Past Life Regression: Remembering A Life in Ancient Egypt

past life in egypt past life regression

This was Emilee’s first experience with past life regression. During our conversation, she shares why she knew she was ready to have this experience, her doubts and fears going into it, what being hypnotized really feels like, and the lifetime in ancient Egypt that she remembered. Whether you love hearing past life stories or are feeling a tug to experience this yourself, I hope this video serves you on your spiritual journey.

(By Lauren) In just a few moments. You are going to meet Emily, Emily joined one of my group s past life regression experiences earlier this year. I host these groups past life regressions several times a year. This was her first past life, regression experience, and not only was it her first past life, aggression experience, but it was also her first experience ever with hypnosis and being hypnotized.

It was her first experience in a group setting like this um. So during this, she is going to share about the doubts that she had to go into this experience, the fears that she had, and what her lifetime was like.

She remembered this lifetime in ancient Egypt and um in so much detail. She is going to share with you all that she remembered and all that she experienced Emily was raised in a fairly traditional organized religious upbringing, and she later left religion and spirituality altogether, and this experience for her was a part of her journey of coming back To her spiritual beliefs and really provided for her a lot of the proof, the knowing the remembering that she needed to really trust herself and trust what she was feeling and experiencing whether you are interested in learning more about past life, regression or really just interested.

In hearing about Emily s story and her experience, let s do it let s dive in hi Emily thanks so much for coming to chat with me today. Hey thank you for having me Lauren, I am so happy to be here with you here, together, virtually so good, absolutely um.

So I would love to know you recently did one of my great past life regression sessions and I want to dive into all of it, your experience and what you were experiencing beforehand, what you did experience how that s integrated since then.

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