Dr Hew Len Talks about his job at Mental Hospital

dr hew len mental hospital

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I’ve been doing marketing for you, oh just because I knew it was such a wonderful opportunity for me too. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what the cleaning process is like on an experiential level.

    • Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len: Wow again you have data, I may experience the data as I don’t like you, okay, let’s say that data says in my mind, “Oh my god. I have to put up with this bullshit stuff blow out” and then it’s like “oh, I get to clean with that” right.
    • What’s going on in me and I didn’t know I had it, so I can say that to that data in me. I love you thank you for giving me one more chance to let you go so that I can be free, so the Ho’oponopono is about saying I’m sorry, please forgive me, and then I’m. Sorry, please forgive me. Can be said in a different way? –> I love you. Thank you, blueberries mmm hold it in the blue, but the notion is that it’s my responsibility totally, so I have nothing to do with you right.

Yeah, and so you’re talking to not the person but to yourself

    • I talk to myself, yeah, specifically, I’m talking to this inner child in me, who is suffering because I’m holding this… in Ho’oponopono is… You’re asking questions, but it’s an engagement process like you say you’re, trying to wrap yourself around it but Ho’oponopono is about letting go right. Just let go of both the data go and all of a sudden you get inspiration to do something that never came up for you to do right.

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In the introduction to the book, Zero Limits by Joe Vitale talks about programs that go back to the beginning of existence. Now, can you talk a little more about that?

    • Yeah, now coming back again to Shakespeare and when we were initially created at the beginning, we were nothing, blank, no data, perfect in every way, didn’t have to think, didn’t have to make money, didn’t have to do any of this other stuff, no data playing and then out of that no data, which is what Buda calls the void up comes to this what Buddha calls enlightenment, which is the source of the light and then that source of the light decided and I don’t know why and how come and I’m not interested he started to create each one of us and created each one of us infinitely zero, so that’s, how we began, and so what does it mean to be infinitely zero it means we experience heaven on earth, Nirvana, art beauty until something come came along and it had brought darkness.

Are you in that state of bliss nirvana?

    • hahaha If I was in that state, I would not be here sitting with you guys. I’m here because I have the stuff to let go.

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But clearly, you’ve had a considerable degree of success based upon your having emptied a psychiatric hospital.

    • I don’t know what that means. “Success”. 

Mmm assisted in healing for people. 

    • No, I didn’t assist. I only took care of myself. I’m responsible. I wasn’t interested in them. They just came along in my life into “hello, you got stuff, you should let go” so okay, so I didn’t do it for them.

They’re just mirrors and to yourself?

    • More important, more specifically, more precisely is to say that we had shared memories, yeah yeah, so this notion about healing people is bullshit stuff. I didn’t so that I’m only here for was going on in me that kept them goofy that kept them stuck in the hospital that’s why I came, I came along to do that, to do it on me, not them and if they benefit okay, but that wasn’t my orientation I wasn’t my purpose, my purpose is to be free

So anyone who comes in front of you in any way or before you have a relationship with that person. 

    • That’s neither

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Do you feel a sense of compassion towards the people?

    • Haha, you’re funny. What does that mean, compassion? 

Heartfelt connection? 

    • You want me to be deadly honest with you?

Yes, please. 

    • It’s bullshit stuff.  It’s like when you’re free at zero you have nothing, you’re free.
    • You’re not even in love. You know, you’re not having any of this. You just stop yo hear the garbage, you’re nothing that’s what Jesus said Jesus said: listen, if you know seeking first the kingdom, which is nothingness, and you shall see God that’s what I’m interested, I’m interested in seeing the God in you guys. So if I see the God in you, then okay, I’m. Fine. Okay, what you hear it’s the data, if I can get let go of the data which is the mortgage on my soul and I get back to zero and I’m going to see what Jesus I’m going to see God.

And that’s nothing but 

    • yeah, nothing but and because you guys were already perfect. It was the imperfection of the data in me not at you, so this notion about saving or clearing out a hospital it’s funny the whole universe laugh. The universe is not interested in saving anybody. The universe is interested in one being a hundred percent responsible. Then the universal saying, oh Hallelujah! 

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Did that event happen then?, the event that is described in the book Zero Limits about you working in the psychiatric constant about it.

Did it happen? 

    • What happened? 

Did it happen that you did the cleaning on yourself and that those people were healed? 

    • Let me be really more precise. It’s very important to be precise. When I showed up at the hospital it wasn’t a job I wanted to do, but I had a friend there who said we need some help and I said well, I can do it just to give me the name of the people. I can do it from wherever I don’t have to be there. Well, we can’t do it because it’s confidential work, and I said “okay” and after maybe after a year or two, I finally relinquished him “when?” so when I showed up there. Although all exclusion rooms were used, and there were people, several people daily in restraint physical, they were, there was um really verbal and physical violence in that world.
    • So I just did my cleaning. What was going on in me that I’m experiencing, like the toilets flushing, with nobody on them, a shower turning on with nobody, you know, and so I began the cleaning and months later, without making an effort, with seclusion rooms when nobody disillusionment, the violence, stopped.

    • Whereas they would take several years to the turnaround time for people to go home, they were going home. Maybe after one, I was there for about four years. Maybe the turnaround time was three or four months, and so it’s, essentially just work on me yeah.
    • So, whereas they didn’t have any kind of work program we started doing things like making cookies started or two projects. Imagine, supposedly all these crazy people making cookies, but making cookies and polishing cubes, washing cars, things that they know whatever started going and – and I didn’t plan it just did it.
    • I didn’t go “well, let’s see what we can do, let’s do something, make a new job”. Didn’t happen that way, and then no one could lead this unit without a position signature. But maybe I don’t know down the road we were able to have a jogging program. Tennis program yeah, but I didn’t do anything. I just was clean on myself and just kind of watch, and then we all admired what God did, and then say: “Wow. I should do more cleaning huh, Instead of being annoying and irritable”
    • Yeah, certain people would end up on the certain staff and would come on the guard and the guard said “Did I go crazy?’” I would notice that so I would clean with that. That’s a possibility.
    • I know others when listening to Her-Name comes crazy. Everybody goes crazy. Oh, what’s going on in me when this is what the name shows up

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But this is good at past lives?. Or do you not look back? 

    • I’m just dealing with memories. What’s going on in me that I’m experiencing this? No, there may be those things that will come up, but I’m more interested in just targeting what’s going on in me, data-wise that I’m experiencing you, so if I’m experiencing you, however, at eleven million on which I’m, not even aware of that I’m experiencing, I’m gonna do the cleaning ‘cause I’m clueless, absolutely clueless.

Have you, Dr. Hew Len had the experience of setting your intention to do the cleaning in a situation, say someone who is within yourself. Someone came in front of you who is terminally ill and you did some cleaning it within yourself, but the person still died. Have you had the experience? 

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. This notion about the intention, again, it is the concept that’s just a database, in fact, nobody has intentions. This notion, I mean, the people who make a lot of money don’t intend to make a lot of it. They just do it because there’s some data in them that create it, but to claim that “see how good I am” but you look at the financial situation, the people hope supposedly good wrote all these books, while we’re finding out there.
    • So I don’t. The notion of intention is foreign to me. I don’t know what that means. 

Okay, maybe I should use different words. Have you ever lived a circumstance…

    • all the time

 where someone makes…

    •  all the time, 

And so 

    • All the time I had just come back from Japan. I had this woman come up to me and little lady and beautiful lady. She said “I was, I have been diagnosed as having terminal Cancer. I’m gonna be dead in three months”, and so I just get a cleaning. She came up. She looked at me. She hugged me, and I said, “ Listen, I’m, not God”, but I mean I’m, not God. I’m not here to save anybody that’s the divinity job, not mine. My job is to say I’m. Sorry, please forgive me, I’m not here to act as though to say: “well if I clean it. I can save them, no you don’t do that. 

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Can you tell us more specifically what you did within yourself when that woman with cancer showed up

    •   yeah

What did you clean within yourself?

    • So I said, as I was hugging her. I said to many thank you for giving me this opportunity, for this lady, that came up, but I can look at myself what’s going on in me that I would like to make amends for, and so I said to the Divinity I’m sorry, whatever is going on in me and their specific cleaning tools like knew that you need to be, but basically I’m asking the Divinity: I’m. Sorry, please forgive me for what was going on in me that this woman should show up in my life experiencing my experiencing her saying to me “I’ve been diagnosed” now, one of the things I had to work on, because I just had to work on this whole judgment about somebody saying that somebody’s gonna die in two months I had to work on that one.
    • And again people can’t help. If a doctor says she only got three months of it. He can’t help it. That’s the data in them, so now the question is who is gonna, at some point, Who is gonna start deleting the data, but it’s so easy.

Can we delete all the data?

    •  I’m sorry. 

Can we delete all the data?

    • After doing this job online? My job is to appeal to Divinity, its job is to erase. So I can’t say divinity like, well occasionally, I say “come on hurry up hurry, delete, delete, delete all the data”

Can we delete all the data? as far as you can tell?

    • You have to talk to Buddha.
    • So do you.. when you think of enlightened masters on the planet, you don’t necessarily think of them with data deleted then, or do you?
    • no, I’m more interested in somebody else. I’m not interested in whether Shakespeare is a risen master. I’m going to spit in some insights that I could use to get some of these ideas across, for example, Shakespeare’s. I think, the notion that ”poor soul, out of that poor soul” these rebel powers that have the array so Shakespeare is already said it, then I said hello! the sin or the error is in the soul. So yeah that’s not out there someplace it’s a rebel power of love, Shakespeare called for being more than a breathing system on it’s played before it’s going to play, and the tragedy we don’t know that that’s the tragedy that we don’t know that the data runs us that’s the tragedy, we are gonna repeat it over and over. 

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Have you reached a point in your own evolution where you can see where the data runs you and where you are clear? 

    • Sometimes, but rarely and I don’t, I’m more interested in keeping the cleaning going nonstop. I  don’t go that route. I’m absolutely clear in my soul that the Divinity has given me one more chance to do, to make amends for whatever is going on in me.
    • So I’m clear that my only purpose for existence is to free myself. So I can be free and once more being aligned with the light and being enlightenment.

Source: Interview to Dr. Hew Len by Rita Montgomery and Dr. Rick Moss on Youtube Part3 and Part4


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