Our World is a Mirror of Things Happening in Higher Realms – Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden - Our World is a Mirror of Things Happening in Higher Realms

Gregg Braden – What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How differently would you live if you knew how to use this power each day of your life? Join Gregg Braden on this extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles through the language of The Divine Matrix. (The audio segment in the video is brought to you by Hay House & Wisdom Traditions.)

In this incubator of reality, all things are possible from our personal success, abundance and healing to our failures, our lack, and disease. Everything from our greatest fear to our deepest desire begins in this soup of quantum potential.

It’s through our reality makers of imagination, expectation, judgment and prayer that we galvanize each possibility into existence. In our beliefs, of who we are, what we have and don’t have, and what should and shouldn’t be we breathe life into our greatest joys, as well as our darkest fears. 

Professor John Wheeler princeton university physicist and the colleague of einstein’s offers a radically different view of our role in creation. In terms that are bold, clear and graphic wheeler says quote: “we have this old idea that there’s a universe out there – and here is man – the observer safely protected from the universe by a six inch slab of plate glass” referring to late 20th century Experiments that show us how simply looking at something changes that something.

Wheeler continues. Now we learn from the quantum world that to even observe so minuscule an object as an electron, We have to shatter the plate glass. We have to reach in there. So the old word observer simply has to be crossed off the books and we must put in the new word participator what a shift in a radically different interpretation of our relationship to the world around us wheeler stating it’s impossible for us to simply watch the world Happen around us.

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Experiments in quantum physics do show in fact, that the act of us simply looking at something as tiny as an electron. Just focusing our awareness upon what that electron is doing for even an instant in time changes the properties of the electron while we’re looking.

The experiment suggests that the very act of observation is an act of creation unto itself and that consciousness is doing the creating. These findings seem to support Wheeler’s proposition that we can no longer think of ourselves merely as onlookers, we have no effect on the world that we’re observing, well to think of us participating in creation, rather than simply passing through the universe during the brief period of a lifetime requires a new view of what the universe is and how it works.

Groundwork for precisely such a view was the basis of a series of books and papers by another Princeton physicist and a colleague of Einstein. His name was David Bohm before his death in 1992. Baum left us two pioneering theories that offer a very different and, in some ways a nearly holistic view of our role in the universe, though, the words of the theories themselves may sound technical, When we really understand what the words are saying, the principles are actually very, very simple. The first of Bohm’s theories was an interpretation of quantum physics that set the stage for his meeting and his subsequent friendship with Albert Einstein.

It was the theory of Baum’s paper that opened the door to what he called the creative operation of underlying levels of reality, in other words, bone believed that there are deeper or maybe higher levels of creation that hold the blueprint for what happens here in our world And it’s in these subtle levels of reality that he believes our physical world actually begins.

Well. The second theory was an explanation of the universe as a single unified system of nature, with everything connected in ways that maybe aren’t always so obvious in this paradigm-shifting work. Baum believed that if we could see the universe in its entirety from a greater vantage point of somewhere other than this earth, that the things in our world in fact appear as what he called a projection of the things that are really happening in another realm One that we simply can’t see.

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He viewed both the scene as well as the unseen worlds, as expressions of this greater, more universal order and to distinguish between these two realms, he called them the implicate in the explicate order, the things that we can see and touch that Appear separate in our world like rocks oceans, forests, animals and people, these are examples of his explicit order of creation. as separate as they may appear from one another, However, Baum suggested that they’re actually linked in the deeper reality in ways that we simply can’t see from our place in creation.

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Baum saw all of the things that look separate to us as part of a greater wholeness, and he called that wholeness “The implicate order”. So to describe the difference between Boehm’s, implicate and explicit order, he gave the analogy of a flowing stream of water, using the different ways that we can see water flowing in the stream as a metaphor, he described the illusion of separateness “on this stream we may see an ever-changing pattern of vortices and ripples and waves and splashes, which evidently have no independent existence”, in other words, although the water’s disturbances may look separate to us Baum viewed them as intimately linked and deeply connected to one another they’re all part of the same water.

Well Baum, used examples such as this to describe his sense, but our universe and everything in it, including us, may in fact be part of a grand cosmic pattern where everything is evenly shared by all other portions. When he summarized this Unified view of nature, he simply stated quote: we must learn to view everything as part of an undivided wholeness in flowing movement.

It was in the 1970s that Baum offered an even clearer metaphor to describe how the universe may be thought of as a distributed yet undivided whole, reflecting on the interrelated nature of creation. He became more convinced than ever that the universe works like a great cosmic hologram and then the hologram every fragment of a something contains the entire something only on a smaller scale.

It’s a very, very simple idea. So, from Bohm’s perspective, what we see is our world in totality is actually the holographic projection of something even more real that’S happening at a deeper level of creation, and it’s this deeper level.This implicate level is where all things begin. 

Well, the simplicity of the human body offers a beautiful example of just how a hologram works and one that’s already familiar to us, because the DNA from anywhere in our body will contain all of our genetic code. The entire pattern of our DNA for the rest of the body, no matter where that DNA comes from, so whether we sample our hair or finger or blood or the genetic pattern for the rest of our body. It’s always in the same code. It’s always the same. 

So, just as the universe is constantly changing from the implicate to the explicit, the flow of the unseen to the scene is what makes this flow of creation work. It’S this constantly changing nature that John Wheeler had in mind when he described the universe as a participatory universe one that’s unfinished constantly is responding to changes in consciousness

Well, interestingly, this is precisely the way that the ancient traditions of the past suggest that our world works from the indian vedas believed by some scholars to date to 5 000 years bc to the 2000-year-old, dead sea scrolls, a general theme seems to suggest that The world is actually the mirror of things that are happening in a higher realm in a deeper reality, a place that we simply cannot see from where we are in our world.

Commenting on the new translations of the dead sea, scroll fragments, for example, known as the songs of the sabbath sacrifice the translators summarize the content by saying precisely this, the scroll actually says what happens on earth is but a pale reflection of that greater ultimate reality.

So the implication of both the ancient texts and quantum theory they’re the same. It’s that the unseen world is the place where we create the blueprint for our relationships, our careers, our success, failures of the visible world.

From this perspective, the divine matrix works like this great cosmic screen that allows us to see the energy of our emotions and our beliefs, all of our anger, hate and rage, as well as our love, compassion, understanding. All of that energy is projected in the physical medium that we call life just as a movie screen reflects the image of whatever or whoever has been filmed without judgment. The divine matrix appears to do precisely the same thing,  It provides this neutral surface for our inner experiences and our beliefs to be seen in the outer world. 

Well, sometimes consciously often not, we show our truest beliefs of everything from compassion to betrayal, through the quality of the relationships that we find surrounding us.

So the first key in our exploration of the divine matrix is to simply summarize what it does. The divine matrix is the container that holds the universe. The divine matrix is the bridge between our inner and our outer world between all things and the divine matrix is the mirror that shows us what we’ve created the matrix does all of these things at the same time, in other words, we’re like artists expressing our deepest Passions fears, dreams, and desires through the living essence of a mysterious quantum canvas.

Unlike a conventional artist canvas, however, which exists in one place at a given time. Our canvas is the same stuff that everything is made of. It exists everywhere. That’s always present.

To get an idea of our relationship to the divine matrix may be helpful to think of it as a really big cosmic blanket one that begins and ends in the realms of the unknown and covers everything in between the blanket is many layers deep and it’s everywhere all the time, it’s already in place, our bodies, our lives and all that we know exist and take place within the fibers of this blanket from our watery creation in our mother’s womb to our marriages, divorces, friendships and careers, All that we experience may be thought of as wrinkles in this cosmic blanket.

From a quantum way of seeing the world everything from the atoms of matter, in a blade of grass to our bodies. The planet and beyond may be thought of as a disturbance in the smooth fabric of our space-time blanket.

Well, perhaps it’s no coincidence, then, that ancient spiritual and poetic traditions boys described our existence in precisely the same way. The vedic traditions, for example, describe a unified field of what they call pure consciousness, that bathes and permeates all of creation. In these traditions our experiences of thought, feeling, emotion and belief and all the judgment they create are viewed as the disturbances, their interruptions in the field that would otherwise be smooth and motionless.

In a similar fashion The ancient 5th century text, the sin sin ming – describes the properties of an essence. that is the blueprint for everything in creation. In this text it’s called the TAO and just as we see in the vedic scriptures, it’s ultimately something that’s beyond description.

The Tao is everything. It’s all that is it’s the container of all experience as well as the experience itself, the Tao is described as a perfect “like vast space, where nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess.”

 According to the sin, sin ming: it’s only when we disturb the tranquility of the tao through our own judgments that its harmony eludes us when the inevitable does happen, and we find ourselves enmeshed in human feelings of anger and separation.

The sin sin ming offers a guideline to remedy that condition as well. It simply says “to come directly into harmony with this reality. Just simply say when doubt arises not to, in this not to, nothing is separate Nothing is excluded”. Well, I admit that, while thinking of ourselves as a disturbance in a field of energy may take some of the romance out of life, it also gives us a powerful way to think of our world and ourselves.

If we want to create new, healthy and life-affirming relationships, bring healing and romance into our lives, or peaceful solution into the middle east, for example, we must create a new disturbance in this field, one that mirrors our desire. We must create a new wrinkle in the stuff that everything is made of in our cosmic space-time blanket. 

Well, the key to tapping the awesome power of this divine matrix lies in our ability to embrace the four landmark discoveries that link it to our lives in what now is an unprecedented way, the first discovery is that there’s a field of energy that connects all of creation. The second discovery is that this field plays the role of a container and a bridge and a mirror for the beliefs within us.

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Third discovery is that the field is said to be non-local and holographic and as complicated as those sound they’re very simple terms. In other words, every part of this field is connected to every other part and each piece individually mirrors the entire pattern, only on the smaller scale, we’ll talk about those more as we go through this book. The fourth discovery is that we communicate with this field, with this divine matrix through a language that each of us already has were born with this language. We’Ve had it since the moment we took our first breath in this world, it’s the language of feeling and belief and emotion, experiences that are thought to be unique only to us as humans.

But we now recognize that it is our ability to embrace and apply these Four discoveries that determine everything from our healing to our success. Ultimately, even our survival as a species may be directly linked to our ability and our willingness to share the life affirming practices that come from a unified worldview and our understanding that begins with the blueprints In the divine matrix.

When we look at our lives from the viewpoint that everything is already everywhere all the time, the implications are so vast that for many they’re hard to grasp it’s precisely because of our universal connection that we’re empowered to support and share and participate In life’s joys and tragedy anywhere anytime, so how do we make use of such a power? Well, the answer to that question begins with our understanding that there really is no here and there, then, and now.

From the perspective of life as a universally connected field of energy, Here is already there and then has always been now ancient spiritual traditions remind us that in each moment of the day, we make choices that either affirm or deny life in our bodies, and within each moment we choose to nourish ourselves in a way that supports or Depletes us, we choose to breathe deep life-affirming, breaths or shallow life-denying breaths.

We choose to think and speak about other people in a way that is either honoring or dishonoring well through the power of what scientists now refer to as our non-local holographic consciousness. 

Each of these seemingly insignificant choices that we all do every day they have consequences that extend well beyond the place and the moment of our lives we make them. Our individual choices combine to become our collective reality, and this is what makes these discoveries both exciting and for some people a little frightening.

Through these understandings we see why our good wishes, thoughts and prayers are already at their destination. We see that we’re not limited by our bodies or the laws of physics, at least the way we understand those laws today, we see how we can support our loved ones anywhere in the world, from the battlefields of Iraq to a boardroom halfway across the city, without ever leaving our home, we see that it is possible to heal ourselves and others instantaneously, and it is possible to see Across space and time, without ever opening our eyes.

This is our relationship to the divine matrix, we’re given the power to imagine to dream to feel life’s possibilities from within the matrix itself so it can reflect back to us what we have created. Both ancient traditions in modern science now describe how this cosmic mirror works. Admittedly, while these studies may solve some mysteries of creation – and they also open the door to even deeper questions of our existence, we clearly do not know all there is to know about the divine matrix.

Science does not have all the answers. In all honesty, scientists don’t even know for sure where this matrix comes from or how it originated. 

What we do know, however, is that we could study it for another 100 years and still not have all those answers. We know that the divine matrix is real. It exists and because it’s real, we may tap its creative power through the language of our emotions, and in that certainty we can apply what we know in a way that’s useful and meaningful in our lives, when we do so our connection to one another and all Things can’t be denied, and it’s in light of this connection, that we may realize just how powerful we really are in this world. From the place of strength that such a realization offers we have the opportunity to become more peaceful and compassionate beings to actively work and create a world that mirrors those qualities and more.

Through the divine matrix we have the opportunity to focus these attributes in our lives, applying them as our inner technology of feeling, imagination and dreams. When we do, we tap the true essence of the power to change our lives and change our world. It’s you, whose life bridges the reality of our past, with the hope of our future. It’s you who is being asked to forgive and find compassion in a world that’s absolutely reeling from the scars of hurt and judgment and fear the key to surviving our time in history is to create a new way of thinking about ourselves and to do so, while we’re still living in the conditions that threaten our very existence.

Ultimately, we may discover that our ability to understand and apply the rules of divine matrix hold the key to everything from our deepest healing our greatest joys, and even our survival as a species.


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