Heart – Brain Coherence. The key to know the meaning to be human

heart brain coherence

In this post, we are gonna see how we are the only living being that has the capacity to create coherence between our brain and heart and do it by choice, but to understand how fascinating is this we are going first to look at the new scientific discoveries to help our minds to understand what our hearts probably already sense. They help our minds to understand number one, that this is no ordinary time in the history of our world and it’s not our world is changing, or is it ever-changing? and also the discoveries help us understand why we are literally made for times just like this. We are wired, literally wired. I’m going to show you here in just a moment.

heart brain coherence

Our neurons, our biology, is made to adapt and not just survive, but to thrive in times just like we’re having right now, and this is the beauty of what is occurring in our lives and our world right now, because, as we find ourselves faced with a world that is unlike the world that we’ve seen in the past, it means we’ve got to think and live differently, perhaps more so than we ever have in our lives, and it is that difference in thinking and living that catapults us into the highest levels of our own mastery into the highest levels of our extraordinary potential that lives within us is a biology that we’re only beginning to understand.

What truly means to be human

Do we even know what it truly means to be human? Have we had the opportunity in our lifetimes to fully express our humanness? How can you answer those questions until you understand the potential that lives within you and what that humanness actually means, and this is something that simply is not being shared in the mainstream.

So I want to talk to you about things that are not shared in the mainstream classrooms. They’re not shared in the mainstream textbooks they are based in peer-reviewed science, and these are the very discoveries that help us to find the deepest levels of mastery in our lives and not surprisingly some of that mastery comes from the wisdom of our past, like from the temples in the underground chambers and the monasteries, the highlands of central China and Tibetan all through the Andes mountains of Bolivia and Peru, India and Nepal, all through the American desert southwest and Australia and Africa. Just some of the most amazing places that preserve wisdom from their time that directly applies to what’s happening in our lives. 


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Ancient but Actual Wisdom

Right now is the wisdom old? Absolutely you bet the wisdom is old. Is it obsolete? Absolutely not, our ancestors may not have been scientists in the way that we think of science today, but they understood our relationship to our own bodies to one another to the earth, to the cosmos to the past to the future.

They understood that we are the only form of life with the ability to self-regulate, our biology. That is a huge statement for me to make for you. I’m gonna look you right in the eye. You are the only form of life that we know of today with the ability to consciously sit down in a moment in time and choose at that moment to self-regulate your biology to awaken a powerful immune response on demand, because you choose, wow! who doesn’t want a powerful immune response in a pandemic world?

In the world of all these difficult experiences with diseases, you’re the only form of life that has the ability to consciously awaken powerful states, deep states of intuition, and access your subconscious. When you choose on-demand at will, you’re the only form of life that can awaken the enzymes that support longevity in the cells of your body and it’s not just about living a long time.

If you’re living for a long time, it means you are healing. As you’re living, it means you are regenerating in your cells. It means you’re rejuvenating in your cells. You’re the only form of life that can choose to create deeper states of resilience within you in response to what’s happening in the world around you and you’re the only form of life that has the ability to choose to create an emotion because you choose that emotion rather than waiting on the world around you. 

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Emotions and Genes

To give you a reason to have the emotion now think about that we’re conditioned to react to what happens in our outer world and that’s the way we typically think of emotions, but every time you have an emotion, each emotion that you have is a shift in the chemistry in your body, and there are some emotions that will upregulate the DNA upregulate the genes in your body that make you healthier and awaken that longevity and there’s some emotions that do just the opposite. 

We all know that we are the only form of life. You’re the only form of life with the ability to awaken those emotions and create them because you choose – and we’re going to do some of this in this post.

So all of this I’m Saying because we are living a rare and precious moment in the history of our planet in the history of our civilization. No generation has ever seen in 5, 000 years of recorded human history what you and I are seeing and witnessing and experiencing right now, the question is, why are we experiencing it? and, as we said earlier, what can we do to make life better for ourselves? I’m going to answer the first question first and I’m going to share with you three very powerful discoveries that answer that second question. 

human potential

Why is all this happening in the world?

First question: why is this happening? You know, to someone who is not aware of cycles of history and time it appears as if things are just coming unraveled for no apparent reason as if the structure of the world is just falling apart for no apparent reason.

Our ancestors looked at things very differently. They took a big view of the universe, they took a big view of our planet and of our lifetimes, and they thought in terms of large scales of time and cycles and rhythms that repeat within those large scales of time.

What we know right now is that we’re living a rare convergence of three cycles. Climate cycles, you’re certainly aware of that. These are natural rhythms. They would be happening whether we’re on this planet or not.

Obviously, we’re contributing to some of them, but if there were no humans, the ice cores on the poles, Greenland, and our Antarctica tell us that climate change was happening before humans ever appeared on earth 200 000 years ago. Well, that would be enough to change the way we think and live if that’s all that were happening, but it’s not, economic cycles, cycles of innovation, rhythms of understanding and discovery in innovation.

They don’t just happen spontaneously. There are very, very specific rhythms and we are in the convergence of an economic and an innovation cycle that goes back hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.

Those two things together: innovation in the economy and climate – that’d be enough to change the way we live. There’s a third cycle. It’s a very, very powerful cycle, and it can be a frightening cycle or it can be a joyous cycle of human conflict.

Human conflict is not spontaneous. It’s not random. It actually is very, very closely correlated with the rise and the fall of the magnetic fields of our nearest star of our sun as they influence the magnetic fields of the earth.

I’ll just give you the quick formula when the magnetic fields are strong, we are more cooperative, we are less aggressive, we are more willing to work together to solve our problems when the magnetic fields are weak it’s the opposite of all of that, and I’m saying this to you right now, because 2020, the year 2020 marks the height of the weakest magnetic field in this particular cycle that we’re, seeing right now.

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The magnetic fields influence what is called social coherence. It influences, as I said, our willingness to work together to solve our problems or the degree of aggressiveness that we find and it’s not just between nations and it’s not just in our community out there outside of our homes, this happens within our own homes. This is with the people that we are sharing our lives with most closely: our partners, our spouses, our children, the people we work with, our colleagues, people we go to school with, but even more important it’s happening within you and me. 

It’s our ability to cooperate with ourselves, our ability to embrace our deepest power, the extraordinary potential that so many people are often frightened of is the very power that we are being asked to bring forward so that we can heal and thrive in this time of extremes.

So I’m going to make the statement.: We are living a time of extremes. It is intense. It’s brief. It doesn’t go on and on and on it’s because these cycles are converging all right. We’re living a time of extremes and in the presence of these extremes, we have a choice.

We either cling to an idea of what we’ve known in the past, and this is where the suffering comes from. Because if your heart and your mind and your psyche are filled with the images and the expectations of everything that you’ve known and that’s been familiar in the past, where is the room for all the beautiful new things that lie before us, the unknown that is still out there. Where is the room for that? 

If we are filled with the old with everything from the past and our greatest challenge is to bless our past, that has served us and to let it go without fully knowing what the future is going to look like.

It takes a really very powerful being to be where you are right now. I want to say something very, very quickly about this. People ask well how long is this going to last one of the examples from our ancestors, This is an example of an ancient system of timekeeping. Many of you will call this the Mayan calendar, but it is actually not the Mayan calendar. This is the Aztec calendar that depicts one aspect of the Mayan thinking in terms of time.

aztec calendar cycles of time

There is no single artifact that we know of today that depicts the entire Aztec cosmology that is so beautiful. It’s so complex it’s so accurate we didn’t know that until the 20th century, but here’s what I want you to see from this there’s a lot going on here beyond the scope of what we can cover, but what I want you to see is this is depicting what we’re seeing right here. You see these four squares there’s one, two, three, four. What the Mayans tell us is that we are living cycles within cycles.

four squares mayan calendar

We’re living one massive 25 to 26 000 year cycle. It’s called the pre-session of the equinoxes. It’s a big cycle. They broke it down into five sub-cycles each one about 5125 years that are called great world ages, and each of these boxes represents one of the great world ages of the past, the world ages that ended with fire.

One of them ended with uh wind, one of them ended with ice, and one of them ended with water geologically we can confirm that these events did occur in the past in the approximate time frames about 5 000 years apart.

So those are four of our world ages say well, where’s the fifth, the fifth is looking right at us: it’s the one in the center. This glyph is the glyph for the world age that we’re living in right now, the world age that actually completed on December 21st of the year 2012.

great fifth cycle mayan calendar

So people say well, you know what’s the big deal. I thought 2012 is over in 2012 December. The solstice summer, 21st 2012 marked the end of the cycle with an alignment as that solstice and with an alignment within our solar system, but a cycle that vast could never stop in a heartbeat-like that.

It’s not going to stop in a day. There is a buffer of time, a period of time that precedes December 21st 2012 and follows December 21st of the year 2012. It’s a 36-year, long buffer. It’s based on a formula; there’s a mathematical formula.

You apply this formula, I’ll give you the exact number. The exact number is .00702. You multiply zero, zero, seven, zero two times the length of the cycle, and it will tell you how long the buffer is for a five thousand one hundred and twenty-five year-long cycle, when you multiply that out, it’s about thirty-six years, eighteen years before 2012, 18 years after, 18 years after 2012, is the year 2030.

We are about 10 years away from the close of the shift that we’re seeing what some people call chaos but another way of thinking of the chaos is, it is actually giving way it is the system rearranging itself to give way to a higher order, so for some people, it may look like chaos if they’re clinging to the breakdown of the old and for other people, who are a little more fluid in their thinking, then we recognize that the world that served us, no longer fits in the world that we’re presented with, and so we let that go with grace so that we can embrace the new three new scientific discoveries show you precisely why you were made to embrace with grace precisely what it is that we’re being asked to do right now.

tunning forks jonathan goldman

Three Discoveries to Embrace the Change with Grace

I want to share those discoveries with you right now, so the key for us to thrive in our time of extremes is simply this. I’m going to invite you to bear this in mind as we go through his discoveries.

The key is that the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to deal with whatever life brings to our doorstep, the better you know yourself, the better equipped you are to deal with whatever happens in the world, the better you know yourself, the less.

You fear the unknown and perhaps most importantly, the better. You know yourself, the less you fear your own power and I think you’re going to see exactly what that means as we go through these discoveries.

1st Discovery 

So the first discovery would invite you to think about your body in a way that is probably very different from what you learned when you were a kid or what you were taught when you were in school. You know we tend to think of ourselves or we’re conditioned to think of ourselves as relatively vulnerable as weak as powerless. We’re taught that we need things outside of our bodies to help us to feel safe with what’s happening in the world, whether it’s our immune system.

You know that’s up for everybody. Right now, with a pandemic or whether it is longevity and aging you know whatever it is, I’m gonna offer you, I’m going to share with you a few discoveries that may help You to think a little bit differently about yourself and with that thinking.

What we do next will make tremendous sense, so the average adult has about 50 trillion cells in the body. A lot we can agree there’s a lot of cells, but approximately 50 trillion cells, now think about this: Every cell it’s more than just a little bag of salt water, and you know, DNA there’s a lot going on inside every cell in your body very, very complex, and we’re still understanding what that means, but each cell generates electrical potential.

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Every cell in your body generates about .07 volts of electrical potential and you say: well, you know that’s, that’s good to know, but .07 volts, that’s not very much, and you’re right until you multiply that .07 volts times 50 trillion cells. I’ll do it for you, because this is a deluxe post and I don’t want you to have to do the math, so here it is! Look at this:

.07 volts times about 50 trillion cells. You’re talking about 3.5 trillion volts of electrical potential inside of your body wow. What would it mean if you could harness that 3.5 trillion volts in direct, that toward deep states of healing deep states of accessing intuition knowledge of awakening? Your adult stem cells, what are called your ancestral stem cells of healing broken DNA, I mean think about the potential here now. It goes beyond that every cell in your body also functions as a transistor and a resistor, just like you used to see in the old-fashioned television sets and the old radios you know and some of the old computers when they first came out every cell in your body functions as a transistor and a resistor, what these components do is they massage information as it’s flowing through the system. 

Every cell in your body functions as a capacitor. It stores information and releases information that stores energy and releases energy.

At very very precise times, every cell in your body absorbs photons of light. You’re hearing a lot about photons. Now, every cell in your body absorbs this, is the fundamental stuff that the atom is made of, is photons.

Every cell in your body absorbs those photons of light. Every cell in your body emits photons of light. We have scanners. We can actually see this. You emit photons. You are a photon emitter. You’re a photon receiver, every cell in your body on the outside of your cells, are very special, very special functions that are called receptors and not only do they receive chemical signals, but they receive electrical signals.

They receive signals of information coming on many many spectrum mini bandwidths, so every cell of your body is an antenna that receives and broadcasts information, every cell in your body stores and retrieves information.

Just like a computer chip on the computer. That’s watching this right now, every cell in your body functions as a circuit called a gated circuit. It functions precisely the way that circuit works and you begin to say well it sounds like the cells of our body in here do all the things of the technology that we built out there, and I say to you that is precisely the point. 

There is a new philosophy that is emerging in some branches of the scientific community, and I’ll just share this briefly. The philosophy simply says that consciousness informs itself through its creations. The things that we build in the world around us are our collective consciousness, feeding our creative impulse so that we write the books, we create the music, we make the hollywood movies that reflect something that we are asking ourselves to remember about ourselves and if this principle applies, the same goes with our technology. 

The technology, the complex technology as complex as it is, but we have yet to see any Technology built in the world around us that does not mimic what you and I already do in the cells of our body, except our cells do it better. 

Our cells are more resilient, our cells have the ability to regulate themselves, and this is where I’m going with this whole thing. We are the technology. We are the technology that we’re, asking ourselves to build in the world around us.

technology inside us

We are that technology and we regulate our technology, you regulate all of that electrical potential and all the transistors and resistors capacitors, all of the antenna, all of the circuits, all of those things you self-regulate, when you choose to self-regulate through thought, feeling, emotion, breath and focus.

This is where ancient wisdom comes in, because our ancestors have left us the keys to do this. They didn’t call it science and they didn’t call themselves scientists. They just said this is how it works. Maybe you went with me to tibet or egypt or india or nepal, or into the andes of southern Peru, to work with the shaman, like you’re seeing here, these are the people that preserved the knowledge that’s how things work in the wisdom that’s how things are applied. They preserve the wisdom and the knowledge of the past for us today, so that, as we find ourselves in the time of extremes that was prophesied, it was predicted.

It was calculated almost universally what our ancestors said to us is when you reach deep within your being, you have not only everything you need not just to survive, but to thrive, to transcend to become the best version of yourself and build the best world possible.

In our time of extremes, and now I’m giving you some of the biology that helps to understand why that is so. Your highest form of mastery would be to claim the deepest expression of your humanness, and I think this is up for all of us right now.

It’s a choice. Now I’m going to go through this very quickly, where would you imagine that these extraordinary human abilities come from? I’ll just say right now. The best science of the modern world is now telling us that evolution is not the human story, as Darwin asked us to believe now.

And I believe in evolution. I’ve seen it in the fossil record for many forms of life plants, animals, insects, but the story breaks down when it comes to humans. I’m going to give you a couple of examples why I’ve read entire books so I’m just going to say where these abilities come from.

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Second Discovery

Science is now telling us this discovery number two. We now have the ability to extract DNA from the bone marrow of fossils that are believed to be our ancestors and what this says to us is that we now have the ability to compare our DNA with the DNA of those that we believed we have descended from, and the science is telling us is. We did not descend from those primitive forms of life.

What the science says is that we appeared on earth 200,000 years before present BP scientists agree on the date, no controversy there. Controversy is, how did we get here? We appeared fully enabled fully intact.


Just like we look today and the DNA tells us we haven’t changed. We have the same cranial capacity, the same body proportions. We have the same extraordinary potential today that we had when we arrived 200,000 years ago.

There were a series of mysterious genetic mutations that give us our humanness. I’m just going to show you one of them right now. Human chromosome number two is perhaps one of the most extraordinary, because what this mutation shows us is that two chromosomes were fused together. Two complete chromosomes refused to give us an even greater chromosome and after the fusion happened, there were changes.


There were modifications tweaking the genes. Some genes were added, some genes were taken away. Some genes were added and some genes were taken away.

This happened precisely when other mutations were happening in other chromosomes, giving us our abilities, our extraordinary abilities of complex speech of singing and the way that we express our thoughts and more and what scientists tell us is evolution cannot be responsible for these.

They happened relatively quickly, they happened at the same time. They did not happen slowly gradually over a long period of time. This leads science to what is called forbidden territory, because it suggests that there is an intentionality science is not equipped today to embrace intentionality when it comes to human origin, because that then implies a purpose.

But that is precisely what our ancestors have told us almost universally. Every indigenous tradition, the oral traditions passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, from mother, to daughter, from grandfather to grandchild, grandmother to grandchild.

They all tell us that we are the product of an intervention, a cosmic intervention that has imbued us with potential extraordinary potential that we’re only beginning to understand extra discovery. 

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Third Discovery 

Number three is one facet of that potential that I want to leave you with today. It was a discovery that was made in 1991. It was published in 1994. The discovery of over 40,000 specialized cells in the human heart now I say discovery they’ve always been there.

They were only recognized in 1991. These are sensory neurites. They’re essentially brain-like cells. They’re neurons, but they’re not in the cranial brain. They’re in the heart. They are an independent neural network.

They think they feel they learn. They remember. They sense, independently of the brain in our heads and our ability to access these neurons for deep states of intuition and healing is where the highest levels of your mastery are coming from.

And in addition to that, our ability to do something that no other form of life can do, and I want us to do it right now. The ability to harmonize these two neural networks into a single potent system now think about this: You’ve got a neural network in the brain. You know all about that. Now you’ve discovered, If you didn’t know, you have a neural network in the heart. Okay, you know about that. We are the only form of life, you are the only form of life on demand consciously at will in a moment in time that can set down and say at this moment I choose, I choose to harmonize two separate organs, my heart, and my brain into one potent system and apply that power in my life wow! 

When you begin doing that these are the powers that are now being documented. That look like the powers of the gods that were described in ancient indigenous traditions by the Egyptians that the shamans embraced the ability to transcend the suffering to transcend the disease, to heal the body quickly to access deep states of intuition and telepathy super cognition, super memory, super learning super resilience to what the world brings to you and so much more, but it begins with three simple steps. Three simple steps create what is called heart-brain coherence: it’s a state, an electrical state and the magnetic state can be measured as 0.1 hertz, a signal between the heart and the brain. 

Let’s explore together how we create that signal. So I’m going to share with you three simple steps. Well, just I’ll talk you through this and we’ll do this with a video and then we’ll just have a very brief summary of what this means. So I’m going to acknowledge it. 

We just covered a whole lot of ground right there, I didn’t want to get bogged down in any of the concepts, because I wanted you to have those understandings so that what we’re about to do has deeper meaning for you. So now you don’t need any notebooks, no pencils no papers, I’m going to invite you to be in a place that’s safe, don’t do this if you’re listening, while you’re driving, please don’t do this! Only if you are in a safe place. I’m going to invite you to do the exercise in this video as we go through this.

For this very ancient, this very sacred process, play the video and close your eyes, allow your awareness to go from the world around you to the world within you, I’m, going to do the same thing right here.

Process Heart-Brain Coherence

The first step of this three-step process is to allow your awareness to shift from your thinking mind to your feeling heart. One of the ways our ancestors taught us to do this is to gently touch your heart center in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Use just a couple of fingers here to gently touch your heart center, and the key here is that your awareness will always go to the place where your body feels the sensation of the touch. So if you want to focus on your heart, touch your heart center, the first step.

The second step is this: I’m going to invite you to breathe a little bit slower than you would typically breathe. Maybe five to six seconds on the inhale and the same on the release. Now let’s. Do this together, let’s just breathe together. Invite you with me the first breath inhale and release just feel that shift in your body.

I can feel it right now. Second breath inhale release maybe one more breath inhale and as you release, if you can continue that breath just about the same same pace.

When you slow your breath, you’re telling your body that you’re safe and When your body feels it’s safe, it’s like a little switch that releases the chemistry of safety that matches that sensation.

gregg braden human by design

The third step

The third step is this:  I’m – going to invite you to do something that no other form of life can do, and that is to have a feeling because you choose to have the feeling, regardless of what the world around you is showing you.

I’m going to invite you for simplicity. Let’s have the same feeling. Let’s choose gratitude. It’s a positive feeling that we want to create, and it’s, that feeling that sends the signal between the heart and the brain all right.

So the first two steps set the stage. The third step is going to send that signal with me to the best of your ability feel the feeling of gratitude. I’m going to give you a few seconds to do this. Let’s do this, together with me to the best of your ability, continue breathing, as you have the feeling of gratitude it’s easy for me, because I’m so grateful to be here with you in this way at this moment in time. I hope you are as well.

Okay, with one more breath, I’m going to invite you to gently open your eyes and become present in the space where you find yourself right now, i’m going to do the same.

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Did you feel that shift in your body, as you begin to harmonize the heart in the brain? No other form of life can do what you and I have just done together. Please don’t, be deceived by the simplicity of what we have just done together.

Nature’s, simple science is simple: life is simple: until we make it complex, I’m not surprised that the gateway to our highest form of mastery would come through something as simple as three steps of shifting our focus, our breath and our emotions now, if you think of your body the way we began this program as all of these components, then it’s, easy to think of our bodies as an operating system, just like your computer operating system, but your operating system to be meaningful.

create coherence heart brain

You have to use programs in the operating system, you have to use ms word or powerpoint, or you know something excel something like that. So your operating system – you have just primed by doing this process, and it’s into this process that you would insert the program of affirmations, for example, of prayer, for your healing or for your relationships or for your abundance.

It’s into this operating system that we claim again our highest form of mastery. However, just from doing what we have done, I recommend doing it for about three minutes. This is what the scientists say: three minutes each day, a minimum just from this process.

For three minutes, you strengthen your immune system, you awaken those longevity enzymes and you strengthen your what is called heart rate variability that gives you greater resilience to life without doing anything else, just those three, those three steps.

We’re concerned about the earth and rightfully so, but the earth is a reflection of the way we have come to think of ourselves and as we attain our highest forms of mastery, we begin to think sustainably.

We begin to think in terms of holistic, health and healing for ourselves that thinking will be reflected in everything that we do in our world. If we want to heal the earth, we’ve got to heal ourselves, and I think that’s really what it’s all about.

Thank you for sharing a part of your day with me today, and thank you for supporting this website with your visit. I can’t think of a better way to share our time together.

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