The Key is to Look at Yourself – Ho’oponopono – Morrnah and Dr. Hew Len

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Morrnah Simeona at the United Nations

Interviewer: Now you’ve gone back to the United Nations and spoke to them.

Morrnah Simeona: We’ve given three classes at the United Nations and we didn’t find any difficulty there because and we have Muslims and people of different denominations but however they were just looking at themselves.

Interviewer: which makes room for better decisions

Morrnah Simeona: oh it is true.

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Do we want to make people change?

Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: And you’re not interested in really changing people whether they’re alcoholics or people on drugs or even your kids like my daughter that’s not my job, my job is just to work on me. I mean I have enough stuff without me having to go look up and take care of somebody else but the beautiful part about what we do is like, in the case of my daughter, and as I work on judgments I have about her then she’s free and she can go she can follow the path that divinity has for her, not what I think because I’m just a man I didn’t create her, he created her, and he’s saying to me just take your stuff off of her, let her go, set her free.

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What do we know?

Interviewer:  So in a way, we do we can cast a veil of doubt on them, on our children when we… like I say take on doubt or judgment or any of those negative… 

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah, one of the really fundamental problems we have as human beings is that we don’t realize that we don’t know, we absolutely don’t know, so if any patient comes to me or my daughter is having a problem or even I’m having, I don’t know what the problem is. I ask the divinity who created me, then he can tell me what it is, and then he can tell me how I can treat that, they don’t know.

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Go back to the rhythm of life

Interviewer: And that’s the hardest thing to keep remembering, would you describe the different planes or the theory that what might be good for your daughter or yourself are totally different.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah, what happens is that for example if people who have drug problems or alcohol problems or people who are schizophrenics because they’re individual people and have individual blueprints, their problem of alcoholism may be very different from somebody else’s problem, even though they look like they have the same problem, the memories, and the histories are different, so since divinity knows the problems and knows their blueprint, we go back and that’s the domain, and the treatment for this person will be very different from the treatment for that person, so we don’t give group treatment because everybody has a different rhythm and what stress is being out of

the rhythm of the divinity, so the definition for our stress is when you’re out of rhythm so you’re asking the divinity how can I be placed back in the rhythm again. I said you created me and you can heal me.

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