Dr. Joe Vitale – 3 Powerful Books To Unleash The Power In You

3 recommended books by dr joe vitale

(By Dr. Joe Vitale). The very first book that deeply influenced me did it when I was a teenager uh it’s called the magic of believing by Claude Bristol came out in the 50’s I read it in the 60s I’ve read it seven or eight times at first from the library, now today I have autographed copies of it because I collect the book, but it was all about the power of the mind when you could actually believe something and you can visualize that it was going to tend to happen in your reality and that was a turning point for me because it just woke me up to the power that was in me that was untapped so that’s the magic of believing.

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Another book that most people don’t know about is called the book of EST by Luke  Reinhardt that book shook me awake because that book is a fictionalized description of an actual seminar that was big in the 70s, it was a very confrontational seminar with Werner Earhart, it was called EST Earhart seminar training, I believe is what EST stands, for but the book put you there without actually being in the room the book puts you in it because it was so well written it was hypnotic writing at its best but it also shook me because it was talking about personal responsibility at a level I had never comprehended before and it was important for me to realize that everything was going on in my life I was directly involved in the creation of it or the attraction of it if you will so that book was a wake-up call. I’m glad to be able to say that decades after reading it I met the author befriended him and now I’m the publisher of his book we brought that book back in print so the book of ass by Luke Reinhardt is now back in print because of being a friend.

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And then the third book that I want to give credit to is called the Robert Collier letter book, Robert Collier is mostly known as a metaphysical writer and I read him when I was in my teenage years but I didn’t know until 20 some years after first reading him that he was actually a copywriter and he wrote this book that came out in the 50s it was published a few days before he died called the Robert Collier letter book  which was this giant manual of how to write persuasive copy that book changed my life as a writer I was a pretty good writer before it I was a hypnotic writer after it but the Robert Collier letter book by Robert Collier was the third book that really deeply redirected my life

By Dr. Joe Vitale – Law of Attraction – 3 Powerful Books To Unleash The Power In You. Law of Attraction tips and tricks from star of The Secret Dr. Joe Vitale. If you love the hit movie, The Secret and want to know more about how to use The Law of Attraction to create your best life…you’ll love Dr. Joe Vitale.

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