Rep Range for Rapid Fat-Loss

best rep range fat loss fast

In this post, Shaun will reveal the two most common “myths” about rep ranges that you should completely avoid if your goal is fat loss.

He’ll also show you the EXACT rep ranges you SHOULD be using instead if you want to trigger fat loss and achieve that lean, “Hollywood” look. Using this approach is the only way to see a dramatic change in the way your body transforms when you lift weights.

Make sure to pay close attention (and maybe even take notes) so you can take this rep range “trickery” to the gym with you and automatically trigger more fat burning the next time you work out.

(Guest post by Shaun) Hey everybody: what’s up, my name is Sean hassel and for those of you who aren’t familiar with me, I own a company called get meaning 12. I’M a stubborn fat expert and I’m an exercise technologist and felt thousands of people across the globe get and stay lean and inside this short fat loss.

Video I’m gonna reveal why low reps for bulking up and high reps for toning is a complete myth, and I want to give you the proper rep ranges so that you can hit the sweet spot to stimulate more fat burning hormones during your workout to burn More calories and to burn more fat, I think the number one question I get is a fitness professionals.

How do I get rid of lower ab and belly fat, and this is a legitimate way that you can train with what weights using proper rep ranges to actually target more stubborn belly fat when you workout? Obviously, you have to have your nutrition in line as well, but give this a try.

Ho’oponopono to Lose Weight

Next time you go to the gym. What I do is I give you the best. Rep ranges for rapid fat loss. So, first of all understand that you have to stimulate both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers in your workout, so fast twitch muscle fibers are gonna, be in the lower rep range and they’re gonna help.

You build more strength in size now, even if you’re a female, you should not be afraid of having too much muscle. You should actually be afraid of not having enough, because muscle is what makes you look lean and sexy, and it’s what’s gonna burn more calories at rest when you’re not working out for all your women out there for guys who want to gain strength and size.

You need to be training in the lower rep ranges, and even if you just want to look great and get that fitness model of look or that, how do a celebrity look, you have to be training with lower reps. You have to be stimulating fast, twitch muscle, fibers, slow, twitch or more high reps and they contain more mitochondria and they help stimulate more ATP, which is your body’s primary energy system.

Now mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and it helps with fat burning. So the best way to do this is when you go ahead and pick a body part to train the first three sets train with six to eight reps and take a little bit longer rest between these sets, so that you can lift heavier and you have more Recovery time between to stimulate more muscle, tissue, okay, this is gonna help.

You start stimulating those fast-twitch muscle, fibers, then the second three sets in your workout go ahead and lower the weight a little bit and move up to ten to twelve reps. Now, you’re going to start stimulating more of the fast-twitch or I’m sorry the slow, twitch, muscle, fibers and you’re, going to start releasing more hormones, but one that the rubber really meets.

The last couple of sets last resets. Can you do it as last couple sets of 15 reps or more now, the heart rates gonna elevate, you’re going to start accelerating the calorie burn during the workout, but, most importantly, about he’s, going to release more adrenaline and more growth hormone I’ll give this a try next time you workout, and I promise you you’re gonna – see a big change in the way that you look and you’re also gonna sweat your tail off because most people just don’t know how to push themselves hard enough when they train with weights.

So as you move through, these particular rep ranges make sure as you’re moving through them that you’re reducing the rest period as you go through that as well because that’s what’s gonna help, you burn more fat.

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