The SECRET To Manifesting Achieving ANY GOAL You Have!

The SECRET To Manifesting Achieving ANY GOAL You Have!

Guys, there is so much wisdom shared by Payal in this episode that I just couldn’t fit it all in this post. She gives us strategies in her new book, Life Pass: A Groundbreaking Approach To Goal Setting, Drop Your Limits, Rise To Your Potential. Her book is excellent for people who get confused around goal setting and how to do this themselves, and she breaks it down for us and shares some fantastic stories. I highly recommend listening to the entire episode!

Payal is most active on Instagram, where she continues to enjoy posting inspiring quotes and sharing her life.

I have to commend Payal on her tenacity and perseverance to continuously live her best life and inspire others with her commitment to living in service. As the child of immigrants, it’s never easy to break away from what’s “always been done.” Payal believes wholeheartedly in living your most authentic expression, and her definition of greatness epitomizes it:

“My definition of greatness: It’s doing what you love so well and not caring about what anyone else thinks.” – Payal Kadakia

What’s more important in your mind, is it the belief in yourself? Is it being clear in your identity or is it learning how to master goal setting great question? Those are all very different things and all-important, but I think ultimately, it’s the belief, It’s the belief in yourself, but I’m gonna, like change that a little to the. Why, too, I think it’s the belief in what you’re doing. Ultimately, it is the passion in your reason, for partaking in anything that you do that’s going to push you through.

All those challenges right, it’s the energy that gets people to join you in the battle, it’s the energy that gets you to keep going when you lose part of the battle, and that to me is the crux of it is caring enough about what that impact is, And it’s not just about you right.

If it’s just about you, it doesn’t resonate you’ll quit and if it’s something about you know just about being famous or having money, it’s that’s not worthy enough and you’ll. Your soul will feel that and you’ll know that it’s not worth to keep fighting so to keep fighting.

You just need that deep deep. Why so? It’S a belief in what you’re creating? Why you’re doing it is not just a belief that i want this for myself, but there’s a deeper meaning behind it, 100, and so that’s the first is that one of the first things is having that belief in what I’m doing first, yeah I mean, i think you need to have a calling right, and I, you know in my book. I talk about that as the first chapter, because to me, if you don’t know what you’re driving towards we can’t even get into what’s holding you back right, you don’t know where you’re going right, and so, if you know where you want to go you’re true north Yeah there’s going to be a lot of things in the way, but you will fight your way through them.


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