercise is better

A better time to consume carbohydrates is going to be about three to five hours before exercise so what ends up happening is if you eat directly before exercise that is a healthy choice and it can potentially give you decent energy during that workout but if you’ve eaten you’ve raised insulin levels and when insulin is elevated your body can’t burn fat during the workout so although you might have great energy levels you’re not gonna burn belly fat so the key is to eat a carbohydrate with a protein source and a fresh veggie or a little bit of friendly fat three to five hours before exercise.

Now when you do this you’re giving your muscles and liver glycogen or energy from the carbs you eaten for the workout but you’re waiting three to five hours afterwards so you’re given insulin a chance to get lower and lower and  lower so that as you enter the workout now you have energy from this meal that you’ve eaten but your insulin levels are low enough to keep your body  in a fat-burning environment.

3. The best time to consume carbs is post-training

Now the final best time to consume carbohydrates it’s going to be post weight training or strength training or bodyweight training remember after you workout your muscles are almost like a sponge that’s been wrung dry so now your metabolisms is elevated and your muscles are starving for energy so what ends up happening is if you consume your largest carb serving of the day within one to three hours after weight training your muscles want to suck up those carbohydrates and store them inside the muscle to the liver to use at a later time so this is the three best times to eat carbohydrates.

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