Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Hew Len about the Basis of Ho’oponopono

How Morrnah developed Ho’oponopono

Interviewer: Hi with me today is Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Hew Len. Today we’ll be talking about a traditional healing method for relieving stress and develop yourself spiritually, this process is called Ho’oponopono. First of all, I wanna find out how you got involved or develop this process. Morrnah?

Morrnah Simeona: I was familiar with the old method called Ho’oponopono which is still practiced in Honolulu today, but this is my method ‘cause I’ve updated it and I did have this in other lifetimes.

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Morrnah and other Lifetimes

Interviewer: In other lifetimes?

Morrnah Simeona: Before I was born in this lifetime and for me, I think we have had lifetimes after lifetimes, experiencing different lifetimes from time to time.

What is Ho’oponopono according to Morrnah

Interviewer: During the process of coming to know or going through the process of Ho’oponopono is it learning more about ourselves and discovering these past identities?

Morrnah Simeona: The thing that we do is that we have a memory and I think most of people don’t understand that there are three selves to them and they are the father, the mother and the child and unless the family are together it is really hard to say you contacted divinity so the way we teach is very simple with a book and the students can look at the book and the idea is that they start with themselves and in with themselves so instead of blaming others we blame ourselves, and the cleaner we are the better situations may be.

Interviewer: So it is really a method of centralizing our problems and eliminating that.

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How Ho’oponopono sees Divinity

Morrnah Simeona: That’s right, but I think the most important thing in the whole thing (ho’oponopono) is the idea of how do you as a person look at the divinity of good, you see out in the boondock or is he right with you? but for us, the divinity is in your heart so why look outside?

Interviewer: From my personal experience in looking at religion I have learned the method of relying on other sources of healing my spiritual self and it seems that I’ve struggled with a lot of problems in learning that I can’t have anybody else carry that burden of learning of heal that process but this is a method of centralizing that.

Morrnah Simeona: I think is unique because instead of us having another person tell us, we ask the divinity to because he created us and no one else has created us except the divinity

Interviewer: In this process your bonding with the divinity in order to understand what needs healing?

Morrnah Simeona: well I think when the person knows by the technique that we teach he is able to do it himself and the error is not outside it’s always within himself and if he clears it, situations outside will clear itself.

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Dr Hew Len and his work at mental institutions

Interviewer: Dr. Len could you tell us a little of the background and experience that you had working in the institutions.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: I’m a clinical psychologist by training and the people I work with or I did work for five years were what we call criminally mentally ill and these are people who have either killed or raped or murdered someone and then gone adjudicated being insane so these are people I’ve had an opportunity to work for 5 years and what I have discovered working with them is that their problems really are our problems that if we are willing to look just at ourselves and really release the judgments we have of them or other people, they really get well, that’s been my experience, just by working on ourselves so what I do or I used to do at the institution is that I did not have therapy, I didn’t have any therapy, I didn’t talk to anybody, all the work I did, I did at home, I did between myself and the divinity, asking the divinity what is it that I needed to do to clear myself with the patient and then what he felt would be right to do with the patient so didn’t talk to them, didn’t have a therapy, just between myself and the divinity and asking what needed to be done.

Judgments and the need to release.

Interviewer: Does this reflect that we have a lot of judgment that everybody tends to thrust upon each other?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: What happens is that the people that come into our lives are people who come into our lives so we can let go of them, let go of whatever judgment, whether is our children or whether that’is our parents or whether it’s the people that we in quotes work with, whether it is alcoholic or people who have been or who are mentally ill, they come into our lives because we have created some problems with them and by our releasing the judgments and the expectations, the problem with them, they get better, so it’s not them, it is always us.

Who was Morrnah Simeona? – Interesting facts

The sins of our fathers fall upon us?

Interviewer: So it is a part like what I hear from time and time again is that while history repeats itself, another thing is that spiritually sometimes within churches they tell us that the sins of our fathers fall upon us or in the medical field that we do inherit problems of our parents, now how is that, do you deal with that?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah, most of what we deal with are what Morrnah talked about memories, and so we’ve had experiences of meeting people for the first time and saying to yourself oh I’ve met her before, or we’ve been to places where we say to us I’ve been here before and you have because your subconscious has that memory of having met that person or being at a particular place so if you have judgments about places and people it is because you’ve had a memory of them that was hurtful, so this process is that you ask the divinity whatever error you’ve created that causes you to react, you’re asking it to be transmuted or released.

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