Past Life Story Do you believe?

past life proof

I want to tell you that I do believe in past lives. In fact, I have had some experiences, coincidences, and others things that have left me convinced from the heart that this exists, and although it is something difficult to prove, it is experienced as something very real.

In fact, I have also thought that even if they are not past lives, they could be memories of our DNA that remain recorded through thousands of years and that continue to feed our mind, our behavior, and so on, and that therefore we should pay attention to the fact that if we can resolve the wounds of those memories, whether they are past lives or information inherited from our ancestors, we can achieve levels of healing that other therapies cannot.

Here is this very interesting video of this woman, which caught my attention because as a child I sometimes had time lapses looking at myself in the mirror and did not recognize myself, suddenly she looked into my eyes and said who I am, what I am doing here, And that happened several times until he was about 7 years old, and here in this testimony something similar happens to him but he even goes around the house with that same feeling of strangeness, something that did not happen to me because as soon as he stopped looking at myself in the mirror he returned to the everyday reality of the moment.

I think it also reflects a very interesting situation in that it could be happening with some children today, how sensitive they are to these memories and that it is important that we are aware of it and be prepared to know how to react to it and help them in this. kind of situations.

For example, this person had to go through a lot of psychological therapies and they were not very effective to say the least because no one really listened to him with an open mind and surely no one had any technique to really help him. In my case, I have had the training to deal with past life memories and I have been able to see how very quickly relief can be achieved from these painful memories or repetition of patterns that caused suffering and that were rooted in these memories.

This is a true story of what she remembers from her past life!!!

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