Ten tips to practice shamanic journeying

ten tips to practice shamanic journeying

Shamanic journeying is a practice that involves entering into an altered state of consciousness to communicate with the spirit world and gain insight and knowledge. Here are ten tips for practicing shamanic journeying:

  1. Create a safe and comfortable space for your journey. Choose a quiet, private location where you will not be disturbed and make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Use a drum or other instrument to create a steady beat. The rhythm of the drum can help to guide you into the altered state of consciousness needed for journeying.
  3. Set an intention for your journey. Decide what you want to gain from the journey and focus on that intention as you begin.
  4. Relax your body and mind. Take some deep breaths and release any tension or anxiety that you may be feeling.
  5. Visualize a portal or doorway that you can enter to begin your journey. This can be a tunnel, a staircase, or any other image that feels right to you.
  6. As you enter the portal, allow yourself to let go and surrender to the journey. Trust that you will be guided and protected as you travel.
  7. Ask your spirit guides or power animals to assist you on your journey. These beings can provide guidance and protection as you travel.
  8. Pay attention to any images, sensations, or messages that you receive on your journey. Write them down or draw them if you can, so that you can reflect on them later.
  9. When you are ready to return, visualize the portal or doorway that you entered and step back through it. Take some time to re-orient yourself and ground yourself in the present moment.
  10. Reflect on your journey and any insights or messages that you received. Journal about your experience and consider how you can apply what you learned to your daily life.

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