Ho’oponopono and Death – Don’t be Afraid

hooponopono and death

Maybe you are reading this because recently a loved one dies or maybe for curiosity, and you have heard about Ho’oponopono and are wondering how Ho’oponopono can help when we confront death in different moments in our lives, whatever the reason is, here I want to share with you a little reflection and tips about Ho’oponopono and Death.

Why do we have fear of death?

We have fear because we don’t remember who we are, we are afraid of the unknown. But in fact, we are more afraid of living our life and confront our shadows, we are afraid to be alone, of being not enough. We are afraid of ourselves because we think we are powerless before life.

In Ho’oponopono we remember that we are zero and that that fear is a memory, a memory that we have to clean. It is only the mind who is afraid but not our true self (zero), and that is because our true self knows that with death always comes the rebirth. People that are no longer with us rebirth in ourselves, they live in us, in our hearts, and we allow them to continue their path to the other plane in peace.

Ho'oponopono and death
Ho’oponopono and death

When someone dies, how can I help with Ho’oponopono?

First, we have to be clear that in Ho’oponopono there is no “outside”, it is not about the others, we have to heal ourselves so we can see changes around us. So we take care of whatever we feel inside us and apply the Ho’oponopono phrases to that.

On most occasions when someone dies, the guilt is present. For example, a mother which his son dies, but she rejected him for being not good enough and feels that she spent not enough time with him or that she didn’t give him enough love and acceptance. All this guilt comes because of the believes that the mother has in her subconscious mind or Unihipili (click here to learn more about the three beings in us) that are in conflict, but this mind is like a child and can not resolve all the conflicts by himself and needs guidance from the Uhane (the conscious mind). When this happens the first thing that we have to do is accept the presence of that guilt and not justify anything trying to deny that feeling, because we would only make everything worst. So we recognize the guilt, the fear, the sadness, or any other feeling that indicates that there is conflict inside us, and then we use the four phrases of Ho’oponopono for reconciliation and forgiveness.

What is the order of the four phrases of Ho’oponopono for Death Experiences?

The four phrases can be used in any order, but remember that sometimes you can feel that one or two are the most needed at the beginning of the process of cleaning. So for the use of Ho’oponopono for Death experiences follow your heart and repeat them as you feel necessary, and as many times as you need.

I love you

I’m sorry

Please forgive

Thank you

Ho’oponopono Free Resources that may help you:


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