Dr Hew Len talks about the worst people on the planet and the meaning of Aloha

dr hew len interview aloha meaning

The Team of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

You have a whole team of people, don’t you? to do the whole Ho’oponopono work with you?

I’m part of a group of people who we have developed over the last 25 or 26 years. Some of them are coordinated like my friend Marvin here, who does most of the work, he has to listen to all these telephone calls, get the emails, and I’m glad I don’t have to do that,  not my part.

And then we have also coordinators who can teach and who coordinate teachers, and then we have people who teach but don’t coordinate, and then we have key people to go to the cleaning that they have been assigned to do. They are important people in terms of cleaning If we can get them involved in the cleaning easier job, yeah, so we have one, two, three, or four of them yeah. 


So these people are particularly skilled at cleaning?

Not that they’re skilled. There are the worst people on the planet (smiling) really.

They said: okay, let’s get the worst people on the planet to do the cleaning Wow. I think that’s wonderful, don’t, you think huh?. We have the biggest troublemakers on the cosmos. I’m serious, so why would Jesus came and said: Why would I fall in love with somebody that already loves me? I’m gonna go look for somebody who hates me.

So we got a lot of people who are from that kind of that category you can complain yeah. 

dr hew len staff team

The worst persons on the Planet.

Why the worst persons on the planet are more important at cleaning?

Did you get it? I don’t understand.

(Partner answer) That there are people who do want to clean up themselves, and they have so much work to do that their cleaning really transforms the planet. that’s, how much they have to clean yeah.

Yeah, and without their cleaning, we would have able to take longer. They are the big vacuum cleaners yeah. 

Marvin, he is not one of those, he has fine ideas, he has one of those good friends, but he’s very good at this swiveling. Yes, that’s why I show it up. 

A Testimony from the Staff

We haven’t, let you get a word in edgewise here. Would you like to share a little bit about your experience and doing Ho’oponopono? 

Marvin: Well, I don’t know where to start, but it’s something that I’m just very thankful for the divinity to give me as a tool to get back to where I’m supposed to be, to be with God.

You know I just listen all to have this tool and to be able to go back to zero. It just transforms my life, years ago for anything that happens I would look at other people, other than myself, the pointing finger to say: you know you did it, instead of looking at me, so this just change the whole thing, so it’s just cleaning, it’s just about cleaning that’s all I could say.

Dr. Hew Len: You know we have people who are signing up or want to know this or that, so I’m glad Marvin got that area covered. 

Ho'oponopono cleaning

The addiction to engagement.

See you get him just to show openness to the world.

Well, I get to do my part, which is not easy, because what you’re dealing with is the addiction for engagement, you want to wrap your hands around it, you want to get a hold of it, yeah and the realization is that people cannot help it. So somebody is gonna get to the cleaning, and so the idea is that’s my responsibility, that’s his responsibility (everybody’s responsibility).

So one of the things that we do with our staff is clap and say “hello are you doing the cleaning? don’t be asking any questions, that’s engagement”, but they’re willing to do the cleaning, then the class really goes fairly smoothly.

So if they can catch an area for which I’m not even conscious of, you know, they can pick up in there. 

How many people with this weekend? 



There was four, including me, five,

We are doing the cleaning this weekend because if we’re doing our cleaning the students and kids, will get the information directly from the source as opposed to getting it from us.

What is Mana Energy in Ho’oponopono and Huna

Become Wise

Rousseau once said that to become knowledgeable is to acquire information constantly but to become wise is to let go of the information constantly, which will be similar to Hooponopono?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: More importantly is if you are at Zero you allow everybody else to be at Zero and they get their own information, as opposed to you thinking that you’re going to deliver the information. If you’re coming from I got this information, I m gonna give it to you, you’re going to be in trouble, it’s gonna be a long weekend. 

If I am willing to clean along with the five other people, then they get what they need, the room will get what it needs, the chair will get what it needs. I mean really, so profound, the floor, the building, the Sheraton will get it, the land will get it, San Jose will…, this going on now, right out to the whole world.

Yes It’s beautiful

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About Feeling Pain when cleaning with Ho’oponopono.

Rita: Yes, there was a point in zero limits where you mentioned – or it is mentioned that when you were doing the cleaning, sometimes you would feel pain in your body.


Rita: and I’ve been working with I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you with dedication, not as much as you probably… but for about eight months now, and I noticed times where I would feel… it felt like… I would describe it as an energy knot, that would congeal, and harden, and intensify my body, and I kept on doing the cleaning, that would sort of dissipating, Is that a common pattern? 

Dr. Ihaleaka: I think it’s different for everybody, yeah.

That’s the thing I love about the Ho’oponopono that there’s no one program for everybody. Everybody is their own program, and so the program is to really erase the data to get everybody back to zero.

meaning of aloha

The meaning of Aloha

That’s it. Once they get back to zero. They’ll be awed about who they are. They’ll fall in love with themselves. They’ll be grateful, but, like the word Aloha for the Hawaiians (some Hawaiians I should be careful). For some when you say aloha, you’re saying “Alo” is to be in the presence and “Ha” means God. So when people say “Aloha” you’re actually saying I’m in the presence of God, so Ho’oponopono is to be in the presence of God.

You have to recognize that everything is really God-made and if you mess around with it. It’s gonna come back and swat you. That s to say: Ah (close two hands in front his head)


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