Drinking Water Burns More Belly Fat (5 Studies)

Drinking Water Burns More Belly Fat

(Guest post by Shaun) Can drinking water help you burn more belly fat? This is a question that comes up a lot to me, as a fitness professional. And I think most people simply underestimate the power that adequate hydration can have on your body. And there are five studies I’m going to go over right now that prove that. So hi, Sean Hansel here with get lean and 12, and for those of you who do not know who I am I’m a 45-year-old, stubborn fat expert and a grandpa to three beautiful grandkids one more on the way so soon to be four And I’ve helped over 100,000 people across the globe with my products and services over the last five years and inside the short video I’m going to answer the question: can drinking water help you burn more belly fat? This is a question that comes up a lot to me as a fitness professional, and I think most people simply underestimate the power that adequate hydration can have on your body and there are five studies.

I’m going to go over right now that prove that and if you want to go, look at the research in your science geek we’re going to post those studies somewhere around this video. So the first two studies showed that drinking half a liter or 17 ounces of water increases the metabolism by twenty-four to thirty percent for one and a half hours.

The second two studies show that drinking water before meals increases appetite, so you’ll automatically eat less. The fifth study showed that half a liter before meals, equaled 44 %, more weight loss, and the people who didn’t drink, that half-liter before meals, so some pretty powerful stuff simply by being adequately hydrated.

Now, most people will ask me how much is too much or how much is too little, and the general rule of thumb is that if you take 50 % of your body weight, that’s the number of ounces. You should be consuming on a daily basis.

So if you a 150 pounds, you should have at least, if not more 75 ounces of water per day. Now remember all the metabolic processes that take place inside your body work more efficiently with adequate water in place and, if you’re holding water in your belly or you feel like you’re bloated, it’s an indication that you’re dehydrated because the more water you give your body, the less it will hold on to so if you’re feeling bloated, drink, more water and it’ll help, you feel leaner.

Now the other question we get is tap water versus bottled water versus filtered well. There is no doubt that tap water in today’s day and age is contaminated. In fact, it’s estimated that 205 million Americans are now drinking contaminated water and chances are.

You are one of them? That’S because our water supply is full of fluoride heavy metals and even prescription drugs. Now I know this kind of sounds nasty, but it’s the truth and bottled water is really that much better than tap water.

All the research shows have a lot of BPA’s as well and when they did a study with women, they found out that women who had a higher BPA level inside their body, weighed 40 pounds more than the women who didn’t and these BPA’s are coming from Things like plastic from bottled water, so the solution is to get a high-quality filter and filter your water.

Now, if you want to lose belly fat, obviously water is only a small part of the equation. You must stay adequately hydrated because it makes the diet and exercise work better, You’ll perform better you’ll stay hydrated by having younger looking skin you’ll, also digest food better.

You can drink water with your meals. Research shows that it doesn’t have a negative effect on absorbing minerals or nutrients. It just helps so drinking water before during and after meals is one of the best things you can do for your health and for your belly fat, but keep in mind.

This is obviously only a small part of a big equation for those wanting to target and lose belly fat. That’S why I always mention my synergy triangle. You see it’s not a diet or water intake that produces the result.

It’S not aerobic exercise, which I recommend you do like walking is very healthy for you or it’s not high intensity, strength, training or what we call metabolic bursting. Remember it’s the synergistic effect of all three of these things working together that will allow you to melt belly fat as fast as possible.

Now I know most people are short on time. That’S why I’m excited to let you know about a free report. I put together that gives you a 12-minute Fountain of Youth metabolic trick that you can use when you wake up in the morning or before going to bed they’ll actually allow you to burn more belly fat than an hour of traditional aerobic or regular exercise.

If you apply yourself and do it properly now, I want to give you this free report, just click or tap the link somewhere around this video, and you can download this report. 100 % free. It’S specifically designed to work in tandem with the hormonal changes that happen.

When you turn 35 years old, so if you’re over 35 years old and you’re a man or a woman looking to lose belly fat, this is a free report. You must get it in your hands as soon as possible, thanks for reading, and keep going strong.

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