Dr. L.W. De Laurence The Secret Of Abundance And The Art Of Getting Rich

The Secret Of Abundance And The Art Of Getting Rich

Poverty is no hindrance to riches, often it is the greatest aid. If you doubt this statement look at the lives of the rich men of the world—the multi-millionaires. How many of them began life with wealth, education, influential friends?

The world is changing its thought; in the past, those who believed in The Art of Getting Rich, were among the isolated few, and were looked upon with suspicion by the many; in the present, the great majority desire to take advantage of “Opportunity” and most of these believe it is possible.

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This change of thought is due to the fact, that earnest men and women are fast eliminating the term “impossible” from their vocabulary. Many are now convinced that life is not made for poverty and disease; they now believe that these are but a temporary creation of man gone astray. They do not believe that this world is a “vale of tears,” nor that we must suffer in the present in order that we may gain bliss in the future. We do not gather figs from thistles, neither can a life of poverty and disease be the direct cause of a life of pleasure.

It is an immutable law that like causes produce like effects, and many are beginning to intelligently use this labor in shaping their life and destiny. The source of all riches is within. There is no more difficulty in becoming rich than there is in becoming clever in a business or profession, only some men find the secret more easily than others. Adverse circumstances never yet held down a man who was determined to rise. The more insuperable the difficulties the more powerful has the man become who has emerged from them. All the enemies a man has to contend with are of his own creation. One by one he can vanquish them if he will* What man has done man can do.

What is the one desideratum in the acquirement of wealth ? Talent ? Not exactly. Some very talented men have been very poor. Education? No, there are plenty of educated men miserably poor. Trust in ourselves must come first. After that all is secondary. This is the common asset of every wealthy man. Luck, fate, chance, opportunity have no claim to consideration.


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