Juan Rosado: Loves 4Life® Products “The Bomb Recipe”

Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado is passionate about the 4Life opportunity and products. One of his favorite things to share is his healthy “La Bomba” recipe, made with 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula, ReZoom®, and Energy Go Stix®. See how Juan uses and shares this unique and tasty 4Life wellness blend every day.

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(By Juan Rosado) Hello, how are you? I am Juan Rosado. Today, I would like to share with you some of the products that I use day-to-day. RioVida, Rezoom, Energy Go Stix, and today I would like to prepare a mix that I call “La Bomba”.

” When you’ll drink it, you’ll be full of energy, and strength. You’ll be able to work better! You’ll be able to train better! I not only drink it to feel good, but I share it with all my friends.

I offer it to the people who come to my home. I don’t offer them coffee, I don’t offer them Coca-Cola, or soda pop; I offer them a delicious drink that has been prepared with the best 4Life products, so they’ll be able to feel good and have a good day.

So, have this recipe totally free. I am not charging for it. I hope you’ll enjoy it! Look, I begin pouring one and a half ounces of Rezoom. Count with me: one, two, three, and four. Roughly, that is the measurement that I use.

Now I add two packages of… of course if you are doing it in the morning… two packages of this product that is being used by people out there, in order to have complete energy all day long. We cut here, and we pour the Energy Go Stix.

People are always asking me, “How is it that you prepare that,” because, when they taste it, they want more. And after the Energy… here I have RioVida, the best antioxidant in the world! You have to hide it from the children, because they will drink the whole bottle at once.

We pour one ounce of RioVida. See, here is one ounce of RioVida. After that, I put four ice cubes. And why four? So it will have the perfect measurement and it will always have the same flavor. That is the recipe.

One, two, three, and four. In addition to that, I also add four ounces of water. The measurements have to be exact so it will taste delicious. I will give it to a great friend of mine to taste it. We’ll also add in a fresh lemon.

People ask me, “why do you put lemon?” because the lemon gives that balance between sweet and sour, and it gives a distinct flavor; tasty and delicious when you drink it. Besides that, lemons have a lot of vitamin C.

Here it is, and we squeeze it here. This is “La Bomba” that a lot of people are talking about! When one shares the products with people out there, you are giving them life; you are giving health to a lot of people who really need it.

We close it. This is a portion for one person, not for two, only for one person. If you are going to make it for two or three you are going to see how tomorrow… If I share with more people, what I do is duplicate the quantity according to the number of people who are going to drink it.

Of course, when you mix it, always do it in this 4Life shaker because it is 4Life that really produces this kind of product so we could have this excellent tasty “La Bomba” that I am going to drink.

Here it is prepared, the exact quantity. One ounce of RioVida, one ounce and a half of Rezoom, half a fresh lemon, two packages of Energy Go Stix as long as you are starting your day. I am the product of these products.

Excuse me. You must taste this! You have to taste it! I wish you great success, and take care of your health! Juan Rosado the buddy who bought his dreams. Live! Dream!

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