Law of Attraction Certification Program by Dr. Joe Vitale – Review

Hey there, friend! Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut, unable to manifest the life you truly desire? Well, let me introduce you to a game-changing program that will unlock the secrets of the law of attraction and put you on the path to living your best life.

Dr. Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Certification Program is more than just a course – it’s a comprehensive, transformative journey that will forever change the way you approach manifestation. As one of the world’s leading experts on the law of attraction, featured in the renowned film “The Secret,” Dr. Vitale has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


law of attraction certification program joe vitale
Law of Attraction Official Certification 95% off!+ Ho’oponopono Free Seminar. Only Here

A Comprehensive Exploration of Manifestation

Through five meticulously crafted training manuals, you’ll embark on a deep dive into the mechanics behind the law of attraction. Prepare to have your mind blown as you uncover the role of thoughts and emotions in manifesting your desires, learn to identify and overcome unconscious blocks, and discover how to transmit the right messages to the Universe.

But that’s not all! This program is a true masterclass, covering everything from harnessing the power of thought to understanding the connection between your desires and what you receive from the Universe. You’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls, utilize the concept of magnetism, and methodically eliminate emotional barriers that have been holding you back.

A Powerhouse Teaching Team

What truly sets this program apart is the combined expertise of its instructors. Alongside Dr. Vitale, you’ll be learning from Steve G. Jones, a renowned clinical hypnotist and NLP master trainer. With their combined knowledge and experience, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and techniques to attract abundance, health, and success into every aspect of your life.

Become a Certified Manifestation Master

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this program offers a comprehensive education in the law of attraction. But the benefits don’t stop there! Upon completion, you’ll have the opportunity to become a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, with lifetime support from the Global Sciences Foundation. Imagine the thrill of not only transforming your own life but also guiding others on their journey towards manifestation.

Pros and Cons

Pros: ✓ Comprehensive training from world-renowned experts ✓ Lifetime support from the Global Sciences Foundation ✓ Opportunity to become a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner ✓ In-depth coverage of practical techniques and mindset shifts ✓ Self-paced online format for convenience ✓ Relatively affordable compared to in-person training

Cons: ✗ No physical classroom interaction or hands-on practice ✗ Online format may not suit all learning styles ✗ Some theory could be considered pseudoscientific ✗ Results may vary depending of your dedication and personal situation.

Price – Law of Attraction Certification Program Dr Joe Vitale

With pricing tiers that make this world-class training accessible to almost anyone, Dr. Vitale’s Law of Attraction Certification represents exceptional value.

The regular cost of $675 is already a bargain compared to many live seminars and workshops on manifestation. But during this special offer period, you can enroll for the frankly unbeatable price of just $47!


law of attraction certification program joe vitale
Law of Attraction Official Certification 95% off!+ Ho’oponopono Free Seminar. Only Here

For less than $50, you get:

  • 5 comprehensive training manuals (ebooks) from best-selling authors
  • Lifetime certification and listing as a Law of Attraction Practitioner
  • Ongoing support from the Global Sciences Foundation
  • The keys to manifesting wealth, health, relationships and more
  • Potential to create a new income stream

Whether you want to deepen your personal mastery, move into coaching/consulting, or expand within your current field, this program provides exceptional return on investment. The value of the wisdom, techniques and credential you’ll obtain drastically outweighs the modest one-time cost.

With a 60-day refund window, you can explore the training risk-free. But I suspect once you start applying the paradigm-shifting lessons, you’ll be amazed by the results. The power of the law of attraction is real – make the wise choice to master it from the best for a tiny investment.

Don’t let limiting beliefs about money or worth prevent you from this life-changing opportunity. Secure your spot in Dr. Vitale’s renowned certification program today!

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Bonuses – Invaluable Bonus Training

As if the comprehensive certification training wasn’t enough value already, Dr. Vitale is sweetening the deal with a truly incredible bonus.

When you enroll in this program, you’ll receive FREE access to Dr. Vitale’s rare Ho’oponopono Immersion Seminar featuring Dr. Hew Len – valued at over $500!

In this powerful bonus, you’ll go even deeper into the core philosophy and practices behind Dr. Hew Len’s transformational Ho’oponopono system. An expert in ancient Hawaiian healing, Dr. Len shares more of his profound “awakenings” that allow you to clear blocks and align with the highest frequencies.

Combined with the Law of Attraction certification curriculum, this bonus immersion will exponentially amplify your ability to:

✨ Transcend limiting beliefs and inner conflicts ✨ Heal on a physical, mental and spiritual level
✨ Eliminate resistance to your desires manifesting ✨ Resonate with unconditional love and abundance


law of attraction certification program joe vitale
Law of Attraction Official Certification 95% off!+ Ho’oponopono Free Seminar. Only Here

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to receive Dr. Hew Len’s wisdom directly from the source. His sold-out live events command premium prices, but you’ll get complete access at no extra cost.

By fusing the modern manifesting techniques in the certification with the timeless indigenous practices of Ho’oponopono, you’ll be operating from a space of profound clarity, inner peace and magnetic attraction.

The insights and experiences from this training will be applicable for life, continually enhancing your skills as you guide yourself and others into their highest potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any prior knowledge of the law of attraction? A: No, this program is designed for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. All concepts are taught from the ground up.

Q: How long will it take to complete the certification? A: You can work at your own pace, but the minimum completion time is 3 weeks, with a maximum of 1 year.

Q: Will I be able to get clients and make money with this certification? A: Yes! Upon certification, you’ll be listed in the international Law of Attraction Practitioners directory to attract potential clients.

Why Buy This Course?

  1. Master a powerful paradigm for consciously creating your reality and achieving your biggest goals.
  2. Learn from true pioneers in the field of manifestation and human potential.
  3. Gain valuable skills to not only transform your own life but to help others as a certified practitioner.
  4. Join a community of like-minded individuals focused on growth and abundance.
  5. Invest in yourself and open up new career opportunities.

The HA Breathing The Ho’oponopono Secret

What You Can Do With This Certification

  • Start your own law of attraction coaching/consulting practice
  • Add manifestation expertise to existing services (e.g. life coaching, therapy, mentoring)
  • Lead group workshops, seminars and retreats on the topic
  • Write books, create courses and become a recognized expert
  • Apply the principles to amplify success in any area of life

Don’t let another day go by without harnessing the power of the law of attraction. Enroll in Dr. Joe Vitale’s comprehensive certification program today and unlock your true manifestation potential!


law of attraction certification program joe vitale
Law of Attraction Official Certification 95% off!+ Ho’oponopono Free Seminar. Only Here

Author Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits explains how he learned this transformative technique from master teacher Dr. Hew Len.

Vitale also offers various courses and certifications to learn beginner and advanced ho’oponopono practices for complete healing.

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–> healing the inner child with Ho’oponopono here: Heart of Angel 
–> How to combine Ho’oponopono and Law of Attraction in 10 minutes: The Result
–> Inner Child Meditation: Dr. Joe Vitale’s Inner Child Meditation

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Become a Certified Law of Attraction WEALTH Practitioner

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