What is the cause of all the trouble (hell) and how to go to heaven instead?- Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

ho'oponopono what is the cause of problems

I know you’ve heard the story before, but I’m gonna start with a memory anyway, 

So when you have a problem come up in your mind, your mind gets clouded

So all the lights go off in your mind. So here’s how you spend most of your life. Yeah, can you imagine? This is the way we spend most of our lives, in the dark. This is called death. 

So now you’re going to make a correction in the memory 

So here is your memory, your lights out, so everything in you that is not you is a memory and it goes against you and God. 

You can talk about it. You can jabber or you can ask questions, but you cannot get rid of that memory.

So when you are in the dark you keep everybody in the dark. Can you imagine that? when you are in the dark, you keep everybody in the dark. 

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So now you’re going to come into the light by simply doing the cleaning.

The cleaning is about repentance and forgiveness, which means I am sorry, Please forgive me for that memory. What memory? We don’t know what the memory is, but the God in you knows.

But if you don’t get to the cleaning, you’re ever gonna be stuck in the dark. So you begin the process, drink blue solar water, eat any cleaning tool, and anything.

Now something wonderful happens. It’s a magic of the Divine, and only the Divinity can transmute the memory. And so you do the cleaning, now you allow the divinity in you to do the transmutation.

Take you back to zero. It has erased the memory which is a rebel power going against you and God. So quantum physics says Zero, that is, Zero means no memory playing, zero, no more.

Now Buddha said the void, this is the void. This is what Jesus called the kingdom. This is the pure heart, and this is your original state of being. This is your core being.

So now you have somebody like Jesus say seek it, first, the kingdom and all else will be added. And divinity already in you knows exactly what you need, you don’t need to have any expectations.

Now the light comes on. Hallelujah Hallelujah, Oh, this is called enlightenment. But if you don’t clean, you will be forever in the dark. Questions keep you in the dark, cleaning gets you out of the dark.

So why are you here? only one purpose. So your only purpose is to come home to that pure state. Your only purpose. As long as you’re back to this pure state, everything you need comes.

This is called Heaven in your mind. This is called Paradise! 

When your mind is in state “memory”, that is hell, suffering yeah


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