The secret to being taken seriously | 3 things that happen when you chase men

The secret to being taken seriously

The secret to being taken seriously by a guy. 3 reasons you don’t chase guys. Women who chase men usually experience very consistent problems. Many women who chase men get used. Chasing men isn’t a good idea, no matter what you hear on the internet from influencers who clearly don’t care about your better interests. The secret to being taken seriously is not so secret. It’s just about doing what’s best for you and keeping your boundaries and standards. Don’t let how much you like a guy determine how you handle him or let him treat you. Guys won’t take you seriously if you’re up their ass chasing them. If you want guys to take you seriously watch this video.

The three things that happen when you chase men and do anything to get his attention at any cost:

1. They Reject You even harder.

This kind of attitude can make that they run away from you even faster than expected. Men do not take seriously someone easy to catch.

2. It can attract opportunistic users.

Some others can use the situation to manipulate you because they see that you don’t know your value and perceive your desperation for being in a relationship.

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3. Your ass-kissing becomes “A Law” in the one-sided relationship.

In a third scenario, you can get the relationship but your partner is not going to treat you well because you set a precedent about yourself and how you are willing to do whatever it takes and endure whatever it takes to keep it by your side. But that is a very toxic relationship that will make you feel used and drained.

Chasing men will attract only unhealthy minds that are interested in taking advantage of you because with that attitude you’re screaming “Hey I want to be ruled”

“No healthy man wants to rule over a woman and no healthy woman would allow it” (Kev Hick)

Confidence and self-belief are good attributes that a man can show when he approaches to you but only if you have your own value in mind and don’t chase him. And this only can be achieved thruough self-respect and being true to yourself, no mind games no playing hard to get, just being yourself and allow to being respected for your mind and opinions.

“If respect isn’t early, it’s not on the way” (Kev Hick)

Don’t beg for a man’s time, man will get bored if you’re desperate for his approval. Set your standards, if the men get away with that, remember that the only guys who get scared away by a woman setting her standards for herself are men that had nothing planned for that woman, to begin with, they didn’t have a purpose for you besides a one night plan, just a bed warmer of one time or so, they do not give you any value in the first place.

What does it work?

Emotional independence is a key point to start building a healthy relationship, where both respect and crave each other at similar rates, and both can see the value of each other, and this can be stable or grow with time.

Be clear about what you can contribute to a relationship and perceive what the other person offers you, and at this point remember that it is not the idea you have of him, or the future potential, or the promises, but which is about identifying in the present tense what is currently being offered to you.

Take an inventory of who you are

Be clear about your abilities, gifts, talents, etc. Even make a list of it so that you have in mind what your value is, also recognize your weaknesses or areas to improve and see it as a growth opportunity in which even having a partner could be part of the journey to improve together.

Also consider what you expect from the other person, how you would like them to be and with what qualities, and after doing so check if you find those qualities in yourself, since the best way to attract them is by being their representative.

Runaway from a bad investment

If you are already in a relationship in which you have had to do a lot to sustain it, consider if it is not too much what you give versus what you receive, and if that difference is very evident then it is a bad investment, flee from bad investments.

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