Prepare Your Soul For Mediumship | James Van Praagh

Did you know that 70 of your soul is Outside the body by only thirty percent Is in the body You ever take a few percentages hi Everybody I’m James Van prag spiritual Medium for about 40 years and I’m gonna Have a free seminar which I’d like to Invite you to to understand the various Aspects of the Soul what is the soul What is it made of and the gifts that it Is available to us if we take the time To go in and listen and be with your Soul self very different to have a Soul-filled life than have just a Regular life of fear You want to learn to use that solely Innate gifts and abilities of your soul In order to live a happy life so I hope You’ll join me for this lovely wonderful Seminar where I teach about grounding And centering how to use your intuition Which I call the souls language and many Many things more you know I believe that Adage that says the teacher appear when The student is ready I hope you’ll join Me


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