Fourth Dimension Consciousness and the Astral Plane

Fourth Dimension Consciousness and the Astral Plane

It is said that human beings are born with an open connection to our soul and that over time we lose that direct connection. We slowly begin to conform, our dreams shut down and we forget where we go at night, when the spirit leaves the body, to refresh itself and to connect with other souls. Jim Self, founder of Mastering Alchemy and an international speaker, goes to his soul’s home place, every night. There, he meets with beings and ascended masters who explain how life in the cosmos works and what this great shift means, in very real terms. Courtesy of Gaia

We really believe that it’s possible to unlock the whole human potential in daminer. We believe that there are multiple lines of reality, and so imagine that one of these lines of reality has led humanity to destroy.

Our planet has led us to a point of no return: We believe that we can create a new branch in time whereby events will go differently and we will not destroy ourselves and the planet. It was important for us to make something solid, visible.

Touchable because otherwise it’s only theoretical, we have people doing magic in their daily life. This object is 15, 400 years old,  from testing the adhesive. This one is 14, 215 years old.

As a scientist, you have to look at the data objectively. The data is overwhelming the consistency. This is remarkable, there’s thousands of pieces of evidence, and this is a theme that you find across the world.

You know how hard this would be to do today. This is not. This is not doable, nothing. We can do today. There was contact with advanced civilization in our deep past. It may be that not only this advanced ancient civilization may have been on our planet, but that this earlier prior civilization was the source of the eventual evolution of homo sapiens.

On our planet, this might be something that was a branch of hybrids that had extraterrestrial contact.  It’S been said in many spiritual traditions that the human being is born with an open connection to our soul, with remembrances from our deep past over time.

However, we lose that direct connection through societal and parental programming and expectations. We slowly begin to conform, our dreams begin to close down and we no longer remember where we go at night, when the spirit leaves the body to refresh itself gain knowledge and connect with other souls.

Jim self has had the unique benefit of never shutting down every night. He goes to his soul’s home place and meets with beings and ascended masters, who have shown him how life in the cosmos works, including what this great shift means in very real terms.

This is a fascinating story. Jim thank you for driving all the way up to sedona to meet us. I think everybody resonates really well in these beautiful red rocks. Oh yes, siron is a great place to be. It is indeed and you’ve had an interesting path because, on one hand, you’re very intelligent, grounded practical person that started a life in politics at a very young age.

Yes, pretty amazing. Yes, it was uh city council san jose at 26. right. Why did? How did anyone trust you to put you into office at that age? Well, if you know about san jose san jose used to be the third richest agricultural valley in the world, and then they built houses over it, and when i started playing in the politics side of it, we had triple sessions in schools, and so people would buy This wonderful house and this nice orchard and they’d sell the house i mean get into the house and also a new house would be next door and cross the street.

It was a ridiculous thing, so it was a very nice transition to be able to move from the old guard who ran everything to a whole new grouping of people coming in and it was a nice fit still. There was something that you were exuding that allowed this to happen, and, let’s back into that, a little bit because anyone watching you right now, you have an unusual amount of light coming out of your eyes.

Granted you have lights on you, but even when the lights weren’t on you, you have a lot of light coming out of your eyes. So let’s talk about dream time and who you really are well, you know one of the things that happens when people come into a body born into a body.

You know everything that soft spot on the top of your head. That’S the connecting connection to the creator. You’Re still connected, and then you begin to listen to mom, dad preacher. Minister teacher and you say: okay, i’m the little one they’re, the big ones, and i’m going to do what they say and you begin to shut that down.

Also, people are very connected: they’re clairvoyant, they’re clairsentient, their cleric audience. They have a very full connection to themselves and to the world around them, and then we shut that down to do what the big ones say to do and in a way i never shut that down and it’s an awkward place because people listening are very sensitive.

You know one of the things to the that happens to the people who don’t shut. That down is they begin to be hiders in life, they’re very sensitive to the energy and to the feelings, the emotions of other people, and so that gets to be very challenging.

For a lot of people for me, it didn’t seem to affect me as much and the path i’m on just allowed me to continue to walk through that. And then things like city council in san jose and building corporations and the many other things that i’ve been able to do.

They were just learning points along the way to begin to understand this space that i get to play in now, and that’s really what life is. If we all understood it that way, it’s all just an experiment, a playground, whatever you want to call it very much.

So you’ve always known that, so you approached each of these things with the type of boldness the average individual might have lost because of all the other voices in their heads that suppress the boldness that we are innately.

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Well, i would like to say yes, but i have had my own stuff. You know in life, everybody’s got their stuff and so, to a great extent, see you’re always on your path. That path is something that’s very predetermined by you, usually when i say that people jump up and go what about free will well, it fits very well that path that you walked.

You’Ve created it to have all of these experiences in your life. The free will piece is: how do you choose to experience your path and when you start to recognize that you choose there’s no victims, you either turn away from your path or you stay on your path.

You begin to look at what you want. There is always a boldness in it, but sometimes people get knocked down because you’re, not okay, the world around. You says, and we believe that to some plus or minus extent, and so in my reality i believed it.

You know people said you’re, not okay. Of course everybody buys it, but it’s it’s beginning to recognize that you can’t be not okay, see it’s really an impossible thing to be. Not okay, you, this internal guidance system right here, is always okay, but what we do is we look at that external world mom? Dad teacher minister – and they say this is this – is what we know, and this is what the truth is, and this is how you do it and then we follow that path and we continue to look to our external world for our own validation and our truths And somebody, and that doesn’t work, and so one of two things happens: either you’re very sensitive and you get pushed away.

And you say: i’m not okay and i don’t fit and i’m not part of that or you shut it down in many ways and step into it and just boldly go. You know, i think, that’s a good point you make because i mean, even in my own life, i’ve been in media since i was a kid basically, you know my mid early 20s and i was so shy.

I would have nod off an arm before i would have raised my hand in class, and i was terrified to do this. I did it on a dare and yet, if you can push through like you say it’s not that the fear might not show itself, but if you can go there anyway, that’s part of that journey of boldness.

Isn’T it very much so and there’s a particular piece where people lose quite often there’s an aspect, this inner guidance system that you simply know this is my truth and many times, and you know when it’s not your truth and sometimes when you start to play the Game of the external world do money, do fame, do whatever it may be.

For you, we have a tendency to shut that internal guidance system down it’s like kind of be quiet. I don’t want to hear this, i’m on my path, i’m having success or whatever, and we don’t listen to our own truths.

What this shift of consciousness is about is this internal guidance system is now becoming the compass. That’S driving you absolutely now. I want to backtrack a little bit because we didn’t go into it.

You have been able you’ve had this extraordinary ability that ver is very rare. When you go into dream time into the other dimensions at night. You actually have recall when you come back. Can you tell us what you’re doing over there, and also how that information may have interfaced with putting you on your path and also making some of the other earthly decisions you’ve made up to what you’re doing now? I can’t do that see one of the things that happens every night you go home, everybody goes home every night, you lay the body down and you say i’m going to sleep.

You begin to disconnect the emotional mental spiritual body from the physical body, and you go home and as the process of going home, you pass through a dream space, the astral plane as people describe it.

That’S not home. That’S just a place that you get to also play, but when you go home, it’s like a fine flute or a single candle burning, it’s so quiet and calm, and it’s in that focused attention. Point that you remember yourself.

You remember everything and in that space it’s an amazing place, the the great beings that people would attach to or have reference to, the jesus, the buddha, the metatrons, the archangel michael they’re, all there.

They all sit at that table and the other ones that are there are the yous. You know the you and mes we sit at that table too, fully engaged in that process. The challenge is when you come back to the body and when you, when you separate it, there’s the acupuncture points see.

This is very interesting because that’s the docking points between the emotional and the mental body and their little magnetic vortexes and they start to shut down and you begin to go home. But when you come back and you reconnect into that body, this is the point where most people remember their dreams is when you’re coming back into the body.

But you pass through that astral aspect and that’s not your dream. That’S not where home is. That’S just another place, but as soon as you re-enter that body space, where you left off yesterday, you pick right back up.

So it’s like going from that single flute of quietness that single tone back to the star-spangled banner. All the noise of yesterday clicks right back in, and people forget in my reality. Part of my path is to remember that space.

So i can come back and say: look. This is how this works. These are how dimensions work. This is how this pathway of the shift works. So the question, though, what do you do when you go? There is a very difficult one to answer, because the reference points are different and in you, when you start playing in this fifth.

Sixth, seventh dimensional reality. It’S a completely different realm of consciousness, so the bridging doesn’t happen comfortably in language and part of my wonderful journey is i have enough awareness of what happens there in that i can bring into language and then speak to this shift of consciousness and so articulately as Well, and just continuing on that dream theme for a moment, this is this is very much as i understand it, although i can rarely remember anything from that quiet time, and i’ve often felt that when you’re passing back through that little astral thing, which is it’s recognizable, It’S a very close dimension to earth people that you know i mean you might be hooking up with individual energies or even individuals in astral form and maybe even bringing back through some understanding of something that you’re balancing within the being via the feelings that are played Out in that little drama realm more human realm, the the astral plane is a very interesting aspect.

It is part of the fourth dimension. It is a place where things happen in a different time configuration you know, you’ve had dreams where somebody from your past and somebody from your future they’re in the same dream, and it’s very consistent.

You don’t think much about that so, but the astral plane is a very fascinating place and it’s going to be a troubling place for many as we go on this shift, because one of the things that happens in the astral plane is what you think is what You get as you think it, but also the astral plane is fascinating because, depending on the life you live here, if you are a person that has lots of negative thoughts and lots of drama when you go through into that astral plane.

Something very specific happens. You see, thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic very important piece of information, and so how you think and then how you bind your thoughts to emotions. I hate that over there and you feel that anger or that resentment or whatever it means, or i love this wonderful thing and it’s airy and it’s fluid if you ever notice thoughts that you think that are heavy, angry resentful troubling worrying, they linger a very long Time in your awareness in many people, that’s how that you are very accurate, that’s hell, but it’s hell in a moment where i’ll point to what happens is when you hold those thoughts here and then you pass into your sleep space, those magnetic thoughts of resentment.

Get Rid of Resenments with Ho’oponopono

Let’S say that thought is such that it anchors to all the thoughts ever thought that have that same thought and emotional configuration, so you just magnetically get pulled to a scripting. That is very much like what you think so, but where it becomes hell is very accurate statement and what you do is in fact, they’ve done a study on people who are in prisons and one of the common things they say is the thing i’m most unhappy About in my life is when i go to sleep, i don’t want to go to sleep yeah.

That’S sad reason. It being is when i hold anger, resentment, murder, rape, incest and then i go to sleep. Guess what i experience. So what is that astral plane? That’S challenging is the heaviest ugliest thoughts, thought that have never been manifested by you.

They sit in that level of the astral plane, the heavier part of the astral plane, and when you go to sleep, you begin to magnetically connect into all the other thoughts that others have thought and that’s a place that and that’s not just your thought, frequency.

It’S everyone who’s had similar frequency of thought. Everything feeding that field. Every thought ever thought yeah like that, when it’s manifested you bring it into the third dimension and experience it, but where it has not been manifested.

You begin to access that when you go to sleep, the challenge for the shift we’re a little bit out of context here, but the third dimension which you can talk about is going to dissolve it’s going away.

It cannot continue to exist, but the fourth dimension isn’t going to go away. So when you begin to play in that fourth dimensional space – and you hold those really negative ugly thoughts, you’re going to begin to experience what you think, as you think, and that’s going to be a challenge for some see.

The flip side of it, though, is when you think about puppy dogs and little children and wonderful things and butterflies and beautiful sedonas of the world. Those are fleeting thoughts in a way because there’s that magnetism is not dense, it’s very fluid, and so you have a nice feeling with those thoughts.

But you don’t stay focused on them a long time. So when you begin to have that kind of construct and you go home at night, you pass into that area much more quickly than you do into those places which you don’t identify with those heavier thoughts.

One of the things that i find and kind of this path that i’ve been asked to teach by the archangels and what the archangel said is, we believe there’s a pathway that has never been walked, never walked, and if it’s followed it will ascend it’ll create an Ascension for those that walk it, a change, a dramatic change, but it will also create a light.

A magnetic portal, if you would, that will draw all of the third dimension into the fifth dimension, and so that’s kind of what mastering alchemism. But that pathway is very specifically laid out and words become very important in the pathway.

So if i say to you in third dimension, the word ease like oh take it easy. You have a sense of that. But when you get into the quietness that you’re pointing to – and you say, i’d like to experience, ease very different experience energetically in the body when you step into a fifth dimensional space, and you recognize that you’re a citizen of the fifth dimension and in that space You live in a reverence and a regalness, it’s almost like a royalty with the most wonderful side of it where this is, who i am that presence becomes very big, then you begin to experience words like freedom.

In a way, you cannot imagine in a third and fourth dimension, but you experience that word ease it’s full, it’s distinct, it’s it adds magnetics, it attracts words like graciousness. Graciousness is a fifth dimensional world.

We can speak it in our language, but you have no idea what graciousness is, as you begin to be, that citizen in the fifth dimension, living in ease and beauty and well-being, we’ve painted a beautiful portrait of what we are, we can choose to move into and It is our choice and where we are about to go and where we’re about to go and again mastering alchemy is the work that you’re offering the world.

At this time. People can check in with you or go to seminars, read books, whatnot, there’s plenty online free. Also and dvds, all of the above, so they can start working themselves through clearing, not just clearing but actually choosing to go on this path into themselves into their fifth dimensional self.

It’S a beautiful! It’S a pathway, yeah, it’s not a it’s, not a truth. It’S not a philosophy, it’s not anything, it simply says if you can begin to change this, i’m not okay into a sense of i’m capable, i’m certain.

I’m present, you have a very different experience. It’s not follow me or listen to it’s. Do this apply these tools and watch the world around? You change, i think you’re a good person to do this. You have a great deal of humility and clarity in your being, and i really appreciate your taking the time to sit with me today.

Thank you. I found the details about the dissolution of the third dimension and our move into the thought form world of the fourth. Absolutely fascinating. We’Ve all heard that we need to watch the quality of our thoughts now.

You know why you can learn more about jim’s work. By going to, you can pick up a copy of his introductory book, called the shift his dvd course or find out about his live seminars there until next time, thanks for watching cmn, common people around the world are doing the uncommon, i mean It is literally the netflix of spirituality

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