The Hummingbird’s Light: A Tale of Ho’oponopono

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Welcome, welcome to this tale inspired by the ancient, wondrous philosophy called Ho’oponopono. Together we will discover the power of love, gratitude, and forgiveness to heal the wounds of the soul, free ourselves from memories and beliefs that limit us, and correct what prevents us from blossoming fully. Thank you for being here, for opening your heart to the magic of Ho’oponopono, and for allowing inspiration and love to flood your being.

Listen in the quiet peace as the soft melody of our Divine Self allows you to transcend time and space.

In a mystical, spiritual realm, a hummingbird full of magic with shimmering green and blue tones flies with the elegance of a sigh. This hummingbird carries a sacred, divine message in its small beak. It holds a golden key of light that unlocks the path to the Divine Source, the perfect essence that is the core of divinity itself.

As the hummingbird flies near a river of crystal clear water, it comes upon you. Yes, you are the protagonist of this beautiful tale. You walk slowly, weighted down by the burdens of the past. The hummingbird flies near and whispers in your ear, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” These magical words make you react, liberating you from the chains that had imprisoned your heart. You connect with the divine essence within, brought forth by the hummingbird’s words. You feel filled with peace and decide to release all your emotional baggage and fears.

You gather your courage and choose to fully trust the hummingbird’s guidance. Together you embark on a journey toward the Divine Source, reflected in the river that flows with the water of life. As you walk, a soft rain begins to fall, blessing your encounter and leaving a sense of good fortune and prosperity.

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The hummingbird starts circling around you, surrounding you with a warm, bright, golden light. This inspires you to lovingly and gently blow a kiss of gratitude and reverence to the Divine. You feel the Divine’s love flowing in your heart, that connection with your essence, your truth, with love, happiness, peace, fulfillment, with a joy beyond thoughts and intellect, a wisdom greater than anything that can exist.

As you continue, everything around you glows with a bright, pure white light. This light represents 100% responsibility for your life and actions, making you recognize that everything you have experienced and will experience reflects your own being – your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and the memories you carry.

Guided by the strengthening wind, you realize something is shining brightly up ahead. As you draw nearer, you see it is a ring, a circle with a glowing golden light that envelops you. You feel peace, calm, love, and above all, protection. This is the Ring of Divinity, granting you protective armor to face any challenge on your path to healing and your soul’s purpose.

You have been given a Fleur de Lis to purify your path, so that through you this same force may reach all your ancestors and descendants, your entire lineage. A Scale of Justice will keep you in harmony and balance with the universe, and a Sword of Light will cut all the chains of limiting beliefs and ancestral memories.

As you walk on, a soft, warm rain falls. Along the path, flowers and leaves glisten with dewdrops to guide you in transmuting, changing, transforming completely, erasing past memories, altering all that no longer resonates so you can return to your natural state, the original plan your soul holds to evolve.

As you walk, follow the inspiration that comes from connecting with the magical hummingbird, who in turn represents the Divine. You know this is a beautiful chance to cleanse and correct the negative memories and patterns anchored in your subconscious. With each step you feel your inner peace grow as you gradually release and heal ancestral memories.

You notice the path ahead is covered in a carpet of green maple leaves. The magical hummingbird tells you through my inspiration that this leaf is a symbol of rebirth and transformation, representing gentleness to soften and sweeten your limiting thoughts and fears, your self-love, connecting you again with the Divine’s abundance and joy.

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A Rain of Light bathes the path, creating a protective cloak of light around you. Your eyes shine with love as the magical hummingbird sprinkles flower petals of love wherever it flies.

You decide to stop in a meadow bathed in soft moonlight. The hummingbird wraps you in the light emanating from its mantle and there under the stars it teaches you a powerful breathing technique to connect with the Divine. This will help free you from past memories and limiting beliefs that restrain you.

In a moment of stillness the hummingbird gives you a Pill of Silence, asking you to close your eyes and just listen to the wind blowing gently. Feel the peace, the wisdom in meditation and connection with your Higher Self, your I Am.

The hummingbird whispers, “Breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale slowly.” Feel the breath of life entering your lungs, carrying the energy of Divinity to every cell of your being. As you let go, feeling your body relax and mind quiet, the connection with the Divine grows deeper. In this sacred space the hummingbird shares some words – “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.” Repeat these words like a mantra, a beautiful prayer to yourself, to others, and the Divine. Let each word heal you, releasing any trace of pain, guilt or resentment you may hold in your heart.

Keeping your eyes closed, let these magical words become the key that unlocks the doors of your heart, remembering past moments when you felt hurt, wounded, or caused hurt. With love and compassion, feel forgiveness toward yourself and all that needs it. Say with your gentle but firm inner voice that emanates from your spirit, “Thank you Divine for this chance to grow and learn through my past experiences in this and other lives. I am grateful for every choice, challenge, and blessing that has woven the tapestry of my life.”

“With your Divine Light guiding me, I release all burdens from the past and limiting beliefs that have kept me in darkness. I recognize 100% responsibility for my life and choose to walk with steady steps toward healing and transformation. With each breath I inhale the strength of forgiveness and exhale any lingering pain that lived in my heart.”

“I forgive myself and all that needs my forgiveness, releasing bonds that prevent me from truly being who I am.”

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“I appreciate the lessons of the past, all I have lived until now, for they have led me to growth and wisdom. Each experience, the laughter and the tears, has strengthened my soul and brought me to this moment of transcendence.”

“Thank you. With unconditional love I open myself to receive and to give. I recognize the Divinity within me and honor it in every choice I make. I wholly trust the Universe guides and protects me on this journey of life.”

“I release all ties to the past that no longer serve me, letting go and embracing the present with gratitude and love. I am free, light as the hummingbird that flies with grace and love in each flutter of its wings.”

“With each drop of dew that touches my skin I cleanse impurities and allow the purity of my being to shine in splendor like the green maple leaf. I renew myself each season, leaving behind what is no longer useful, embracing the new with joy.”

“Violet Flame, transmute all negative energy into light and love, protecting my path from shadows and guiding me to healing and inner peace.”

“With eyes of love I see the world and myself, seeing beauty in each being, knowing we all reflect the Divinity that dwells in every heart.”

“Each petal of love strewn on my path is a seed that will bloom in the garden of my soul, filling it with compassion and love.”

“In silence I find my deepest truth, connecting with the I Am that transcends time and space. In that calm I hear the soft voice of my Divine Self imparting wisdom and love. I am a radiant Being of Light, filled with peace. In each moment the emerald essence of my being shines, reminding me I am part of Nature and the Divinity that manifests in all existence.”

“With each word spoken, each thought held in my mind, I remember I have the power to heal, transmute, and create my reality. I am the architect of my destiny, guided by the wisdom of my heart.”

“I thank the Divinity that accompanies me on this journey, enveloping me in its cloak of light and love. With gratitude in my heart I know all is perfect in this moment and I accept it with love and trust.”

And so it is that in the peace and love surrounding me I surrender to restful sleep, knowing my heart resides in the very essence of Divinity. In each heartbeat, each breath, I become one with the Divine Source. I rest in the fullness of my being, knowing the Divine guides me always on the path of healing and unconditional love.

“Thank you,” whispers the hummingbird as it perches on your shoulder, drawing nearer to instill its strength and guidance in you. “I love you unconditionally with every fiber of my being,” you express with tears of liberation in your eyes. “I love myself and all beings sharing this journey with me.”

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The magical hummingbird flutters around you, radiating a golden light that envelops your being and protects you. It whispers to you in a voice full of wisdom, “Beautiful soul, you are a divine being full of love and light. You have the power to create your reality and transcend any limiting beliefs that have held you captive in the past.”

“Always remember the importance of forgiving oneself – forgiveness is like a healing balm for the soul,” said the hummingbird. “When we forgive, when we forgive ourselves, we release the past and make room for love to flood our being.”

“Come, and let me show you this enchanted garden full of vibrant, fragrant flowers. This is the Garden of Gratitude. Each bloom represents a blessing in your life – give thanks for each one and you will see abundance flowing to you.”

At the end of the tour, the hummingbird leads you to an ancient tree whose roots reach deep into the earth. “This is the Tree of Destroying Memories and Limiting Beliefs,” explained the hummingbird. “Here you can release yourself, all your ancestors and future generations, from the memories of pain, fear, and feelings of unworthiness.”

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“You can let go of all that no longer serves you and plant new seeds of love and peace.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you,” you repeat over and over as the limiting memories and beliefs are uprooted. In their place, you plant fresh seeds of self-love, confidence, worthiness, forgiveness, and love.

You feel a profound peace, as if a heavy burden you had carried on your back was lifted, freeing you from the shackles of the past and beliefs that had limited you.

At this moment, under the moonlight, you join voices in a beautiful prayer:

“I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. I forgive myself and all that needs my forgiveness. I thank all who have accompanied me on this life journey – my ancestors, future generations, the lessons of the past – and I open myself to unconditional love.”

“I wholly trust in the Divinity that dwells within me and every being in this universe. I release the memories and limiting beliefs, freeing myself from what no longer serves me. Today I choose to walk in the light and wisdom of my Divine Self. I am free and at peace.”

The tranquility and peace of the meadow illuminated by starlight guides you into a deep, restorative sleep. With each breath you feel more connected to the Divine, the very essence of your being. As you drift into slumber, the hummingbird gently whispers “Thank you, I love you,” ensuring these seeds of love and liberation blossom in your heart when you awake.

And so this journey becomes an inspiring story of healing and transformation, reminding us that inside each of us resides a magical hummingbird guiding us to the unconditional love and light of the Divine.

With each heartbeat, each breath of gratitude, we can embrace the magic of Divinity and flourish in our fullness. For in this beautiful, mystical tale, the magic of life resides in our words and our connection to the Divine Source that guides us at every step of the way.

Thank you. I love you.

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