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I want to touch on a topic that’s really close to my own heart, which is eliminating vampires from our life and not the classical vampires that come and attach themselves to your throat but the psychic vampires, the people that come and just drain you of your energy – all they want to do is you know, get your time get your energy, get your consciousness, get your attention and it’s so important to clear them out of your life, but the other topic I want to cover today is how do we cut energy cords and they’re related to each other.

Energy cords, in particular, that bind us to the past both to our personal past and to our collective history of humanity, because we’re at a time that we need to reinvent humanity, the old paradigm, the old model of humanity is like a suit of clothes that has become way too tight.

So, I want to share with you ancient methodologies for cutting the connections that bind us to karma, to genetics, to the past, so that we can have a fresh perspective and a clean take on our destiny, on the future. 

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On shamanic studies, the mentors say that you needed to get a sword, and maybe you can say “why do I need a sword for I’m a peaceful person, I don’t, keep swords around the House”, but what they mean is that you don’t get a sword as a weapon, you get a sword as a tool and it becomes a sword of light that you can use to cut cords because the past doesn’t live within us, is history. It exists as a connection, as an energetic connection, a thick cord of light that connects us to all of the drama and trauma of human history, all of the tragedy and the violence and the terrible abuse of the past.

And if you look at the past of human history, it is the past of violence and destruction and abuse by those in power over those that are powerless. So you don’t need to go out and buy a sword, but I encourage you to find something that you can use to cut these energetic cords that are connected to our chakras and connect to our hearts, to the way that our hearts were broken in our family, with our mother and our grandmother or our father, who could never find love and never find intimacy break that cut that cord.

You cannot resolve that through psychotherapy alone, and I discovered that a sword of light is an important instrument today, it’s, a tool, not a weapon that we should have every psychotherapist should have in their office so that we can cut these connections to the past.

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Because the wisdom of the past doesn’t tie you up and bind you with ropes it’s only the suffering, and the pain and the angst, and the history of violence of humanity that keeps us bound to repeating those stories. Over and over again.

Another sword that we can have and that is actually even sharper than a metallic one it’s a feather and it has an amazingly sharp edge and that you can use in the same manner you can use to cut a cord that’s connecting your heart to the broken hearts that run in your lineage, that’s connecting your head to all of the belief systems that you inherited from your mother and father that you even inherit while you’re in the womb. Remember that the stress hormones, that cortisol, and adrenaline go right through the placental barrier and if your mother did not feel safe if she could not count on her partner, that information began to organize neural networks in your own brain even before you were born.

So We are born with 50 percent of our beliefs already programmed into us that we picked up from our mothers and we are all the children and grandchildren of war, and this is what we need to cut that connection to the past, cut it because otherwise, we’re not going to be able to become that new human that needs to emerge on the planet right now.

So I encourage you to get a sword and to work it in that way and remember that it’s a tool. It’s a tool that you use to cut those connections with the toxic past, and you do it by cutting those connections to your chakras to your energy centers.

Cut cords from your first, second and third chakras

These cords inform your sense of safety and security in your first chakra. These cords inform your sexuality and your intimacy in your second chakra or your personal power, and your third chakra where you encouraged to show your gifts and your talent, or that you have to hide them cut those cords that connect you to those stories, cut them in the front and cut them in the back and then find where they are in your field and sever them.

Cur cords from your fourth chakra

Cut that cords that connect you to experiencing love in a particular way, you cannot release them lovingly to all of the ways that your family or you were wounded in the past. They need to be cut. They need to be severed. The cords that keep you bound to a relationship that you left physically, that man or that woman that you were so deeply enchanted with and then deeply disenchanted with.

We need to cut those cords. If you don’t cut the cords, no amount of psychotherapy will allow you to have a fresh start and open your heart again. Now remember to cut those cords around the neck, your communication, your voice, and your throat ah cut those chords, cut those chords that keep you repeating the same stories that you heard as a child and that your father and grandfather or grandmother repeated to herself, the stories that we inherited from our families and the stories of our people today, the stories that we were banished from the garden of eden, stories that we are refugees or outcasts, that we are looking for where we belong and who we are, cut all of those stories out, because while they might be entertaining and keep you on a quest to discover who you are, it’s within a context that is dated and that has died and that we have to let go of.

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Cut cords from your third eye chakra

Cut those cords in your forehead in your third eye, cut those stories, cut those cords that keep us seeing the world in the same way that we did a few years ago, that keep us waiting to return to the new normal, that keep us bound to the way everything looked when the earth was still flat. And now we live on a different planet and a different earth and a new humanity that requires a new vision that must come from that center, but that we have to cut the cords to the old vision of who we were as an individual, as a man, as a woman as a person of color, as a who we were as humanity, because that is gone, and the new form and the new self and the new human has to be born inside each one of us find that sword and then, of course, foremost to cut that cord that connects us to the old model of the heavens of the patriarchy of the divine as a masculine form and as a tyrannical ruler that demanded blood sacrifice and burnt offerings and demanded that you offer your firstborn or your second born, to become a significant member, hard-working member of a society that has become defunct, that is no longer life-supporting and life-sustaining, that we stop training our children to go to war or to go to work in jobs that are not sustainable or ecological or furthering the interest of the planet and of all beings.

So this is the opportunity that we have today, we can either cut these cords as an act of love and an act of power, or we can wait for them to be cut for us by the tremendous wave of change that is washing over the entire planet right now, this tremendous apocalyptic transformation that has been foretold by the wisdom keepers of old, across all cultures, the shamans of old foretold this time, and the need for the birth of any humanity.

So I encourage you if you don’t get a sword, but you must train them, because these were designed as instruments of war and we need to be able to use them as tools for healing and for peace to sever our relationship with the toxic past, my preferred instrument today is the feather, it’s gentler and has less of a story behind it. The problem is that it’s harder to find the edge of a feather and to use it wisely. You need to be already disconnected from the tragic history of humanity to be able to use the gentler tools, so find the instruments that you need in order to be able to give you a fresh start to unbind you to cut those cords that are wrapped around our feet and that keep us bound to all stories and bound to family tragedies and bound to the histories of how our family died and how they became sick and how they aged and how they were never able to find that which made them whole, done with those stories let’s let them go.

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Cut cords through ceremony

Remember that the brain needs ceremony in order to change no amount of talking about it or understanding is going to produce the kind of change we want unless we accompany with ceremony – and this is what these ceremonies do when you sever those chords that bind you to who you have been you will no longer attract those energy vampires that are sucking our life force and then we can have the time, and the discipline and the courage to take that leap into becoming that new human that we have an opportunity to do today.

The reason I am offering you this instruction today, it’s because it’s the shift in seasons we’re going through the season change, the change in the light. The days are becoming shorter or longer, depending on where you live, and it’s in these times of the equinox that we need to cut the cords, just as nature shifts its emphasis from growth and explosive blossoming and the end of summer. Everything becoming ripe to the sap and the juices beginning to return down into the depths of the earth and into the dark and rich and moist places where we’re going to plant the seeds that will spring forth when the sun returns.

So take this as an opportunity with the changing season cut those cords, let go of those vampires in your life, the people that are sucking your life force that offer you nothing so that you can take this time to go on the clean slate, the quest for who you are becoming for that destiny that summons you personally as part of the greater calling of humanity. 

This is the time to find your shaman’s tools, use them as tools, use them creatively and the and remember that these are objects of power and use them in a powerful and ethical way.

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