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The law of attraction for kids includes a whole series of positive aspects to teach your child. Mainly how to be happy, how to set goals, and how to achieve them by seeing it as a game.

1. How can we raise happy children with the Law of Attraction?

Kids Law of attraction1.1 Modeling

One of the principles of the Law of Attraction is that “Like attracts Like” and “You can’t give something you don’t have, so the first thing in raising happy children should be modeling. That’s right, the first to be happy are us, so it is important to avoid the role of “sacrifice” or “I do everything for you”, since that would really set a very bad example for the child.

How could you teach your child to be happy if you don’t have that happiness? Some parents think that giving their children everything and serving them in all that they ask is to love them or make them happy, but that will only make them selfish and they will probably have to face a hard transition to adulthood because there will no longer be people who do them service.

Give your Children the Gift of Learning How to Achieve Goals and Use the Law of Attraction.

At the point when you deal with yourself, set aside a few minutes for yourself, and do things that satisfy you, your child takes in those practices from you. On the off chance that she sees you going for your dreams and settling on choices dependent on your inward truth, she discovers that doing those things is acceptable. Then again, on the off chance that you model dropping everything to satisfy her most recent dictate, she discovers that parenthood means self-denial and victimization. She may then turn into a self-destroying guardian herself or go the other outrageous and forego parenting entirely since it would appear that such a penance.

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So to bring up Happy Kids, be kind and good with yourself. Approach yourself with deference and nobility equivalent to you treat your child. Don’t allow disrespect toward you any more than you’d allow someone to be rude to your kids. Set aside a few minutes for your innovative desires and dreams. Plan in some planned individual time every week (or day), and ensure that you take it.

Let your children see you’re doing this, and reveal to them the explanation: “Mama needs to have some good times, as well,” or “Mothers need time each day to unwind and relax.” This shows your kid that you esteem yourself, and that individual time is essential to everybody’s joy.

LAw of Attraction for Kids

1.2 Focused Attention

Another important principle of the Law of Attraction for Kids to apply in raising happy children is focused attention. The best structure this can take is continuous, one-on-one individual time with your kid. Recall your own youth and a portion of your most joyful memories. Odds are they incorporate that climb you took with Dad, or the time you and Mom went to the restaurant for a special dessert.

At the point when we put aside an hour or two to be with our kid, away from interruptions and interferences, we reveal to him he is significant and cherished. Giving Focused Attention is considerably more remarkable than the diffused consideration kids get while we cook supper, drive them someplace, or break up conversations to take calls on our cell phone.

Kids flourish with cherishing, engaged, individual consideration the manner in which plants blossom with daylight. Structure in some focused attention consistently, regardless of whether it’s just for five or ten minutes. Take a gander at your kid when he converses with you, so he knows you’re total with him. In love, it’s the subtle things that count.

Law of attraction and children

Giving focused attention shows self-esteem: your youngster knows she’s important on the grounds that you esteem her, enough to cut out an ideal opportunity for you and her, continuous by the world, for those minutes. That spells love, and when she realizes you love her, by your activities not your words, that brings security and heart satisfaction, basic establishments of joy and happiness.

In this bustling reality where parents maintain two sources of income and where children’s social schedules can match those of debutants, it is difficult to make time to deal with yourself and continuous-time for you and your kid. In any case, for bliss, nothing could be more significant. Consider your timetable, what is superfluous that you can remove, or squandered minutes that you can take out. Use that harvested time to be good to you and your kid. Your child’s happiness, and yours, depend on it.

Law of attraction for kids book

2 Law of Attraction for Kids and Goal Setting

Goal setting is one of the most significant abilities that an individual can learn, and the previous this aptitude is found out, the more possibilities there are for fruitful results in an individual’s life. Grown-ups realize that objective setting is tied in with arranging, making progress with that plan, and reaching final goals or achievements. When a youngster figures out how to do this, they can utilize this tool for more achievement in school and at to teach kid achieve goals

Goal setting for children will assist your kids with excelling on their school tests and in exercises, for example, sports, music programs or outside scholarly or expressions programs – even at home, and with their own accounts. Showing your kid how to be a goal setter will give them a feeling that they are equipped for anything they desire to do. That is significant!

3 Steps to Mastering the Law of Attraction


2.1 Step by step instructions to enable your kid to be a Goal setting Children

Goal setting for kids is fundamentally equivalent to for grown-ups, with a couple of caveats. Since they are youthful, and not as genuinely or intellectually created, objectives ought to be littler and more substantial. The thought with goal setting for kids is to kick them off in the deep-rooted mood for intuition, arranging and making a move to accomplish results. The basic premises of goal setting remain the same. You can help your child learn to set goals by working through these steps with him:

Ask, “What would you like to accomplish?” – Help your kid portray in explicit terms something he might want to do that will take some work/planning (getting An on his next math test, acquiring cash to buy a particular sort of bike).

Ask, “By what means will you get that?” – Help him plan out the steps to take and the small objectives to reach on his way to a definitive objective.

Build up responsibility – Have your kid write down and record what he wants to accomplish and what his plan for arriving is. He can read it every day to assist him with individual responsibility, and he can share it with you, or another trusted adult to help him stay motivated, inspired, and on-track.goal setting for kids

Accomplish – Achievement isn’t just for the ultimate result, but also for the small goals that are met along the way.

Audit plan/ Goals/ results – Throughout the process and toward the end too, survey with your youngster the plan and how it is going. Do alterations need to be made? What is his opinion about his advancement and where it is leading? How was the goal-setting experience for him?

On the off chance that your kid doesn’t arrive at his definitive goal, converse with him about what he realized in transit. He still has learned valuable lessons about planning and goal setting, and he’s presumably found out more about himself. Urge him to not abandon dreams that are imperative to him, but that if one plan doesn’t work, he has to revise the plan and try again.

Teaching your Kid to be a goal-setting child and Law of Attraction for Kids is one of the best things you can do.

You will be giving your child, a significant blessing that they will use for their whole lives, enabling them to accomplish brilliant things in each everyday issue. Objective setting for kids is an aptitude that will be based on all throughout a whole lifetime. For an awesome asset about Goal Setting for kids, and The Law of Attraction for Kids go to

3. Three useful Exercises or Games to Practice The Law of Attraction with your Children


3.1 The Positive Thoughts Jar – Messages for the Future

To focus on positive thinking and inspiration is one of the practices of the Law of Attraction but we all have some “bad days” when we want to give up and feel like we don’t have the strength to continue. But we can give us encouragement in advance with the Positive Thoughts Jar!. The exercise is like this:

  • When we have a good day and feel plenty of energy we fill the jar with this fuel:
    • Gratitude Thoughts – Children can write (or you can write for them) about what are they grateful for. Teach them to appreciate even the little things because if they are able to feel thankful for even those things in life that make them happy, they will attract more of the same. Remember like attracts like in terms of our thought vibration.
    • Record of Achievements – When we feel like we cannot do something we have to be able to remember our past successes in reaching our goals. So when your kid achieves a goal write about it including all the positive qualities of her character that were involved so that when she feels that something is not possible she can take one of these messages out of the jar and remember all those “superpowers” she had to achieve a past goal and how she overcame the obstacles and how she can also apply something similar to achieve her goals now.
      It’s fun to write a letter to your future self reminding you what it’s like to feel empowered.

LAw of Attraction for Kids

3.2 Play with Vision Cards

This game is best if you have a large private space to play it like a back yard or garden. These are the fun steps!:
1. Take blank cards (postcard size) and put your goals and good wishes in the form of a drawing.
2. An area is then cordoned off and cards are hung around it. Make sure the area is clean, clear and safe.
3. The participants are blindfolded and with their hands, they feel the vibration of what attracts them the most and they capture three cards. Those letters will be your positive messages for the day. Make sure they take the time to feel, to focus on what they would like to attract, to take slow steps, feeling with their little hands first where they want to go. ah! and you can put inspiring background music to set the mood.

This exercise is extremely effective so that your subconscious has a firm impression of those goals that you have written down on paper because it has everything: vision, perception, movement, emotion.

3.3 Vision Board

Remember that our subconscious mind is very susceptible to images and that it is a language that even prefers that of words. Therefore the images that symbolize what we like or want to achieve can be sending a powerful message to our mind and are also a central tool in helping us to refocus on our goals.
In the case of children, they can implement the following:
1. Make your room decor a vision board itself. Details like paintings, their sheets and quilts, toys, and more can be in tune with the goals your child is working on.
2. In a second space it is good to have a vision board with specific images of what you see achieving and it is even better if they include drawings that you have made yourself.

With Love,

Stela Ahau


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