What is Chinese Medical Qigong

chinese medical qi gong

What Qi gong is?

My teacher always says you can go 40 days without food, you go 14 days without water, but you can only go four minutes without air. So breathing is a single most important thing that you can do for your health. Now to understand Qi gong first, we have to understand the basis of Qi Gong, which is the basis of Qi, Chinese medicine and, you know, in Western medicine we look at the problems that we have and we tried to figure out what symptoms are they and say this is a disease, in Chinese medicine the basis of it is off the basis of Qi.

What is Qi in Chinese medicine?

Qi is the electromagnetic energy that goes to your body, as the blood goes to the vein, that’s one way of putting it. Qi can also be your breath. Qi can also be the oxygen in your blood.

Now Qi Gong, which Gong means mastery, therefore, Qi Gong is the mastery of your Qi, the mastery of your breath, the mastery of the electromagnetic energy that keeps your life-sustaining, and it was you so Chi.

What’s the difference between Qi, Gong and Tai Chi?

All right, so Tai Chi is a form of QiGong, but because Qi is a massive type. Qi is the mastery of your breath, Tai Chi would be like a grain of the sin, Chi Gong would be the entire Beach, so there are different forms of Tai Chi. Well, there’s different forms: Qi Gong as well, which are Marshall Qi Gong, spiritual Qigong and medical Qi Gong.

Recommended Book

Based on the latest edition of the approved textbook on Medical Qigong used in Chinese universities, this authoritative paperback edition has been completely revised and edited to meet the needs of western practitioners. The editors emphasize the practice of Qigong, and this section of the book has been revised and expanded; a wide range of Qigong forms are presented, taking full account of the history, correct practice, and development of Qigong. The section on the clinical applications of Qigong in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, with the recommended Qigong forms for treatment, and relevant references to the ancient texts has been substantially revised, and focuses on conditions more common in the West. The book also presents the newest research on Medical Qigong, including groundbreaking new discoveries about the physiological and psychological mechanisms. Omitted from this paperback edition are the extensive excerpts from the ancient texts, and the detailed history, more appropriate for academic study. This is an unparalleled resource for practitioners of Qigong and Chinese medicine, as well as medical students and other healthcare professionals seeking a better understanding of the theory, practice and beneficial health applications of Medical Qigong.

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