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Shamanic Drumming

Shamanic Drumming is a rhythmic form that has been used in shamanic rituals, meditation journeys, and ceremonies for centuries. The Drum was probably the first musical instrument ever invented, and connect us with our primitive roots. Although at the beginning it was perhaps discovered by chance when someone put animal skin to stretch on some wooden log, soon the people discovered the rhythm on it, the variations of intensity and speed, and how this sounds can induce a whole range of trance states that can be created in order to connect with spiritual the dimension of ourselves.

Its efficacy to evoke different emotions in us is very extended in the whole of humanity, and we see how shamanic drumming is practiced all over the world through different cultures that use a repetitive rhythm that begins very soft and slow and then gradually begins to increase in speed and sound, and this can even be on the range of 3-7 beats per second!. To use this ascending tempo can effectively induce deep trance states to help the shaman and the participants with their goals, that can be healing, meditation, connect with spiritual guidance, cleaning a space, etc., and many times a state of ecstasy is achieved.

The Great Spirit loved the drum so much, he gave everyone a heartbeat.
— Philosophy From Elders of the Navajo Tribe

Natural Rythmic Healing

It’s been known since ancient times that drumming heals and harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. We were all incubated to the rhythm of our mother’s heartbeat, so our heart that was formed prior to the brain remembers this rhythm and enjoy with something similar. We all have an internal rhythm and the drum is a natural tool for liberating that rhythm tuning us into wellness.

You can feel the drum’s rhythm as a healing energy in your body that helps you where you need it most

Build Connection with the spirit world  – help bring balance to your life

Shamanic Drumming can help you release negative feelings, ground you in the moment, and increase your awareness, and that connects you with your spiritual realm, it doesn’t have to be something mysterious, just to be more aware of the present moment is a high gift, and the rhythm of the drums can help us with that.

We can see the practical application of this with the life example of Therapist Christine Stevens that has taught drumming to cancer patients, corporate employees of Fortune 500 companies, women’s empowerment groups, disaster survivors, and even in warzones, and in all these situations people say that feel into how drumming can help them find grounding and calmness, as well as aliveness and inspiration, as you discover what a truly healing instrument a drum can be.

Shamanic Drumming is a Stress Reliever

Everyone that had experienced a drumming session had felt the relief and relaxation after it. But also there are studies that give us examples of more specific study cases like one made with long term care workers which every day deal with stressful situations and a lot of responsibility, in fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates there is an annual turnover rate of between 70% to 100% in nursing homes. The study was made with 112 long term care workers and 46% demonstrated significant mood improvement. When follow-up testing was done 6 weeks after the end of the study, the improvement in mood had continued to grow increasing to 62%, and the turnover rate decreased 18% and continue decreasing through the time when drumming was used continuously.

This gives us an idea of the potential to relieve the stress and how can we expect this benefit to grow over time if we made the habit to give us a time for drumming in our daily life.

Drumming Improves the immunity system

A strong and balanced immune system is the key component in preventing infectious diseases. We are totally exposed to a great many germs consistently, so our dependence on our own immunity to fend off most potential diseases is undeniable.

In a peer-reviewed study, blood samples taken before and after a HealthRHYTHMS group drumming session found increased immunity at a cellular level — even though the drummers had no prior drumming or musical experience. Just one hour of drumming session made participants show a statistically significant increase in natural killer cell activity and remember that Natural Killer cells (NK) are the white blood cells that seek out and destroy cancer and virally infected cells.

Fun to listen and play

Drumming is also just plain FUN… and liberates spontaneous self-expression and creative energy. We don’t even need a professional drum in order to enjoy the benefits, we can use whatever we have at hand to create rhythms or use the technology to hear drum sessions in our computer or phone.

Free Drumming Video Event:

Awaken Rhytm Shamanic Drumming


Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and music therapist Christine Stevens will help you discover how drumming can liberate your inner rhythm and revitalize your holistic health, spirituality, and wellness, during a FREE virtual event, Awaken Your Rhythm: Discover Drumming for Spirituality & Health.

During this FREE video event, you’ll:

  • Discover the healing and spiritually transformative benefits of drumming
  • Learn the 3 keys used by ancient Shamans to create healing rhythms
  • Experience drum beats depicting the 4 essences (earth, air, fire, water, as well as ether) and how they can relax, ground you, and connect you to nature
  • Discover circular, feminine approaches to drumming
  • Discover materials and tips for creating your own “found sound” — a handmade drum created from household items that really sounds good!

More than anything, you’ll have the opportunity to feel into how drumming can help you find grounding and calmness, as well as aliveness and inspiration, as you discover what a truly healing instrument it is!

And you’ll almost certainly be touched by Christine’s infectious passion for drumming… She has an uncanny way of making your heart smile.

You can RSVP for free here


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