Two Ho’oponopono Words To Change Your Life Right Now – Dr Joe Vitale

ho'oponopono gratitude
  1. The Power of Gratitude

There are only two words you have to say to begin to change your life: “Thank you.” If you actually look at your life and begin to say “thank you” more often, thank you for this moment, thank you for my phone that I can make these videos, thank you for my books, thank you for my life, thank you for air, thank you for my body taking care of itself, thank you for food, thank you for everything, and just start saying “thank you,” even as I say this to you, I start to feel happier, more excited, more enthused, and more energetic. Gratitude is the single most powerful thing anybody can do at any time.


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  1. The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

It costs nothing, and as I change my body and mind, and my thoughts become differently, my whole system becomes higher energy. It becomes fortified with an immune system that can defend itself against things like viruses, but more importantly, I’m happier, I’m healthier, and anybody can do this. You have to practice gratitude for what you have now to transmute your whole energy system.

  1. Attracting Positive Energy through Gratitude

Then you start attracting things to match your new energy. The more you are grateful for your moments, the better the moments that come next. The more enriched they are, the more your dreams and those things that you wanted to that you thought would be so cool accelerate to come into your life. It all comes down to two words that you can say right now: “Thank you.”


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  1. The Magic of Ho’oponopono

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t heard of it, brace yourself because it’s the most powerful, the most transformational, the most magical, the most miraculous technique I’ve ever come across. I’m Dr. Joe Vitale. I’ve written 80 books, I’ve recorded 15 albums, I have 200 some products, I have a coaching program, certification programs. But nothing ever has had the impact in my life as Ho’oponopono has.

I’ve been teaching it to other people since around 2005. There is great depth to it, though it’s very simple on the very superficial level. There’s really only four phrases, and you’re kind of saying them as a quiet prayer or petition. But there’s so much more to it than that. And what I really want you to do is check it out. I want you to check it out for you, your family, your friends, and ultimately for the world. It’s that powerful. And as I like to say, expect miracles.


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