Dr Hew Len Talks about the Purpose of Life and Ceeport meaning

Dr. Hew Len: Always getting it from the Divine, you’re not getting it from a Guru, or a master, or a medical doctor, you’re looking directly to God, you’re saying to God: I’m sorry, please forgive me, ice blue, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I touch the plant, the divinity will come through the plant to give whatever is perfect directly in life for you. 

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The use of a Glass of Water and Ho’oponopono

Miss Katz: Ihaleakala, you will remember I was really amazed, and I shared this with people in training about a glass of water. 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: yes. 

Miss Katz: Because I do remember the glass of water that during the consultation with this Spanish lady, and you asked me to go and grab, you heard about the glass of water, I saw the changes in people using it, you know, for depression and things like that, but I also remember while you’re sharing in that consultation, you say would you like to tell me what I see, I see all these fairies, you know, held up the glass, I’m seeing God’s work I am going like, wow, this is all they can see God’s transmutation. 

Dr. Hew Len: What happened is those fairies are like angels, so different people have different ways of explaining that. But, like the word Hawaii, for example, the word Hawaii, waii at the end means the water of life this is why I’m drinking this. Because when I am drinking it, I’m saying to the divinity I would like to make amends for whatever is going on now that I might not even be aware of would you free me from that information. For divinity transmutes whatever, what do I know about being transmuted. I have no idea. I know that if I do my part which asks for forgiveness, Divinity has to do its part whether Divinity is in Guadalajara on vacation, where Divinity says OK I heard you and can do the cleaning, yes. 

Miss Katz: So the idea is always working, no matter what, no matter where you are, what the situation is in front of you is always about taking responsibility, you know, that is in you. 

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The purpose of our LifeTime

Dr. Hew Len: You and I and everybody else, including the plants that lie at the table. We’re only here in this lifetime to say to divinity I’m sorry, please forgive me. There’s no other purpose to being here. As long as we are willing to do that then divinity is willing to transmute or erase whatever is not zero, not infinite, and so that we can come back home to this, to the light, and that’s the only purpose why I am here. 

The Creation of Ceeport

Miss Katz: OK. So a lot of people know about this solar water and how to prepare the blue water, but you envision part of being there as a witness, all this information sometimes comes. Now we have the blue Ceeport water, but you created the Ceeport and maybe you can. I have to tell you because maybe I am not that sensitive, sometimes for curiosity. I tell people that feel this kind of thing, and I give them Ceeport products, and you tell me what you feel, what you get and oh wow, oh yes this is like a vortex, this is like some energy, and I can feel it. Would you tell us a little bit? 

Dr. Hew Len: I was on a walk one day, as I usually do in Woodley Hills, several years ago. I was walking along touching the trees saying ice blue, touching these trees along the line. As I was about to touch a tree I heard go home and read page 103 of the manual I made a note of that and I continued my walk and I went home and I opened up to page 103 of the manual and that Page 103, 2nd paragraph, where it said clean, erase, erase. Then divinity said That’s the only purpose why you’re here. So the Ceeport – C means clean, E means erase, E means erase and the PORT then he says you are coming home, just like a ship on the seas going up and down, and now you go oh and now I can come home into a safe port. So Ceeport is a cleaning process, where there is water, where there is anything, the pin, the bookmark, the seal, it is about cleaning, erasing. 

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Miss Katz: You always say we need all the help we can get. 

Dr. Hew Len: Yes. And this is wonderful, because you don’t have to do anything but stick around yourself. I have a Ceeport pin on me, right here, and as I’m talking Divinity is, I’m saying to Divinity whatever I’m here at Joanne’s place, I’m here with Rodopo? I’m here with his partner, I’m here with the camera, I’m here with the trees, and I’m here with Mother Earth. Whatever errors I have committed I would like to make amends. So now I am here, I have on my cell phone, I have the Ceeport seal, because Divinity is saying mmmmmm maybe 5 or 10 years down the road people are going to suffer from the use of cell phones because there are these electrical memories replaying. A lot of space that people are not aware of and they are gonna end up with problems, so for me I just do as I am told. 

Ceeport meaning

How to do Cleaning while you sleep?

Miss Katz: Thanks. So I would like to ask, maybe something we talked before but, it is a question that a lot of people ask you: So how do you do the cleaning while you sleep? How is that? 

Dr. Hew Len: Hopefully you re-educated the subconscious. The subconscious will do it. That’s No. 1. No. 2 is you can get a down pillow and sleep on it, and the down pillow works on memories that have to do with the beastly part of man, anger, resentment, hate, lust, and all that, so you can do that. The other you can do, I always wear a Ceeport pin.

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