The Triangle Method: Attracting Love and Commitment with Ease

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Hello dear friend, I am super excited to share with you a unique method of attraction that has proven to be incredibly effective. We call it the Triangle Method, and it’s based on the ancient symbol of manifestation, the triangle.

This has helped people all over the world manifest their dreams and desires, including saving their relationships, finding their specific person, and building a loving and committed relationship. And today, we want to share with you this simple and powerful method that can help you attract the love and commitment you deserve.


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Step 1: Draw a Triangle
The first step is to draw a triangle on a piece of paper, preferably white. You can use a ruler to make it perfect or print it out from your computer. Label the top left corner with the name of your specific person, the top right corner with your name, and the bottom corner with the word “us.”

Step 2: Write Your Affirmations
On each point of the triangle, write down the affirmations “I am feeling loved,” “I am feeling happy,” and “I am feeling desired.” These affirmations represent the three pillars of love: intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Step 3: Declare your Intentions
At the top of the triangle, write the following statement: “What I desire is already mine.” This is a powerful declaration that signals to the universe that you are open and ready to receive love and commitment.

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At the base of the triangle, inside the triangle, write the word “together” in big letters, preferably in a different color. This represents the manifestation of your desire to be in a loving and committed relationship with your specific person.

Step 4: Feel the Emotions
To make this method truly effective, you must feel the emotions of love, happiness, and desire as you write your affirmations and declare your intentions. This is the law of assumption at work, where you assume the feelings of already having what you desire.

Step 5: Visualize and Gratitude
Place your triangle where you can see it every day, and take a few moments to visualize yourself in a loving and committed relationship with your specific person. Every night before you go to sleep, say the following statement while looking at your triangle: “I am grateful. I have manifested an incredible love relationship with my specific person or someone better.” This seals the energy with gratitude and reinforces your intentions to the universe.

Remember, the Triangle Method is a powerful tool that can help you attract the love and commitment you desire. Follow these simple steps, feel the emotions, visualize, and express gratitude, and watch as your love life transforms. Share your results with us in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our other videos to help you on your journey. It’s all about love!

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