QiGong and the Body Immune System

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If you are thinking of starting a QiGong program, keep in mind that you do not have to be ideal! QiGong is a technique so the more you do it, the much better you come to be.

Why should you do QiGong?

The technique of QiGong assists to create a balance between your body and mind with activity, breathing, as well as meditation. When QiGong is practiced daily, you can experience physical advantages such as appropriate placement and muscular tissue toughness, plus you can take pleasure in a clear mind, take care of daily tension much better, as well as live a healthy, balanced, as well as productive life! When starting your very own QiGong practice, take your time and also endure on your own. QiGong is for everybody!

How does QiGong help support the body immune system?

When you do not deal with your physical, mental, and psychological well-being, your immune system endures also. The good news is that QiGong can naturally enhance your immune system! Practicing Qigong everyday helps your body detoxify, balances your mind, and straightens your body so that it can do to the most effective of its capabilities. Follow this Free QiGong class to help stimulate your immune system!:

Qigong exercises healing Daisy Lee

Forward all the smooth movements in QiGong aid to alleviate the built-up pressure in your back, bones and whole body. Together with the release of stress, a fresh supply of blood and oxygen is released throughout your body, boosting your body organs so they can perform their ideal.

Make certain to have a look at QiGong with Daisy Lee and take the free video class with her.

During this one-hour special video event, you’ll:

  • Participate in a guided body scan — starting with a series of questions from Daisy to help you tune in to YOUR body from head to toe
  • Let go of pent-up anger that may be building up in your liver with a specific Zang Fu Gong exercise designed to expel stagnant Qi out of your body and restore you to a calm and peaceful sate
  • Release grief and other painful emotions connected to your lungs as Daisy demonstrates another powerful Zang Fu Gong exercise
  • Identify the root emotional issues causing blocked energy in your body that can lead to the specific health problems you’re facing
  • Zero in on the ways you’re experiencing blocked energy as a result of the stressors all around you
  • Receive a calming practice to bring you into vertical alignment; you’ll become better connected to your own body AND more grounded to the earth as you focus on a starpoint in the sky

More than anything, you’ll see how YOU can take responsibility for your own care and wellbeing… all with a gentle, effective practice that’s easy to incorporate into your daily life.

In a world where so much is out of your control, making small but significant changes remains a powerful way to make meaningful and lasting transformations to your health and happiness — and Daisy will show you how to get started.

It’s FREE to attend — simply register here: Free class with Daisy

Qigong for healing Daisy Lee


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