How to Clean a Place with Ho’oponopono – Protect your Home

How to Clean a Place with Ho’oponopono - Protect your Home

Interviewer: My brother once told me that within the native peoples here in Alaska that when a family went to visit a family that when you came in to visit, after the visit was finished, the family visiting family would leave, where was in a tradition that the host family would go to the door the entire family and wave their arms and speak to them and tell them to take the spirits that you brought with you and release that and is that a little bit somewhat similar to what you’re teaching.

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Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Yeah, what we do is we do it before we get there and after we leave, we clean whatever past times we have with the land and the building and the people we’re gonna be like tonight, we’re gonna go to a party so we clean that up so when we go we don’t go into any judgment we can be free be joyous and then when we leave we cut our ties again and go home.

Morrnah Simeona: For example, Dr. Hew Len and I were working on a person and so we were outdoors I love the trees, so while we were sitting I mentally put a tent around us over and around and I zipped up the door and when we were through the branch was leaning right near the tent in this area said we couldn’t even hear you, so I said it’s none of your business so this is what I think in most therapies that they do that when you touch a person some of the elements within the person memories would move out and got into the universe so you the operator are responsible for that, and so we were interested in helping other people but are we not interested in helping ourselves.

Ho’oponopono Technique – The History and Steps

Interviewer: So that’s the gift that you bring.

Morrnah Simeona: Yeah and I and I’ve said it many times that if I worked on myself constantly and so if the whole world was fallen apart I still work on myself, I don’t happen to be interested in another person because I may not be able to save myself.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: Let me give you an example of that, um when I worked at hawaii state hospital one of the judgments I had was that our staff would be verbally abusive to patients they’d call them crazy or schizoid you know, I mean that kind of names, and I had a lot of stuff about that I thought it was wrong and so one day I was watching a staff calling a patient crazy and as I, my judgment was coming out I heard this voice said “do you know that if you cleaned up your judgment that that would stop?” and so as I began to work on my judgment of people having judgment about other people and I began to work on it a year it took a year but in our building, we don’t have any more of that, I didn’t have to talk to the person all I did was work on myself. That’s me not out there, is just a reflection of me. 

Interviewer: In your travels, do you find a lot of this that is reflective in other cultures? that they strive for something like this? or is this an only process?

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Morrnah Simeona: Well from my own standpoint (I don’t know about Dr. Hew Len) but I find that in going to other countries they are searching and waiting for something similar to that, in Germany, they speak in German and we don’t understand but they certainly know better than we do. We look at the outside and they look on the inside, it’s a different approach but very same.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: The neat thing about the process that we teach is that it doesn’t unseat anybody’s religious belief, cultural belief, political belief, we’re not talking about any of that we’re just talking about who you are and so my experience in Germany, all Denmark across the United States, in China, Japan where we have been people are just interested in finding themselves and they search but what they don’t realize is that they’re already… it’s already there, they don’t have to go one inch about outside of themselves. So people really as we travel around the world are really searching for peace but what they don’t realize is peace begins here (points to himself, the interior, his heart) not out there.

Dr Hew Len talks about Cleaning Projects and Angelic Kingdoms

A shield to protect your home from the TV with Ho’oponopono

Interviewer: One thing that we talked about earlier just touched on was that through the media the television and how that acts as bringing in a lot of things into individual homes and you mentioned that it is important to be careful as to what comes into your home, would you touch on that a little bit more?

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len: What I can tell you about the shield that we used…  um have to realize that the subconscious in you is like a little child it has no discretion it doesn’t know right or wrong, so if you’re sitting in front of a tv set or you’re sitting in front of a movie, if you’re not shielded or you don’t take care of that, all of the data will go inside of you, the computer will pick it all up, so the process that we teach is you can put a screen across the tv set, so if your children or grandchildren or you are sitting, as the vibration comes through the screen it gets cleansed, so but when the information hits you it hits you without any of the emotion, the hurt the pain yeah you can do that just with your mind, you don’t have to say to somebody, “oh I don’t like that tv’s a program turn it off”, doesn’t just put the screen and let the divinity do his work of screening out the stuff.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona: Another point of view that we can bring would be… uh the people who will be viewing it are people who actually want to or are searching for their own self-identity, they said well that’s something new I would like to learn that would be another viewpoint.

Interviewer: would you um read in closing the prayer? 

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona: Should I say the beginning or just a prayer?

Interviewer:  whatever you would like to share.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona: I come forth from the void into light, I am the breath that nurtures life and that emptiness that hollowness beyond all consciousness, the I, the id the all, I draw my bold rainbows across the waters the continuum of mines with matters I’m the incoming and the outgoing of breath, the indivisible untouchable breeze, the undefinable atom of creation, I am the I, and to the general public who are listening I would like to say that peace of I: peace be with you all my peace, peace that is I, peace that is I am peaceful now and always forever and evermore, my peace I leave with you my peace I believe not the world’s peace but only my peace the peace of I.

thank you very much.

Interviewer: and thank you, thank you, and thank you very much.

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